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Our Big Fat Foodie Wedding- The Report

I guess it is time to start the report.  I am going to start by a quick summary of me.  Sadly this report is going to be super slow, as we don’t have any of our pics/video back, and so many people have said they haven’t taken many pictures because they enjoyed themselves too much!  Plus I am off to the US for work this weekend, and my work laptop isn’t working 


Bride and Groom: Emma and Rob 


Met: Plenty of Fish.  We chatted for a while, then he went off the radar.  I messaged him one final time to say Happy New Year, and “are you still looking to meet up” and he replied saying that he had lost his Nan, Aunt and Uncle all within a month.  We went on our first date in Feb 2014, and the rest as they say, is history. 


Proposal: June 2017 at our favourite farmers market.  He jokes that we got engaged in a car park on a pig farm.  It is sort of true, as the farmers market is on the farm, and we got engaged in a field, where some of the cars park if it is busy!  He then whisked me off for a meal at a local restaurant, which in my planning thread, at the time, I said was going to get its Michelin Star before long.  It just got it, so clearly I was right!  We spent the night in an old converted bakehouse, before travelling to see family the next day to break the news.   


Venue: Colville Hall, in White Roding.  We were so lucky; at the time they allowed a no-corkage option.  Now they don’t, which would have ruled it out for us, as that was one of the main “must haves” Colville is stunning.  Even with the no corkage I would highly recommend it, as the venue is superb. 


Theme: No theme, just general aim to have as much unusual stuff as we possibly could, and for everyone to go away saying they had an amazing time 


Wedding Party: My wedding party was originally my SIL as BM, and my sister as MOH, my younger cousin and niece as Flower girls, and 3 nephews as page boys.  Rob had his best friend as best man, my BIL and his BIL, plus 1 friend and my younger cousin as ushers.  However, after some issues, we ended up changing slightly, and Rob’s sister and her family weren’t involved and so I asked 2 of my oldest friends from uni to be my BMs, and went down to 1 flower girl and 2 page boys 


Budget:  I originally suggested up to £30k to Rob.  He told me £20k, excluding the minimoon/honeymoon and engagement ring.  However, on his “real” budget, he basically had “we can’t spend what we don’t have” We ended up spending around £50k but that did include the mini moon, a diamond necklace and earrings for me, and some of the main honeymoon.  Yes, I know it is a huge amount of money, but we are having a holiday of a lifetime, hosted over 170 people, and I have a stunning diamond necklace and earrings that will hopefully last forever.  We were very lucky to have a large contribution from my parents, plus my sister also paid for some little bits.  



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    Yay so excited to read this!! 

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  • Yaaaayyy report time!

  • Yayyyyy I was obsessed with your planning thread. Cant wait to hear all the details

  • Congrats Brit!!!!  Understand this report will be slow but can’t wait to read it to the end!  Xxxxxxx

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    Aww thank you ladies.  You know me, ever on the detail, so I want to get everything down on paper!  I am excited to do it though :-)

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    So now the new Forum is up and running I guess I had better get on with my report!  How exciting.  Not quite sure where to start though 
  • Most people pick up from where their planning thread stops, nice continuity then :)
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    I tried... it says "we will post your comment when it is approved" I think it is because it has hyperlinks on
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    Actually I have decided where I am going to start.  Listing all of my suppliers.  I always think that it is nice to have info on the suppliers as it may help other people in the future, plus a little bit of feedback.  So here goes:

    Venue: Colville Hall.  They are a new venue, so there will always be a few TINY bits but honestly, they did an incredible job, and I would recommend them to anyone

    Caterers:  Premier Crew.  Nearly everything went perfectly with our caterers.  We really need to contact them though, as there was an issue with the veggie meals which was a bit disappointing, but everything else was pretty much exactly how we wanted it

    Dress:  Enchanted Bridal.  I seriously cannot recommend Mel at Enchanted more.  She did the best job ever! The dress was an Envy by Phoenix who are a UK based designer.  I was impressed with them as well

    Hair:  Caroline Kitts Hairdressing.  Total star, definitely recommend her highly.

    MUA: Hayley Sheffield Make Up Artist:  She did a brilliant job,  She doesn’t have a website, and mainly does it for friends but she is so good!

    Nails and other beauty bits:  Gogo Beauty.  Kirsty went above and beyond.  She even came over at 7.30 on the morning of the wedding to do our flowergirl’s nails.

    Cars:  I found a local black taxi driver who organised everything for me.  I am still using him now for general taxi bits.  If anyone is local to Sawbridgeworth/Harlow/Old Harlow then happy to share info.  His name is Tony Irish and he has done a number of weddings

    Engagement and wedding rings, plus my wedding jewellery: Abiba in Hatton Garden.  We got a great deal on various bits, including earrings for my Mum.

    Flowers:  Truly Gladly Sweetly. Website is nothing special, but the quality of the flowers were amazing (all silk) She also did a few other bits, including the mirror table plan and some bows for the chairs

    String Quartet: Whitehall String Quartet.  People commented on how great they were; I really enjoyed having them there, and they learnt some songs for us which was kind of them.

    Edible Balloons:  Bisous Balloons. Every wedding needs edible balloons right?  Such a talking point!

    Pimp my Prosecco and Favours:  Riverside Spirits.  We got through so much gin; these guys come highly recommended. 

    Balloons: Balloonique Essex.  I had to keep chasing for invoices which was a pain, but they did a good job on the day, and I do order from them regularly anyway so knew that it would be fine.

    Wedding Invites:  The Original Wedding Teatowel.  These guys are superb.  So different and unique!

    Photographers: Lina and Tom.  Could not have wished for any better.  We are still waiting on photos, but the sneak peaks are incredible

    DJ: Shoosh Wedding DJ.  Brilliant, the dance floor was mainly full. 

    Suit hire: Dapper Chaps.  Some bits good, some bits bad.  We had hassle getting our deposit back.  One of the waist coats had a tiny mark that didn’t come out, and we got hit with a big charge, and also both the page boy’s bow ties were not great. But generally really accommodating

    Video: Shoot it yourself.  Totally torn on recommending them.  One of the top lights was broken, and they blamed us.  The other one didn’t last at all, and again we got the blame.  I like the concept though

    Cupcakes: Love, Laugh, Bake.  Nothing bad to say, she did a great job.

    Cake sculpture: Chocally.  Best surprise ever.  No one guessed it was a chocolate sculpture at all. 

    Pie and cheese cake: Made by our caterers Premier Crew.  Superb job

    Guest name cutting: Pedally Steve.  Incredible.  Everyone LOVED him.

    Photobooth: Junkinlove.  Definitely recommend.  So different and unique

    Post Wedding lunch: Wild Hart Wild Game Restaurant.  Insanely good.  Food was perfect.

    Menu designs, printing, and table plan: Total Surf.  He is my BIL, but he did such a good job, far better than I even imagined!

    I think this is everyone.  There may be a few more, but I will add them when I remember.  Oh, and my top tip for suppliers.  Just because they have a rubbish website, don’t discount them!  Some of the ones I used had terrible sites, but were amazing to deal with, and provided a really high standard of service.


  • Thats really handy thank you! Ive booked Shoosh as well so really pleased to hear you had a good experience! 
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    @CoffeeDogAddict Dan is brilliant.  I was so impressed with him.  It actually turns out he did another wedding we went to.  We didn't know, but the couple were at our wedding and he came up and chatted to them!  He kept everyone on the dancefloor all night as well.  Definitely worth the money.  
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    @Britbird - could you message me the cost for Steve? I'm intrigued, it's a great idea! 
    Our planning thread: We're completely winging it.
    Our report: A fun, classic May day in navy and blush
    My weightloss thread: Diet denial! 
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    @GinAndBling all done. As I say on the message in terms of value I do really think he was one of the best things we included. 
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    Thank you x
    Our planning thread: We're completely winging it.
    Our report: A fun, classic May day in navy and blush
    My weightloss thread: Diet denial! 
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    So looking forward to reading this and seeing all your pics!

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    @gurpal1305 763 Great.  That will make a huge difference for a wedding that has already happened.  Thanks for your useful input (which has been flagged already as spam)  How about, if you are really genuine, sending us some pics of you at your wedding using the balloons?  I am sure we would be far more open to considering the option then.
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    @MrsHowgate of course!  I wouldn't even look at these sites advertising on here, just out of principle! 
  • @MrsHowgate @britbird I flagged and reported for spam earlier when I saw those posts. The absolute nerve of a spammer to post about whatever spam they're trying to flog on someone's actual wedding report. They could have put their useless product on any other thread - that fact that they chose the reports section especially irritates me!
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    @weatherwaxe I went to hit like on your post and nearly hit flag  :D It does make me laugh though.  Do they really think someone is going to click on a random link in a thread?  I often do click based on other people's recommendations, but other than that I wouldn't use someone who advertised here just randomly
  • Brit, I opened thinking you had a new update!  Bit disappointed 😔 

    Helpfully this person put the same message on a thread on the TTC board.  Not sure how balloons are helpful for that, unless they are all made of the condoms you won’t be needing 😂
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    @TeamJamiesonLowe aww sorry.  I have been so manic that I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write an update.  I promise I will try over the next few days, especially as I feel like I am starting to forget the run up now.  
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    Congratulations 🎉 following 😁
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    Thank you @Charleah!
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    Ok, so I haven't had time to write anything but I did get our slide show yesterday.  The slideshow has around 170 pics, so not a massive amount compared to what we will get, but hopefully it will keep you satiated until I get off my backside and start writing things.  All the photos should be with me in the next week or so I hope!  Anyway, this is the link to the slideshow.  Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts :smiley:

  • Oh my god that looks like it was such fun!!! I love it all, the mac and cheese, the "cake" it just looks brilliant! 
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    @CoffeeDogAddict thank you.  It was honestly one of the most fun days ever.  I just want all the other pics back now, as I can't really do my report until then :-1:
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    It looks so much fun! The hen party sign on the chicken coop made me giggle too 😂

    Everyone looks so happy. I’m so glad it all came together so well for you guys. 
    Our planning thread: We're completely winging it.
    Our report: A fun, classic May day in navy and blush
    My weightloss thread: Diet denial! 
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    @GinAndBling that was actually left over from my hen!  We thought we would put them to good use.  Thank you, it did really come together... mainly, as you will see from my report ;-) 
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