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Our Small December Wedding - The Report,

I wasn’t sure wether I would do a report, but having just got our photos back I really want to share! We had a wonderful day, it flashed by and was everything I hoped it would be.


  • MrsStateMrsState Posts: 178 New bride

    Ooooo looking forward to reading this Tracey! 

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    Ooh yes please do!! Can’t wait to read all about it! 

  • It was the second time for both of us and we certainly not young to be getting married, we wanted a small (26 guests) wedding that was elegant and intimate and I think we achieved that,

    Wedding Day -1. My daughter and As best woman had arrived at our house the night before. Both had to do a days work so we were all up early so they could get going on their computers and finish early!

    A and I jumped on the train to go and collect the macarons from town. This was lovely as it allowed us to have a couple of hours to ourselves! Whilst we were on the train we had a message from one of our guests (As cousin) who along with her 3 daughters was flying over from the Isle of Man, to say the whole Island was snow bound and that they weren’t sure if any flights would be leaving! Now  I couldn’t imagine the wedding without them, and I have to say A did a great job of calming me down , convincing me that panicking wouldn’t help and that as we weren’t getting married until 4pm they would have time to get there!

  • A and I did a couple of errands and had a sneaky coffee before heading home to find the BW and DD still hard at work! a retreated into his study whist I did one last check of the ever growing pile of things in the dining room ready for DD and I to take to the venue in the morning before I made lunch for us all.

    As parents were travelling from Lancashire, now they do not travel well...certainly not as far as Sussex and arranging this had been a nightmare! There was no way they were going to negotiate London so we had booked them on a cross country train to Southampton which meant that A had to drive (about an hour) to collect them. The plan was he would collect them, then take them to their hotel which was close to the venue before bringing them to ours so they could join us for a meal out. 

    A few IOM updates came...snow heavy all flights that morning cancelled, roads blocked but they were going to try to get to the airport early for their 4 o’clock flight! 


  • BW,DD and I left at 1.30 to go to get our nails done and A left to drive to pick up his parents. At this point I thought  “OMG I’m getting married tomorrow!”

  • Some lovely nails later we arrived home just as the deluge of visitors began!

    We had arranged for a meal at our local Chinese restaurant and I have to say it was the best decision! Sixteen of us (including the IOM crew who managed to get the only flight off the Island that day) had a wonderful evenIng. It was lovely to see friends and family who had never met or hadn’t seen each other for years connect and there were certainly some lasting friendships made that night! I remember A & I just sitting there smiling at each other !

    The seven of us staying at our house walked home for a night cap before heading to bed for the last time as an unmarried couple!

  • Pics soon, I promise!

    After a surprisingly good nights sleep DD and I were up , loaded the car and heading to the venue by about 8am. We stopped off at M&S to buy a pork pie for the cheese cake and drove to The Kennels. It was a lovely morning, cold but sunny and the florist was hard at work filling vases!



  • DD and I sat and looked out over the grounds eating scrambled egg and smoked salmon and drinking tea ...I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt!

    image image

    We went through the arrangements with the wedding co ordinator and at about 10.30 headed off for the hotel .

  • I suppose it was too much to expect that the relaxed feeling would continue throughout the day wasn’t it??!!

    DD and I had booked a massage in the hotel spa at 11am and the wedding co ordinatore had arranged for us to check in at 12 so we had plenty of time to get ready. However when we arrived at reception the staff didn’t seem to know anything about the early check in! However we haded off to the spa thinking they would have our room sorted out for our return!

    But no....the suite we had booked was still not ready so we ended up starting our preparations in another room. The hairdresser arrived at 1pm and started on DDs hair whilst I jumped in the shower !

  • By the time the photographer arrived the room was getting distinctly crowded so I was delighted when a knock on the door came to say our suite was ready. I was in my robe at the time so I trapsed  through the hotel carrying my  dress. Luckily I didn’t see any guests!image

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