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Hint of a Welsh theme with a castle twist 06.07.18

Hi ladies,


So as I didn't do a planning thread and wished I had, knew I definitely wanted to do a report. Il start with our backgrounds, a bit about wedding week then will try and wait for the professional photos to do the rest. 😀 Even if it's just for me to re live it and not many read that's fine, what woman doesn't want to talk about the most magical amazing day of her life!!! So here it goes......


  • Leannjuly18Leannjuly18 Posts: 179

    A bit about me.

    So where to start. 😜 I'm 30 years old, from South Wales, grown up with mum dad and my two sisters and have worked in retail for quite a few years. Bit of a girly girl, love my chick flicks and going out to lunch with friends. Wasn't very lucky in love (up until now). Quite laid back until someone annoys me then I make it known I'm not happy.

    A bit about him.

    Mr W is 5 years older than me, also from south Wales. Parents divorced when he was 3years old. One brother and one step brother. Loves to watch football (unfortunately) and grand prix. Design engineer in a factory, some of the stuff he does is really clever hence the good wage!! 😜 

    How we met

    I had been single for a year after a 6 year controlling and emotionally abusive relationship. Mr W had been single for around 6months after also quite a controlling relationship. Just before we had met I had just began to be happy on my own and wasn't really looking to meet anyone.  Then a friend of mine showed me this dating website she was on called "Badoo" and thought it would be a laugh and maybe nice to have conversations with a few people on there. I honestly didn't go on there to meet anyone and I certainly didn't  think I would meet the man I would marry on there.  A message came through and said "Adam Sandler really?" To which I replied "Cardiff city really" After talking for a bit we realised we didn't live far from one another and had a couple mutual friends. We agreed to go on a date and the rest is history and we've been inseparable for the last 6 years. 😀

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    A bit about us.

    Mr W had his own little flat when I met him. I lived with my parents after breaking up with my ex, so if we weren't out on a date somewhere we usually were at his chilling. When we first got together MrW basically told me that he didn't believe in marriage, I told him he just hadn't met the right person yet 😜After a year and half we decided that if I happened to get pregnant then we wouldn't prevent it so we weren't trying but we kinda were. It sounds quite quick but I think the fact we both had psycho exes made us realise that what we had was special and it felt right. Fast forward to now and we have a little girl Eva who is 3 and little boy Harri who is 7 months.  We are living in our second home together and couldn't be happier.


    The proposal


    I so wasn't expecting it. Valentines day 2017. We gave eachother cards in the morning and said we would wait until after MrW finished work to give pressies to one another. Later that morning I had a text to say "are you going anywhere around 11? There's something being delivered. I was going out but waited in for said delivery as I was all excited. Delivery came and it was a dozen rainbow roses!!! They were beautiful!!! Later that afternoon MrW sent me another text to ask if I was getting dressed up, which I thought was strange but I didn't think too much of it as I do sometimes even if we are eating in which I thought we were. I did become a little suspitious so did my hair incase, dressed up in a pretty dress. MrW got home,went to get ready, I started asking questions and he just said, I just thought we could have a nice date night in the house. I was a little dissapointed but ok otherwise. Then not long after MrW's dad and step mum turned up to babysit. This was the most romantic he'd ever been but I still didn't click. We went for a three course valentines meal, the food was lovely and we had a fab evening just the two of us. MrW went to pay the bill while I went to the loo. When I went back into the restaurant  he was nowhere to be seen. I checked outside and he was on the other side of the road. I called over to him to help me across the road as it was uneven and I had heels on. He walked back to me, grabbed my hand, I went to walk forward, he pulled me back and when I turned around he was reaching for the box and said "will you marry me" Before I even saw the ring I was crying and said " yes!"

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    Looking forward to this report and intrigued to find out which venue you chose xx

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    Welcome! can’t wait to read your report! 

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    Hello, welcome 😀

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    Such a lovely story so far - keep going :)

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    I'm from South Wales too 😊 looking forward to seeing what Welshy bits you had... We're having Welsh cakes and Welsh table place names but fiance is Scottish so can't have too many 😁  

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    Thanks for reading ladies. I have just edited the proposal a little as didn't realise how many times I said the word "nice" haha I blame tiredness!!x

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    Wedding week!!


    Monday 2nd July.

    Four days until the wedding, how did that happen! I woke up to a few messages from exciting friends and my sister saying 'wedding week!!' 😀 As I'm still on maternity leave atleast I didn't have the added pressure of work to throw in the mix so it worked quite well. 

    First thing to be done was final suit fittings for the groomsmen at the suit shop. I've heard so many horror stories about suits not fitting and being all wrong that I was really quite nervous about it being this close to the wedding! But when I'd asked previously if we could have the fitting a little earlier she assured me that if something wasn't right they would have it back by the Wednesday so plenty of time before the wedding. I don't know if it's just me but I thought that was still close for comfort. But I put my trust in them and thought I shouldn't stress they know what they are doing!! So when I then had a text from MrW to say the suits arent arriving until tommorow panic set in again!! MrW was in work so said I would phone them. I'd also heard in the past of people struggling to get hold of someone about the suits and thought that's really bad, if you run a business where you know you have stressy brides like myself, not answering the phone really doesn't help. So when I phoned the shop and the ladies mobile number and got no answer after half hour cue stress levels starting to rise! I looked on their website for opening times and said they didn't open for another half hour so decided to make a cuppa, sort the baby in the hope after that the shop would be open and I would get to talk to someone! My phone then rang after 15 minutes and noticed it was lady from the suit shop. I'm not the type to go on the phone all guns blazing but if I can sense I'm being fobbed of then that's when I start to get annoyed. She explained to me that the courier that was delivering our suits was running behind and our delivery was now scheduled for tommorow and that it sometimes happens. I asked if she knew this sometimes happens surely the week before the wedding and not the week of the wedding would be better for final fittings! She kept saying that's not how it goes and 

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    Sorry sent too soon. 


    She assured me that we still had time!!  For our inconvenience she suggested they brought the suits to us on the Tuesday evening. There wasn't a lot I could do so agreed and text MrW to tell him. We had four groomsmen, MrW, his best man Speedy  (nickname as he's the opposite of speedy lol) my dad and his dad, H2b said he would let them all know. Speedy got back to us, he works shifts so had booked the day off for the suit fitting and was working for the newly arranged time. So I was back on the phone and the lady said she had one in the shop his size, wouldnt be the exact one but the same suit and same size just without the waist coat and the best man could go that evening as originally planned to try it for size, wasn't ideal but again I just had to go with it. Tommorow better turn out to be a better day!

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    Ooh love a report - keep it coming 

  • Leannjuly18Leannjuly18 Posts: 179
    Kelly224 wrote (see post):

    Ooh love a report - keep it coming 

    I've just had a peak at your planning thread, all looks and sounds fab 😀 x

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    Tuesday 3rd July

    Woke up feeling positive that today was going to be a good day!! Every now and again I would have a big grin on my face in between the usual day to day washing dishes, getting breakfast for the kids, I kept getting waves of excitement and thought "I'm getting married in 3 days! Sat down with a cuppa and bottle for my little boy and my excitement quickly changed to dread!! 

    My older sister and her wife have been having problems and my sister in law is the type to let the whole world know on Facebook before the people who actually matter. So anyway, I come across a status from her "change is good, we should embrace it"  and then a meme saying "I will lose any friendship or relationship over my mind,  I don't care if that offends anyone." So I phone my sister, she's crying in bed, hasn't gone to work says it's over between them! They have two boys together so they still have to communicate to one another. My two nephews are my page boys but apparently my sister in law didn't want to come. I started talking to my sister trying to tell her she's worth more and that we will have fun at the wedding and things will work out. With her being a three and half hour drive away I felt a bit helpless. She gave me the go ahead to tell my mum, and we agreed they needed time and space apart so the wedding could be a good distraction. Get a phone call from my sister few hours later and I could tell from the tone of her voice something had changed, not that I wanted her to be sad but she said they had talked and she wanted to come help my sister with the boys, I came off the phone just thinking, Aslong as they don't spoil my wedding day and keep a low profile they can carry on, id already spent most of the morning with my spirits dampened, I'm the type of person if I think about things too much it really affects me. I love my sister so much but I couldn't be caught up in their problems, not now. 

    Tuesday evening was the suit fitting. Because of where all the groomsmen lived it was easier for them to all meet at MrW dads house. I patiently waited for a phone call hoping they all fit ok. MrW calls, his trousers are couple inches too long and my dad's shirt is two sizes too big!!! Why couldn't they just be right. My dad agreed he would pick them up 10am on Thursday from the shop. Not a good start. Right now was a good time to have my bath to prepare ready for tommorows tan, I needed to just chill! So again I ended the day thinking tommorow has to be better Lol xx

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    Wednesday 4th July 

    H2b is off work for the rest of the week. We were both excited but also trying to think of things that were left to be done which wasn't much to be honest.  MrW took Eva to school while I finished packing for the next few days. I was staying at the venue with Harri and he was staying at his dads with Eva the night before the wedding. I couldn't believe how close it was getting. 

    A text came through and after the last few days I wasnt sure if I wanted to look at it, but I did. It was my middle sister saying she had landed at Bristol after flying from Edinburgh with my neice and nephew, I so couldn't wait to see them My nephew is 10 and will be our ring bearer and my neice is 7 and one our bridesmaids. My brother in law was suppose to be coming too but couldn't make it because of the army.  My sister (who I will call chelle), my mum, two bridesmaids and me all had nail appointments so agreed to meet at the salon at 3.30. When I got there my sister, my neice and mum were there, I was so happy to see them. My nephew was with my dad at their house. My maid of honour Sam arrived shortly after and the start of wedding prep had begun!! My mum had her nails done first and had a shimmery pinky gel which looked lovely, then my sister had a deep burgundy colour which really suits her and her nails are so lovely and long so looked fab. My mum sister and neice went then as they were tired from the journey and told them I would send them a pic of my nails. 

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    Look. I love wedding reports and the title 8s getting me excited. Sounds like you had a stressful start though. Hope things got better.

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    I'm trying to upload nail pictures but it's not working for some reason 😑 xx

  • Leannjuly18Leannjuly18 Posts: 179


    Here is my nails I love them. Then my maid of honour had hers done, while she was my other bridesmaid Eiz turned up. She's a teacher so we knew she would be a little later. Eiz bites her nails so just had a shimmery pinky gel like my mum had and looked lovely.

    image My maid of honour has her nails done regular and are a lovely length for French nails. 😀


    Then me and Eiz went off to have our tans, Sam had just got back from Dominican Republic so already had a gorgeous tan!! When we said bye to Sam the next time I would see her was on my wedding morning, crazy!! Sam and Eiz really are those type of friends who are there no matter what and I love them both for that. That's why I chose them as my bridesmaids  😀

    So anyway off we went for our tans. Eiz followed me in her car as she didn't know where it was. We were having a tan at someone I used to work with home salon. I trialed one of her tans for my hen and it came out quite dark so knew I wanted it a little lighter this time. Eiz had never had one before so opted for a light one like me. She was finishing off someone else's nails when we got there so we sat in her living room and waited. I was telling Eiz about her little girl and that she must of been out with her dad. Couple minutes later I was in for my tan then Eiz had hers and we were off.  Eiz later told me, when I was in for my tan the little girl came back and she said to her "have u been out with daddy?" Next thing she hears someone say "no her grandad" and she looked up and saw an older gentleman 😁 so funny, but she was a little embarrassed. 

    On my way home, H2b rang and asked me to pick up a 6 piece variety bucket from KFC. I think the boy in KFC got the order wrong as the amount of chicken we had was ridiculous. I had a little bit and immediately felt guilty knowing in 2 days time I would be wearing my wedding dress. So that's when I knew, in order for me to feel my best I had to try and eat well like I had been for the next couple days.

    After we had food, I wanted to practice our first dance a little. We didn't have a set routine but practiced a few little spins and other dance moves 😀 It was lovely to do little things like this together before the big day. I practiced a dance I wanted me and my hens to do, then before bed we listened to a few last minute song requests we wanted to send to the dj. I'd had such a lovely day and couldn't believe tommorow was wedding eve!!


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