Please help me with my dissertation!

Hi everyone,


I hope this is suitable to post on here- I am a student in my final stage of study currently struggling through my dissertation. My thesis is on the impact social media has on consumers and I have chosen the wedding industry as my specified area.

If any of you could take the time to complete my short survey that would be really appreciated-


Thank you all SO much in advance!




  • Done, but I took issue with a couple of questions which you may want to re-visit...

    firstly, do you think noone over the age of 45 ever gets married or uses social media?  Why deliberately exclude such a large chunk of the population?

    Q9. why no option to answer 'neither' or 'both'?  I didn't want to answer that question with the options you gave, but the way your questionnaire is designed I was forced to.  I also think you'd get better data if you asked the same question about age groups rather than (or as well as) gender.

  • Ali the questionnaire does state it's looking for responses from the 18-45 age bracket.  It's quite common to reduce sample size in this way surely?  

  • My question was WHY restrict the age sample.... and only the OP can answer that

    I have a social science background so I know how to write a good research questionnaire, and I also know both from personal experience and from this forum that there are many, many new and soon-to-be brides & grooms older than 45, so it seems odd to deliberately exclude them from research

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