Small intimate wedding on an island- REPORT

I've not really wrote much on here but one of you guys suggested I write a report to fill some spare time. 

I'll try to keep it as interesting as I can..



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    We met in Feb 2016 at a national work conference we got on really well but there was 100 miles between us so didn't think much of having a relationship.

    We kept in touch and mid March we decided to start dating this was one of us visiting the other on saturdays and constant texting and skype in between.

    In July we went on holiday with some family including my then 4 year old son, everyone loved him as much as i did. we knew this for forever, its crazy cos it had been so quick but when you know you know right?!

    2 weeks later he packed up and moved to be with me and my son. It was a dream come true.

    we have barely spent anytime apart since

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    from about our 3rd date I knew he was the one and was no so subtly hinting this.

    J is far more laid back and was taking his time with this, when we moved in with me we were staying with my parents so it was super overwhelming for a while we agreed that we would wait til we get our own place before any sort of engagement would happen. 

    So Feb 2018 we get our own house, so every day since we moved in I was hoping today was the day but days turned to weeks and nothing happened, I am so impatient its ridiculous..

    our 1 year anniversary was coming up so i was so sure it would happen so we got all dressed up and went for dinner but no engagement

    April came around and thats when it happened. it wasn't particularly exciting but it was perfect for me, it was a friday night i had been at work so i come in and head straight for the shower then get my pjs on.. as i walk into the bedroom J is on his knee, I don't remember much of what he said but it was a beautiful moment. Not quite what i expected as im standing there in my piglet jammies but it was wonderful.

    He had asked my son while i was at work if it was ok to marry mummy it was so sweet, i'm glad he agreed 

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    We had a few different ideas for the wedding, I had always imagined a huge big affair as i have a massive family whereas J wanted a much smaller affair as he is just himself his parents aren't involved. So we decide to look at the bigger wedding as to see how much that would cost would it be doable price wise ect. We originally looked at 10 10 2020 cos we liked the date but unfortunately the big wedding was going to be soooooo expensive and yes if we saved we could have done it but 1 i didnt want to be engaged that long and 2 We didn't want to spend to much for everyone else's benefit. So back to the drawing board for the smaller wedding 

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    The smaller wedding was shaping up much better we had estimated a local- ish wedding with 50 guests.

    In May 2017 I went to Gigha for a friends birthday camping trip and absolutely fell in love with the scenery and the beach it was beautiful. So once i got home I asked J if we could do a beach wedding he agreed so this was the final plan. We set a date and started inquiring as we live in scotland we can marry wherever we fancy as long as we have an approved celebrant 

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    The Celebrant

    Me and J are not religious, so we decided on a Humanist ceremony as it made so much sense to us as we can write a lot of it ourselves and it focuses on the couple individually every ceremony is different.

    We found a lovely lady called Belinda who was adorable so we got the date set and planning was in full swing. The date was only a year away, it would be here before we know it 

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    Dress shopping

    I went dress shopping 9 months before the big day but never found anything i fell in love with, and they were really expensive. We were trying to keep on a fairly small budget. Scrolling through ebay one night i found the one and it was only a fraction of the price. It was a Cherlone satin gown. Absolutely beautiful.

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    Now back to the guest list

    The numbers were dwindling by the second. Before I had even thought of sending the save the dates I spoke to my parents about the location and date ect and they decided they weren't coming for one reason or another (not going to get into it) and J's gran (the only family he has) didn't want to travel. So we absolutely scrapped the guest list and went with a f*** them all attitude and decided we were going to tell any more of the family and do a semi elopement  

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    with only 7 people in total everyone was pretty much part of the party

    H- who is my best friend, extra mum literally my everything (obvs other than my hubby and son) was my maid of honor/planner/mother everything i needed her to be.

    A- was my bridesmaid, she's 14, she is like my little sister i have known her since the day she was born

    My son F who's only 6 was J's mini best man 

    as we had children as our bridesmaid and best man we needed extra witnesses to sign the i paperwork so we had H and R who is like a brother.

    And I had D who is like my extra dad to walk me down the aisle.

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    So we got married 16.06.18 at Gigha Hotel. 

    Even though we had planned a beach ceremony we had to have the ceremony inside because being scotland it decided to rain. there had been a heatwave for 3 weeks prior so i was ever hopefully it would last but nope. The ceremony was lovely then we got to the beach for all the pictures so it was overall a great day.

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    image some venue picsimage

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    The day before

    I was up at the crack of dawn as everything needed to get packed into car so we could catch the ferry, it was a miserable wet day but F and I were so excited, J was nervous as hell forgetting everything I trusted him to make sure he had his suit and all the paperwork but I still had to double check!

    H and A came over and we all drove down to the ferry together it was a 20 min drive so nice and quiet. We were early for the ferry so stopped in at a wee cafe for a drink and a wee chat lots of panic incase we had forgot anything.

    So then we are on the ferry all still going well nobody has tried to run away lol 

    We get to the hotel and check in then i say my goodbyes to J and F as i will be spending the night with my girls. 

    So after much diasgreeeing about who gets which bed we head for dinner at this lovely wee seafood restuarant right beside the beach. 

    After we get back we went to the bar for a glass of wine and a few games of pool, we were back in our room for 10pm but party didnt end there we were soon drinking the prosecco from the coffee mugs cos we forgot the glasses lol

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    I woke up about 8 am it was absolutely lashing it down with rain! not the nice sunny day i needed for the beach ceremony but I decided to be positive the wedding wasnt til 1.30 the sun will come out so i hoped.

    we went for breakfast then headed back up to the room.

    D and R arrived around 10.30 and went to go hang out with the boys. 

    The photographer came about 11. as we were doing all our own hair and make up it was a fairly relaxed morning.



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    It was still bloody raining so we cut our loses at the beach and agreed to move the ceremony indoors

    Belinda arrived about 12.30 to check everything was still ok and make any last min adjustments. It was all good, 

    1.15 all the guests have gathered in the dining room 

    1.25 im standing outside the room i can hear Belinda talking its nearly time!!

    1.30 ok im walking in now, don't cry.. i hope J doesn't cry.. pheww its all good i made it nobody cried. ceremony starts...

    It was a really lovely ceremony we had a reading from my best friend, we had handfasting and vows. it was beautiful

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    imagealso did sand, as a blended family i felt it was really important to include F in this too cos even though it was mine and J's wedding it was also the day we all became a proper family too. 

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    after that we all went to the beach for more picsimage

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    after that it was dinner and cakeimage


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    Thanks all for giving this a wee read. It was fun to relive it again by writing it all out. If there was anything I may have missed or any more details you would like let me know and i will tell you x

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    Your wedding sounded lovely Kelllie, Good on you for doing what you wanted, the sun came out for your walk on beach!


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    What a beautiful wedding! Congrats!

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    Glad to see the sun came out for your walk along the beach!

    It looks like you had a lovely day, you looked beautiful and I love what you did with your son and the sand ceremony.

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