Relaxed Autumn Barn Wedding - 28/01/17

So I spent hours lurking on here as a bride-to-be obsessively reading wedding reports and never thought I would actually do one myself. But here I am two months into married life and desperate to relive what was a completely wonderful day. I can't promise it will be well-written or even that interesting but I just want to share it anyway!

Brief bit of background about us:

Liam & Becca


We met at school when we were about 14 and became good friends. By the time we were 17 we were best friends and inseparable but I was adamant that that was all we would ever be. Despite Liam asking me out multiple times, I could just never see him as a potential boyfriend. That is until the summer after we finished our A-Levels, we spent all our time together and I began to realise that I did have feelings for him. Eventually, 10 days before I left for Leeds, I admitted this to him and we started dating. 

For the first 3 years of our relationship, we lived in different cities and only saw each other every few weeks. We then graduated and moved back to our home town. Liam proposed one October evening in 2016, it was sweet and romantic and of course I said yes. We got married on October 28th 2017. 

This is the story of our big autumn family wedding, it was such a fun, relaxed and love-filled day and we were both just so happy.


  • Lovely love story, look forward to seeing how your wedding went, I love a barn!

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