7th June 2018 - Our Country House Wedding - The Report

Hello Everyone!

It was just over two weeks ago that we were getting married and I am now sat with a gin fizz, whilst my husband (eeek!) is watching a crappy film, so what better way to spend a Friday night then making a start on the wedding report!

For those of you who didn’t read my planning thread, I’m Rach, my husband (eeek!) is Martin. We met through work and had been together just under two years when he proposed at home on Christmas Day Morning. We had an eighteen month engagement and set the date for a Thursday in June hoping for a bit of sunshine! The Thursday was due to working shifts so we knew lots of people would make it and also the fact that everything was so much cheaper on a week day helped!

I had three Bridesmaids, Nikki (brothers fiancé) Alice (friend from school) & Abigail (new sister in law).

Mart had his brother Richard as Best Man and my brothers, Steve & John as Ushers.

Now that we all know each... lets start at the beginning of the wedding week!


  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    Monday 4th June

    We had both been working a late shift the night before I was late off, saying bye at work on the Sunday night/Monday morning was nice as had lots of hugs and good luck wishes, its always nice to share the excitement! Everyone was saying ‘See you Thursday!’ which made it all feel very real!

    So we woke up Monday morning and had quite a bit to organise. We had breakfast and got washed and dressed and then began the big job of bringing everything downstairs from the spare room and putting it all on the table in the kitchen. I then went through every single box listing what was in there and where it needed to go at the Venue. I then spent the next hour typing these up and printing them out and putting them in to the right box. I like being organised and knew I wouldn’t sleep that night if I didn’t sort the majority of things on Monday.

    For those who didn’t read my planning thread, my husbands (eeek!) Grandma paid for the flowers and decided to tell me at the weekend before the wedding that she felt bad as two of the family guests didn’t have buttonholes. It wasn’t a big deal when I look back but at the time it really stressed me out. So Monday I also had to go to the florist and order & pay for another Buttonhole & Corsage. It took 30minutes out of the day if that, but had I been another 15minutes later than the order would have been submitted for the flowers so it’s a good job I went when I did! I also had a couple of things to pick up from the post office and nipped to the shops for a couple of bits so by the time we got back in it was around 1pm.

    We had (last minute) arranged for someone to come and do some professional teeth whitening at our home at 2pm. I normally don’t buy in to this stuff, I don’t spend alot of money on my appearance - certainly not because I dont need to, more a case of my job is quite manly/time/cost and just generally I’m not a real girlie girl, I struggle to put my hair in a ponytail! So anyway the guy came at 2 and was here around an hour. It was fantastic! I was really pleased with the results and it left me feeling excited for my day of pampering on the Tuesday...

  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    Tuesday 5th June 

    My Mum had to go in to her work on the Monday for some meetings but was off for the rest of the week. We started the day off by going to the Designer Outlet in York. I had my eyebrows threaded which is something I have done a few times a year (whenever I happen to go there really!) so I know it works and looks decent. It costs me £8 so not exactly breaking the bank! I had left my eyebrows to grow (urgh) so they were bright red by the time she was finished but a good shape! After this we went for a coffee and spent an hour or so walking round the shops. It was really nice to have this bit of down time with my Mum and although we talked about the wedding, it didn’t feel stressed and I felt really chilled out about it. We got back home about midday and had a cup of tea with Martin and Mum had a look through all the boxes and had her briefing for the day!


    Whilst Mum was at ours there was a knock on the day and it was the Cheese being delivered. For anyone wanting a DIY cheese tower, I can’t recommend Costco enough. They were fantastic. It cost £135 with a discount code and there was ALOT of cheese. Delivery was for a specific day and although I ordered a few months in advance, they took payment the day before and emailed to confirm. Since the time of ordering and the delivery date my card had expired and I had got a new one, so it obviously declined the payment. They emailed me saying they had dispatched anyway the day before and asked if I could ring them with details, I did straight away and there was no issues. I was impressed that they didn’t automatically cancel my order and had dispatched it anyway to make sure it got there on time. It also tasted and looked fantastic, but more of that later...

    Mum left around 2 and I then went upstairs to get showered and shaved before my next appointment... full body exfoliation and fake tan at 5pm. Martin drove me there and did some shopping for plastic boxes to help with transporting everything the next day! The tan was at a Spa. The lady was really friendly and the exfoliation was really good and made me skin feel very soft and clean! The tan was great and didn’t streak at all, I was a tiny bit orange around my toes and heel but apart from that it was a really even colour. Martin took me home and I got changed into a loose fitting dress and sorted my hair, before we went to the nearby town for a meal at one of our favourite little restaurants. I had steak and chips because by then it was too late to worry about weight loss right? I also had a glass of red wine which made me feel very tipsy as I hadn’t had anything to eat except some fruit at breakfast! We had a lovely meal and I felt a little bit sad as this was the last quality time we were going to spend together before the wedding... I did say this to Martin and his response was ‘Were getting married, we’re not dying!’ which he had a point but I did still feel something... it was maybe the first time I felt a bit of nerves/anxiousness about the whole thing! It certainly didn’t last long and I fell straight to sleep that night... woke up at 4am and was just really, really excited!

  • Amanda198Amanda198 Posts: 152

    Ooh, loving this so far! I’m interested to hear about your cheese at costco, it’s something I’ve been thinking about and we had our final meeting at our venue yesterday and they’ve said we can bring everything for it and they will pop it out.xx

  • Martha13Martha13 Posts: 46

    Woo hoo excited for this one 

  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    Wednesday 6th June

    I woke up at 4am and just could not get back to sleep! I had butterflies and was so excited. My husband (eeek!) was still snoring and I tossed and turned for the next couple of hours, along with catching up on this forum and looking on Pinterest. It got to 6am when he finally woke up, I shouted a ‘HAPPY WEDDING EVE!!’ at him to which he got up & made me a cup of tea & we sat in bed for half an hour just chatting about the day ahead. I loved the quiet moments we had together in the few days before the wedding, it was nice to have a bit of normality and share the excitement just the two of us. 

    We got up at 7ish & I created the ‘Wedding Chat’ WhatsApp group... this turned out to be well worth doing & was good fun throughout the day and for the morning of the wedding. I added us two, Mum, her partner, my Mum & Dad in law, best man, the three bridesmaids and the two ushers. In the opening message for the chat I said HAPPY WEDDING EVE!! & basically explained that it was a chat for any questions or things that needed sorting over the next couple of days. I put the Order of the Day on there and timings for everyone individually. I also used the app Wedbox which is a free app for photos to be added to & everyone joined that which was good. I was also able to give people room numbers and time for check in/check out etc which worked well. The group got some good banter going between everyone... the usual ‘Oh crap, is it THIS Thursday!?’ etc etc and was a nice way for people to ask a few questions about times and who was meeting who when. It worked really well and helped share the excitement.

    At 9am I was showered and dressed and ready for my Mum to pick me up. Her and Nikki (one of the Bridesmaids) were coming with me to go to Alice’s (another Bridesmaid) house to have our nails done. We got there about half 9 and all had a cup of coffee and a cuddle with our youngest wedding guest. For those who didn’t read my planning thread, Alice had her little baby boy 6wks prior to our wedding making him the only child at our Wedding!

  • MrsGxMrsGx Posts: 329 New bride

    Eeeeeek! I'm so excited for this!! Loving it so far :-)

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Loving your report and that you husband told you 'We're getting married not dying!'

  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    Haha! He did have a point, we were still going to do lovely things together and have meals, nights at home, time together... I just wanted to have some ‘last times’ before officially being Mr & Mrs!! I knew what I meant by it anyway!! 

  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    Wednesday 6th June cont...

    Anyway, the beautician arrived and got started on our nails. Lucy is lovely and again for those who haven’t read the planning thread, as someone who has always had non existent nails, Lucy advised me to try BIAB which is a builder and strengthener that really worked for me. My nails weren’t super long for the wedding but I had healthy white tips and they were strong and longer than I have ever had them before! 

    I had slight pink BIAB base with a sparkle on the tip. Being 100% honest, I didn’t like them. Nails wasn’t a big thing to me but I did feel disappointed. It’s one of the things I would change if I could do the wedding all over again. The picture doesn’t do them justice as I got lots of compliments for them, they sparkled a lot on the day and looked like a French manicure from a distance, which is what I wanted. I think because I knew I wanted a French manicure but wanted it to feel a bit more special I said ‘up to you!’ & left it to her to decide, I wouldn’t never do this again and wish I had spent that extra hour that I had that morning looking at nail ideas on Pinterest!! 


    My two Bridesmaids had colours and a bit of sparkle and my Mum had clear with a bit of gold sparkle. All of them looked lovely and everyone was very happy with them (except me!!) It was only a very minor thing really and I didn’t dwell on it. If I hadn’t paid good money for them I would have taken them off and just painted them myself!! Ha.

    Whilst I had been at Alice’s I had got a message from my cousin - the first person had dropped out! Her other half has children from a previous relationship and one of them had been taken in to Hospital. They live in London and she explained that he obviously didn’t want to be so far away, just in case he needed to be there. Completely understandable and I was just so pleased my cousin could still come as she was a huge part of my childhood and we are still close friends now. I had half expected someone to drop out, just not the day before!! I said something whilst we were there & Alice offered to print the table plan out for me again as she works from home and has a good printer. I got Martin to email it through to her and she printed it then and there. It was sorted so easily when it could have been a major stress, I was very pleased!

    Alice put on a really nice lunch for us with quiche, crisps, sandwiches, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and then a selection of cakes which we all sat and enjoyed before we left around 1pm. It was a really nice girly way to spend the morning although I had expected to be leaving at half 11, intending to be home for midday at the latest, so I did end up clock watching as time was getting on and I was feeling more and more stressed as time was getting on...

  • RB2SRB2S Posts: 45 New bride

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for your report! 

  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    Wednesday 6th June cont...

    When I got home it was around half 1. After having such a relaxing morning I got out the car to Mum and we tried to arrange a time for her to come to me. The original plan had been, she come to me for around half 3 where we would pack her car and Martins car and we would all travel to Rowley for 4pm where we would meet Martins Grandma and Sister there, unpack everything and Martin would go back home to get showered and go to his Dads for the night. This obviously was not going to happen. I needed to get showered, wash my hair, dry my hair, pack my bag for overnight, re-do the table plan, finish the photo frames and then I had also planned to hoover and dust and have a quick clean through. AAAAGH. I said to Mum to just go home and play it by ear and I’d see her later. I walked in to Martin who came & gave me a hug & kiss and took hold of my hands to see my nails and I burst in to tears!! I think a mixture of being tired, being unhappy with my nails and feeling that the days timings had gone out of sync along with all the other emotions just made me well up! We went in to the kitchen, he put the kettle on and said he loved my nails. Amongst all the boxes and confetti and glue and scissors and bits of paper, we sat & had a cup of tea & cuddles with me having a little cry... looking back I think I needed it & I was glad it happened then when I was at home and could be with Mart! From then on I was cool as a cucumber...

    So once our cups of tea were finished we packed the dishwasher. I went upstairs and tidied up and finished packing my bag with things for me for the night and things for Mart for the Thurs night and then clean underwear and clothes for both of us for Friday. The house was clean & tidy to be fair, Martin suggested cleaning & hoovering on Sunday which I agreed to. I just wanted to come back to a clean house, not that out house is ever dirty, I think I just wanted everything just right!! 

    The next thing was to finish the table plan and frames. These took about half an hour to do and I packed a final box with DIY bits and bobs (scissors, paper, card, twine, superglue and bits of ribbon and lace, just in case!). By this time it was around 4pm and I got a message from Mum saying she was ready and was going to set off to me and get a shower at Rowley Manor. Martin said that he thought that was a good idea and I should do that too which to be fair, when I thought about it, it made sense as I was hot and sweaty by this point, I knew I had it all to unpack at the other side and I also wanted to wash my hair as late as possible. So Mum came round and we packed the cars. Both of them were literally packed to the brim and it took us about half an hour to do. By quarter to 5 we were ready to go, I looked for Meg (my kitty cat) to give her my last kiss as a Miss but she’d cleared off so I reluctantly left and travelled with Martin to the Venue with my Mum following behind...

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Loving your report so far, looking forward to more. Shame you didn’t like your nails but I think they’re very pretty.

  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    YAYYYYYY - so glad you are doing a report and looking forward to reading more. 

    Made me emotional reading how you enjoyed and made sure you spent some time with Martin on the run up to the wedding. xxxx

  • Leannjuly18Leannjuly18 Posts: 179

    Loving the report  so far 😀 x

  • MrsThimboMrsThimbo Posts: 222

    Wednesday 6th June cont...

    We arrived at the venue and Martins Grandma and sister were already there. They came running out to meet us and Grandma started crying which set me off too! Happy tears of course, but I think the excitement and anticipation of it all, combined with the realisation that everything was finally coming together built up for us both. I always cry when other people cry too!! We all had a hug & then I went inside...

    Amanda, the wedding planner was there to welcome me & immediately went in to full flow! She took me through to the reception room and showed me the new carpets that had been fitted earlier that day. Now, no one had mentioned anything about new carpets but luckily they were fantastic, a neutral beige colour instead of the dated red which I hated but had hoped no one would really notice - BONUS!! The place looked great, everything was clean & tidy & other members of staff came out to say hello too which was lovely. 

    We then started the task of emptying the two cars. Everything just got dumped in the wedding breakfast room. A couple of members of staff helped us and it was all emptied within 20mins. A hell of a lot less time than it took us to pack!! Once everything was unpacked I had the task of saying goodbye to my future husband...

    My Mum gave him a big kiss & a cuddle as did his Grandma & sister. We then went out in to the hallway and had a cuddle & he gave me a kiss. I remember him asking me if I was ok and I had to reassure him a few times that I was absolutely fine!! I said to him to have a good night & told him that I would see him tomorrow and with that he gave me another kiss & went on his way...

  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    I keep checking back for more updates!!

    Bonus re the new carpets ha! xx

  • MrsGxMrsGx Posts: 329 New bride

    Love the carpet surprise haha!! 

    Keep it coming!!! Need more  xx

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