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THE REPORT! - Our White Autumn Wedding - 26.10.2017

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

As a couple of you have commented on my thread or messaged asking me to do a report, here it is! It will be very photo heavy and I will try and complete it ASAP as I know how much you all hate to be kept waiting 




  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    The Bride & Groom: Kayleigh & Chris

    Background: We met at secondary school and got together at the beginning of year 11. This is our first ever picture together, we were both 15 and we had been 'going out' for 10 days. We've now been together for 11 years. 


    When and Where: We originally looked at getting in married in Santorini or a villa in Italy but we decided as not everyone may be able to come and I am also a bit of a control freak to do it at home. We knew we wanted somewhere we could stay the night before the wedding so we could have everything set up and just relax. I'd been looking for weeks and finally came across That Amazing Place in Harlow, Essex, it was the only venue we looked at and it was absolutely perfect, we felt at home straight away. We weren't fussed about a summer wedding and liked the idea of October. There was a Thursday free during half term week which was perfect for us as some family members/ friends are teachers and everyone else could have an extra long weekend! So it was decided we were getting married on Thursday 26th October 2017.



  • Wibs77Wibs77 Posts: 414

    Yay.  I love the photo of you when you first met.  I cant wait for the rest.

  • Kelly241Kelly241 Posts: 392 New bride

    HAHA - I was about to say....'Christ... you married young' lol

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride


    As some of you will know from my planning thread I had 4 days off before leaving to go to the wedding venue and let me tell you those days were not fun! I have never been so stressed in my life, even with how organised I was there was still lots to do, including picking up the cake, packing the cars, making sure we'd sorted food and booze for the night before and it didn't help that H2B wasn't around to help as he spent his last two days before we left searching for the right pair of shoes to go with his suit! Yes, that's right he didn't buy his wedding shoes until 2pm the day before we left.

    I did have a massage on the Monday and it was the BEST decision ever, it was so good to have some time to myself and to try and relax. If you are naturally a stress head like me then definitely book in some time for yourself, I had appointments to have my eyelashes and waxing done etc. but you are not relaxing, so if I could give you one piece of advice then definitely book yourself a massage or go for an afternoon tea, anything that will feel like time when you are not thinking about the wedding. 

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    Haha Kelly, yes that would have been pretty young and illegal too lol!

  • YAY!  I finished reading your planning thread just this week and now I'm spoiled and get to read the report right away too!

    Oh my goodness, do you two look young in that picture!  Just kids, and now look at you all grown up and adulting 

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Yay!!! So happy to see you're writing a report! 

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    You got your photos back so fast! Still waiting for ours.

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    Kitty - Oh wow you timed that perfectly! 😉 And I know we went from teenagers who used to throw skittle sweeties at eachother in the playground to  having jobs, a house and now married!

    Hails - I know our contract said within 4 weeks but she sent them in less than 3! You must be getting really impatient now, we have a long wait till we get any of our videos.

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride


    I had been up at 6am to get showered dressed, do last minute packing and then make my way round to my Mum & Dads. I was going to be with my mum in my car, my sister Danielle would be going in hers and we were going to make our way at 9am to the nail salon to meet my MIL, SIL, both ours nans and my aunt as we were all getting our nails done together. My dad was going to make his way straight to the venue later on as we couldn't check in until 2pm. Chris was going with his dad, his best man Kieran and a family friend, they were going to detour to lakeside as Chris really wanted to go to Decathlon to buy some snorkelling face masks. (Can you believe that after all the effort to get the masks, he left them in his Dad's car and didn't realise until we were already on our way to Gatwick!)

    Anyway, us ladies went to get our nails done, if you live in Essex or anywhere near Loughton then I fully recommend Pretty Nail Boutique, they are amazing in there, halfway through getting our nails done when the owner gave us a bottle of prosecco to have which was so lovely! I ended up having acrylics for the wedding and I am not blessed with good nails and they had been destroyed in the days leading up to the wedding. I also wanted them to last on honeymoon so I went for a french Ombre which I absolutely loved. I then had gels on my toes with silver glitter and crystals on both of my big toes. 

    image image

    After getting our nails done we went to a pub down the road from the venue and had some lunch as we were still a little early. At 2pm we all arrived and started unloading the cars. I hung up my dress and our PJ's for the morning so they didn't get creased and went back downstairs to start unboxing. 

    image image

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride

    Ooh your nails are gorgeous! And I love those PJs. Your venue was one of the very few I bothered to shortlist before we decided on a wedding abroad, so versatile, excited to see pics and read the report!! X

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    Yaaaaay so glad you're doing a report my almost date buddy haha!

    We were very lucky to get our pics in 5 days so had a viewing session while in Bali! Can't wait to read about your day. 

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    Yay! Am in US for work but can't wait for more 

  • PottyPotty Posts: 527 New bride

    Woooooo!!! Can’t wait to read the rest!

    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Aww love the pic of you as youngsters. Your venue is gorgeous. Can’t wait for more!

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    Thanks Ashley, where are you guys getting married abroad?

    MrsNolan - Hey! How was your wedding, I am sure I've seen you have a report on here, I need to have a look and wow 5 days that's impressive! How was Bali?

    Thank you ladies, I will try and update some more later 

  • Oh yay!!! Loving this and can't wait to read more! xxx

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    I am very happy to see this 

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride


    I went back downstairs to start unpacking boxes and putting out some of the decorations, the problem with this is only I knew where I wanted everything and all everyone wanted to help which is lovely but becomes very irritating very quickly. I had to politely tell everyone that if I needed their help I would delegate a job to them. One of the jobs I did delegate was flowers to my MIL. I went to Lidl's the day before and spent about £6 on roses and about £4 on gyp from Marks & Spencer, my MIL then arranged them on into little crystal glasses and tealights, this was the finished result. image image

    Once everything was laid out everyone just sort of done their own thing, we all just chilled with some drinks and nibbles whilst the boys played football, as it got later I helped my Dad with dinner for everyone, it was so lovely sitting down with everyone for dinner. Once we finished I went and had a bath with some fenjal, washed and blow dryed my hair and got an early night, some others went down for the pub for a couple of drinks, I would have loved to gone but I was just way too tired and wanted a little pampering session. I made a couple of tea, got into bed had a little read of my kindle and went to sleep. Here are some pictures from the rest of the day.

    The room before it was transformed the next day

    image image 

    The boys playing football: 


    My daddy topping his yummy lasagna with yet more cheese 


    A cheeky selfie with my nanny


    Just some of us sitting down for dinner


    In bed with my cuppa 


  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride


    I didn't sleep that well the night before the wedding, I mean I slept, but by 4am I just couldn't sleep anymore, I had been tossing and turning for ages. I managed to stay in bed until about 6am, I got up had a shower with my Jo Malone body wash and lathered myself in my velvet rose & oud body creme. I then made myself a cup of tea and it wasn't long before my mum & sister popped down to see if I was awake. Make up wasn't coming until 8am so we still had a little while to chill out. 

    The view from my window at about 7am


    I gave everyone their pyjamas to put on and my mum went and got me a sausage sandwich, I felt hungry but I just couldn't eat it all. 

    I actually don't really have many getting hair and makeup done photos. Make up arrived at 8am and hair at 10am. Our tog didn't arrive until just before 11am and I had already had my makeup done and was starting to have my hair done. Everyone kept saying they couldn't get over how chilled out and calm I was, I am usually such a control freak but I just didn't care. My sister even asked me if I had seen the weather report but I said I hadn't and I'm not going to even look, to be honest I didn't really look out the window all morning.

    Most of the morning went really smoothly, I had all of my make up done except for my lipstick and setting powder as I was going to have that done later in the day, however my MUA finished the last person and started packing up, I thought it was ok as she didn't need much out to do touch ups.... Well she just packed up and left, I'd already told my mum how much was owed and to give it to her for me as I was having my hair done. She said to my mum how much was due and it was £20 more than I had noted and it's really not like me to get something like that wrong. Rather than cause a fuss my mum paid her the extra £20 and off she went. (When I got back home from honeymoon I checked and I wasn't wrong!). My mum and sister were fuming as they both knew she was meant to do touch ups but to be honest I didn't want any confrontation and couldn't be bothered so we just let her go. 

    Also another thing, if you decide to stay in the same place as everyone, be prepared for everyone to leave you! I obviously couldn't leave the bedroom I was in but everyone else could wander round and see everyone. Even my bridesmaids were popping along down the corridor to see the boys getting ready which meant most of the time during my hair and makeup I spent on my own. In the end I did say to my sister remember I can't leave this room and you guys keep wandering off and I think she then realised and felt a bit bad. Other than those silly little things the morning went perfectly and was very chilled out, here are a couple of pictures to start you off...

    (Just a quick note here that pretty much all the photos from now are from Jessica Raphael our photographer or her fiance Rob who was her second shooter, they were both incredible, we feel so lucky to have had such amazing people photographing our wedding who not only everyone loved but they have given us the most beautiful photos so we can remember our day forever...

    My MIL having her makeup done


    One of the glasses I decorated for us to drink out of


    Some pictures of me having my hair done.. I LOVED MY HAIR!!!  image image image image

    Jess also went and took some photos of my accessories, the flowers that had arrived and other items in the room image image image image image image image image


  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    You look AMAAAAAAZING! Can’t wait to see the finish look. 

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride


    I don't know about you guys but I really wasn't fussed about doing a full on first look with my Dad, I am very close to him and a proper daddy's girl so it wouldn't have felt right not to see him whilst I was getting ready. He popped down during me getting my hair done to show off his cufflinks that I bought him. My MIL was there when he opened them and has some pictures which I don't have yet but he is balling his eyes out, both me and my Dad aren't usually that emotional but we were both a mess on the day! Here's him showing me his cufflinks.. 

     image image image image

    Us girlies then had some photos on the bed..

    image image

    Whilst this was going on the boys had started to get ready, apparently they had spent most of the morning playing poker on the floor of their bedroom! 

    Chris image Chris and his brother (usher)image The cufflinks he just had to have  image One of his friends Jack who was staying with us image image image Chris and his precious shoes that he bought at the last minute lol image

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride


    Before we finished getting ready it was time for gifts, I will prewarn you now I was an emotional wreck, actually everyone was so be prepared for many an ugly crying face throughout the day! 

    My mum went off and delivered my present to Chris and brought back mine so I will do mine first..

    image imageimage image image image 

    I was extremely lucky and got a beautiful longchamp bag I had been eyeing up for a while, I will be honest I kind of knew it was coming as we were in House of Fraser a few weeks earlier when I showed it to Chris, he tried to make it look like he was looking at football scores on his phone but I had a pretty strong feeling he was actually taking a picture of the tag, however what I wasn't expecting was the little blue box inside the handbag.... 

    image image image image It was a beautiful Tiffany necklace, my mum asked me if I knew why he bought it and I did know straight away, it was meant to symbolise two wedding rings and us getting married, deep down my Husband really can be quite the romantic! I absolutely loved it and couldn't not wear it on the day. He'd also added a little note, which said I love you and don't be late as I will be super nervous waiting for you, there was also S.W.A.L.K written on the back of the envelope. When we first started going out I always done this on the back of his cards and he never knew what it meant until I told him, now he never writes me a card without it on the back. I then had another card to read from him, I was already emotional from the necklace so I could just about read the card properly.image image image image My lovely sister was also quite emotional!image 

    The front of my card said Kayleigh, My Soulmate, 26.10.2017

    This was my gorgeous card from Chris, at the bottom it says remember as long as we are together.. this is because on our first holiday together when we were 18 in Majorca, there was a fridge magnet in a shop which said 'As long as we are together, the rest will fall into place' well we just had to buy it and it's something we always say to each other.

    Dear My Beautiful Kay,

     Our big day has finally come after all of these years, who would have thought it eh? 

    Thank you so much for all of the hard work you’ve put in to make this day possible for us, you’ve done a little bit more than I have I suppose so I hope it’s the wedding you’ve dreamed about for all of these years and the wedding a princess like you deserves.

    I can’t believe that it’s actually happening and that I’m going to marry the girl of my dreams, my childhood sweetheart, my darling, my soul mate and my best friend. you and the missing piece to my puzzle and you complete me and make me at least half normal. I honestly don’t know where I would be without all of the love and support that you’ve given me over the past 11 years but I’m excited to see where the rest of our lives will take us now that the dream team have put a ring on it.

    I can’t wait to see you walking down that aisle, and although I can’t guarantee tears, believe me when I say you won’t find a happier man on the planet.

    I love you with all my heart and always will do, and always remember, as long as we’re together……..

    Love Chris xXx

  • PottyPotty Posts: 527 New bride

    That card is so so so lovely!!! 😍 

    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Oh gosh, the card is beautiful. 

  • Ah.. I've been looking forward to ready your Report Mrs Mann.  BEAUTIFUL.. Loving it so far and I love the card your husband sent you. I look forward to reading more.❤

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Beautiful photos and oh that card, such lovely words. Love your gifts from him as well. 

  • LDCRFLDCRF Posts: 48

    Such a lovely card!!

  • Wow what a gorgeous card! Beautiful! x

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    Thank you all.. now onto Chris.. if you have followed my thread then you will know what I got him for those who didn't it was a watch but not just any watch. A couple of years ago at 2am on New Years Eve morning I had a phone call from Chris' brother to say that he had been hit by a 4x4, I was told he was ok but it was very likely he had broken both his legs. He was extremely lucky it wasn't anything more and he had a great surgeon and he was up and about within a week. However his legs weren't the only thing damaged by the accident, he had also destroyed his armani watch, he loved this watch as it was the first one he had ever bought and he had used some money from a family friend who passed away to buy it. Anyway we had looked for months and months after for another watch like it and never found it again until one day I decided to have another look on ebay and there it was, it had never even been worn! I kept it round at my Mum and Dad's for 6 months so he never found it.

    I also bought him some dog tags saying Mr & Mrs Mann and our wedding date they were only cheap and I never expect him to wear them but there was a reason behind this gift. For his first birthday with me which was his 16th, I bought him a little me to you teddy and some dog tags which said Kayleigh & Chris and the date we started going out. It seemed appropriate to add to this with our wedding! Anyway I'll stop rambling now and here are some piccies! 

    image image image image image image


    I also done a card for Chris, the front looked like this...  remember what I had said about our little phrase well turns out I had put it on my card too!


    To my gorgeous husband to be, 

    I can't believe the day is finally here, in just a few hours after all this time, we will be getting married! I still remember when we were 18 saying how we couldn't wait to get married and now we are two 26 year old's doing it!

    You have been there through everything, always supporting me and being patient,especially when food is involved haha!

    To think all those years ago, throwing skittles and custard creams at each other, you with your pink nike bag and gelled hair, I though you were so fit and I still do!

    I love you so much and I cannot wait to see you at the end of aisle and spend the rest of my life with you, making many more happy memories with you and building our family.

    I have loved you for 3525 days are your girlfriend, 510 days as your fiance and I plan on spending thousands more as your wife!

    I love you so much forever and always, see you soon, love your kay dot xxxxxxxx

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