Enchantment Under The Sea - The Report

Hey ladies! 

So we're back from the honeymoon, which was amazing, and just got our 'highlights reel' from our videographers, which was awesome and really brought the day flooding back! I don't have professional pics back yet but hopefully can supplement with some nice photos by family and friends until they arrive.

I have to be honest and say we had a bit of a dramatic/chaotic lead-up to the wedding which meant things definitely didn't go quite as according to plan... and then also had a bit of an issue the day after the wedding which didn't help either! I'll give a quick run-down of the just-over-a-week beforehand:

2nd August (10 days to go) - Felt a bit under the weather in the afternoon and by the evening was wondering if I was coming down with a cold. 

3rd August (9 days to go) - Had a couple of bad asthma attacks on the way to work and had to go home at lunchtime and get a doctor's appointment as my asthma seemed to be really playing up. Didn't feel like I had a cold. Doctor gave me some steroids to try to get my lungs to chill out.

4th August (8 days to go) - The 4th and 5th August, our last weekend before the wedding, were supposed to be our time to finish off a bunch of bits of wedding craft and organising etc. It became apparent by lunchtime that I was coming down with a cold. Managed to make it for a couple of hours shopping with H2B to pick up things we really needed for the honeymoon, but didn't get anything else done. Stopped taking the steroids, as although they make you feel much better, they suppress your immune system. 

5th August (7 days to go) - Really feeling ill. Managed to put together a few of the crackers we were having as favours but nothing else got done. H2B started feeling under the weather as well.

6th August (6 days to go) - Had a really bad fever in the night, and woke H2B up having a bit of a delirious panic about various things, which completely confused him until he realised I had a fever! Couldn't go into work, spent the day in bed with a fever on-and-off (not fun as it was insanely hot that week!), couldn't do anything wedding-related and starting to panic a bit about it all. H2B started feeling much worse in the afternoon. 

7th August (5 days to go) - Spent the day in bed. H2B also really unwell. 

8th August (4 days to go) - Feeling a little bit better, managed to just about work from home (by this point I was also having a panic about work, as I was going to be away for 3 weeks after the wedding and hadn't been able to hand anything over!). H2B was off sick.


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