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Fireworks and Fairy Lights Wedding - 3rd November Report



  • T Minus 4 days 

    Wedding DIY
    First up on the agenda was  to paint the confetti cone stands and make the cones themselves. After supplying him with the boxes, my dad had done the hard part and measured and cut the holes. I started by removing any straggling bits of card and then simply paitned a couple coats of metallic grey. They didn't look half bad to say they hadn't cost a single penny, or at least I thought so! J was less keen as the boxes were a little crumpled in places, but they held the cones up and didn’t look terrible so that was good enough! 




    The cones were were simple enough to make, too, and did look quite pretty when finished. J liked those, so we were onto a winner with those! Despite having made myself a template, some are slightly bigger than others though. But again, they did what they were meant too and you can’t tell when they’re in the trays and not stacked up. 




    Call me crazy, but I didn't actually start making my seating plan until 4 days before the I Do's. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do and knew I could get that finished in a day - Famous last words? 😬 So, late morning on Tuesday I went into town to gather supplies. This was more difficult than I was expecting - I needed silver glitter card but couldn’t find any anywhere! The works had some but it was too small. In the end I found a silver glittery gift bag, which I demolished and used. 

    When home and now armed with sparkly card (or gift bag 😂), I began the process of making the seating plan. To be clear I had already done the hard part and knew where guests were sitting, I just had to do the bit that people looked at. It turned our rather well and was pleased with the finished product. A little basic maybe, but it was fit for purpose and did look nice. 


  • Great news, we got the link to our wedding highlight video yesterday and both myself and J are very happy with it! The videographers have done an amazing job capturing the day and we couldn’t be more happy with the result! Hubby wasn’t keen to have a video at first, but even he is glad we got it now! 

    I’ve decided to keep you in suspense a little longer before I post it on here though, as I wanted to wirte a bit about the day itself first. 

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    Ah so glad you got a video and you’re gunna share. I’m patiently waiting for ours! 

    Look forward to hearing more about your day x

  • T Minus 3 Days 

    With only 3 days left until the I Do’s, it was time to get pampered!
    I had myself booked in for acrylic nails and eyebrow threading. I’m not someone who gets dolled up often and although I do wear makeup, I wear very little. In a morning I spend around 15-20 minutes doing my hair and makeup - so as you can probably imagine I was a little excited. 

    I’d only ever had my nails done once - around 10 years ago for prom. The woman that did it wasn’t fantastic Ior even good for that matter) and she filed my nails so much that I was left with was very thin and painful! Not only that, but she kept catching my skin when filing and I was left with cuts around my finger nails - also extremely plainfail! This experience meant I wasn’t in any rush to get them done again, that was until now. I’d never had my eyebrows done professionally either so I was looking forward to see the result of those.

    After picking mum up, we headed to the salon together and here is the finished result of my nails. 

    (I am also wearing my wedding ring as the photo was taken after the wedding)

    The day soon took a turn for the worse though...

    Unfortunately, I got a phone call from a couple of our day guests saying that they would no longer be attending.  One of them had broken their leg that day and the other guest needed to stay and help look after her. It was disappointing but there wasn’t anything that could have been done.

    We had also arranged to collect our wedding cake. Honestly, this was one of the biggest disappointments of the day. I had a meeting with the baker (apparently an award winning one at that) and she assured me that the cake I had in mind could be achieved. With a couple of weeks to go before the wedding she bangan to backtrack and say some elements weren’t possible so I wasn’t holding out much hope to begin with. When I went to see it, it looked really old fashioned and not at all like the modern cake I wanted and had been agreed upon. Everyone else assured me that it wasn’t as bad as I thought and it looked nice, but when you have a very specific idea of what you want and it doesn’t turn out anything like that, it’s hard to be positive! 

    Surely things couldn't get any worse?
  • Leigh83Leigh83 Posts: 112 New bride
    That is a very ominous ending to the post! I hope things were ok.

    That's a shame about your friend, but understandable on their part. Disappointing about your cake as well! If they couldn't do it they should have said from the start.

    I hope things picked up! At least your nails looked good!
  • NottinghamshirewifeNottinghamshirewife Posts: 751 New bride
    edited November 2018
    @Leigh83, you'd be surprised as to what went wrong next next... Anyways, that will be in my next post so you (hopefully) won't have to wait too long to find out!

    I also forgot to mention that I have the professional photos now. I'm at least happy with the outcome of those, so I'll leave you with that positive note! ☺️
  • T Minus 2 Days
    By Thursday I'd done everything I could have done at that point and had planned to have a bit of a chilled day. Unfortunately, that didn't quite go to plan! 😪

    I had to pop into work to sort out my teaching cover for Monday and did that early on to get it out of the way. Once that was done, I had a few last minute bits to grab for J's wedding day present box.

    I bought him a star map poster as one of his main presents, which was supposed to have arrived by Thursday and it hadn't. I contacted the company who, to be fair, sent another one special delivery in the hopes it would get here in time (spoiler alert!) - it didn't. 

    So with work out of the way and J's box looking a little empty, I set off into town with Mum and to get the last few bits I needed. With the absence of the poster, the box included the following few bits: a bottle of Hugo Boss Intense, a £10 scratch card, a bottle of booze, a midnight snack and (non-alcoholic) drink, e-cigarrette supplies and a card. I don't have a picture of the box itself, but here's a screenshot of the poster design.

    It was early evening by the time me and Hubby sat down together when I got an email from my wedding planner. This was an outside company that I actually got in contact with after they advertised on this site... BIG mistake! 

    The planner has spent the last few weeks telling us on numerous occasions that she would set the venue up on Friday and that we didn't need to be there so should enjoy our last day together before the wedding. The email had some very upsetting news however, and she was now unable to do this due to a family bereavement. By this point I was obviously understanding of the situation and offered our condolences. She knew she'd left us in the lurch though and promised that she would send a replacement team member to set up early on the Sturday morning so myself and John wouldn't need to do anything on the Friday, as planned. Things didn't end here unfortunately, but more on that later.

    Now, in all honesty, I would have gone to the venue on the Friday even if she hadn't cancelled, just to make sure nothing else went t**s up but it would have just been a quick check to make sure that everyone knew what they were doing. The news did mean that we were down a body now though and it was one that had (supposedly) planned out where to put things etc. After a mini panic myself and J decided that we'd go to the venue on the Friday and set things up ourselves, as best as we could. I had a sneaking feeling that it would be the last I heard from anyone at the planning company and didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket and rely on the replacement showing up on the Saturday morning as promised. 
  • HamidHamid Posts: 36 New bride
    Beautiful pics and great that you had fireworks....would def. make it very memorable.  Any video clip of the fireworks?  I think spending £1K was def a good deal for the time given by them.  Well done.  Shopping around does pay off.
  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    Oh no I can't believe you were let down like that, I'd have been stressed beyond belief! Looking forward to hearing more about your day x
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Oh my gosh how stressful! Hope things picked up for you!
  • Leigh83Leigh83 Posts: 112 New bride
    Oh dear, it sounds like the run up to your wedding was really stressful! I really hope it picks up! 

    I'm glad the pictures have come back, and you're pleased with those, at least. 
  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    Hope it picked up after that. Looking forward to seeing pictures! 
  • 1 Day To Go!!
    With the decision made to go and set up the venue ourselves, I headed over to my Mum and Dad's house to bring all of the wedding bits we'd accumulated from the spare room downstairs ready for it to be loaded into the car. 

    When that was finally done, I called J and asked him to come over with the car. We were originally planning on borrowing an uncles van to get everything there, but J was certain it would all fit in the car, I wasn't so sure though! Quite amazingly we did manage to get everything in with enough spare seats for J, myself and my Mum who offered to help, too. 

    When we arrived at the venue it was just a case of getting things set up. In the end I bought WAY too much stuff and around 50%, if not more, didn't t get used. We dotted a few glass jars and lanterns around but the venue already had some quite statement decor already out so we didn't want to overdo it. The main things we did were setting up the place/name cards, wedding favours, centrepieces, sparkler stand and guest book table. 

    Unfortunately, I was so busy that I didn’t really take photos of what we’d set up but I did get one of the table’s with centrepieces and favours and one of our sparkler table, which I just loved 😍 The sparkler stand was one of my fav bits of decor, especially since I DIY’d the tags and it took me hours!

    As you you can tell, the flower centrepieces had been set up by this point but that was another drama on the day. The florist was supposed to be arriving at 1-1:30pm so we planned to be there at there at time to coincide with her. But she wasn’t there when we arrived 😨 I panicked and tried to ring but there was no answer. It was around half 2 when she phoned to say the other job she was doing before mine had run over and she’d be there ASAP! At that point I felt relived and was just happy that I’d have flowers! 

    Here are a couple of professional photos captured on the day of some of the smaller details, too.

    Seating plan 

    Place settings 

    Sparkler stand - Again!

    Welcome sign

    Guest books - the one on the left was a firework fingerprint one and the one you can just about see on the right was a wooden love heart one

    Ceromony room
  • I’ve just binge read the whole of your report! Looks great so far and can’t wait to read more 😊

    I  absolutely love the ceromony room and the sparkler ladder looks amazing! So unique! 
  • It all looks amazing! I’m sorry you had such a stressful run up but you did an incredible job. 
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