An Electric Wedding, 3rd November 2018

So I decided to do a report, which will be more text heavy than pictures, as is my usual approach. It is mostly written already so will update over the next few days, before I take my leave from the world of weddings!

Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for the comments, advice and reassurance from this forum. I’m more of a lurker than a poster, but there have been times where I’ve been doubting myself or I haven’t wanted to get into real world conversations about planning yet again when this has been a real help. I’ve loved reading your plans and reports too, and wish you all well, whether you are now married or still planning your wedding.

So, this is us:

Bride and Groom:            Zoe and Karl

Wedding Date:                  3rd November 2018

Ceremony Venue:           The Electric Cinema, Birmingham

Reception Venue:           Hotel du Vin Birmingham

My Planning Thread can be found here: This report will pick up from the Wednesday before the wedding..



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    Wednesday was a fairly normal day at work for me. No desk decorations, which I was very thankful for, but my boss did manage to catch me out with a little presentation and a lovely card. Colleagues had also done a collection for our chosen charity which was lovely, and I got to spend quite a bit of time being questioned about all our plans! I hadn’t talked too much about the wedding at work and had only invited a few people from our large open plan office to the evening do, so there was a bit of curiosity

    In the evening, I went to my Mum’s and had my nails done. I’d never had my nails done before, and Mum’s lady does gels. They did look pretty (briefly) but turned out to be the one really stupid idea I had. Then just a normal evening at home as Karl was still at work the next day.

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    No work for me but today was cupcake day, so I got up my usual time, had breakfast with Karl and then got cracking.

    I always knew I was going to do cupcakes, and had baked various varieties over the last few months to test different recipes and cases. I wanted cakes that looked and tasted nice, stayed in their cases and didn’t stain/get oily and were suitable for freezing. I also had to take into account several vegan guests and one with a citrus allergy who knocked my plans for lemon cupcakes out of the running!

    Over the previous weeks I had baked 3 different batches of cupcakes and frozen them. We’d done a defrost test which had gone ok, so today was the moment of truth! I had a couple of discards after defrosting and baking the last batch (where the cases had pulled away) but they all emerged safely from the freezer and tasted fine. So I wound up with 90 cupcakes in 4 flavours:



    Vegan Salted Caramel

    Vegan Vanilla

    I had already made and frozen the chocolate icing, and gone for the cheat’s option of Betty Crocker Vanilla for the carrot cake icing. That made it easy to keeping everything vegan for the last two batches of icing – pink with sprinkles for the vanilla and caramel for the salted caramel. I’d also invested in a piping gun rather than bags, and catering boxes for transporting cupcakes.

    I was prepared for this to take longer than expected and it did! About 4 hours all in all, but at the end of it I had 4 boxes of packed, labelled, and most importantly, decorated and edible cupcakes. However the nails were another matter..

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    The cupcakes sound amazing! what happened with the nails 

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    GinAndBling wrote (see post):

    The cupcakes sound amazing! what happened with the nails 


    Thank you! And the nails are to come - in fact I have written pretty much the whole report (which was really nice to do while it's all in my head) but then I left it all on the work computer! I'm in no hurry to get back to real life, but one of the things about getting married in November is that we have done no Christmas prep at all, and I have loads of family birthdays (including my husband's ) coming up before then. So tons to get done, which is a nice way to fill the post wedding gap!

    So because of that, and also because I hate waiting around, I'm going to post the whole report today, box set style. I love binging threads, and it's nice to have a complete one to get through!


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    Thursday continued..

    So the gel nails were being a cupcake casualty!  When I had them done I asked if there was anything I can should avoid, and mentioned that I would be doing a lot of baking and washing up. I was told this was fine and they would last two weeks. I managed less than a day before both thumbs were badly chipped. Most nails had started cracking earlier in the day – cue a complete meltdown as I tried to get the bloody things off!!

    Karl literally came home to find me weeping into a bowl of acetone and totally stressed out. I was just so angry with myself for going totally against my instincts in getting them done in the first place, especially as I had been so careful not to introduce new products into my hair or skin routine for the last couple of months! Eventually I got myself together, sent out an SOS WhatsApp and sorted out a Plan B.

    Various guests had arrived during the day, and my Mum and Dad had gone into town to meet them for dinner. We had been careful to not over commit ourselves in the days before, so had just said we’d pop into Birmingham and meet for a drink.

    We met up with my aunt and uncle who live overseas, and my brother. My Mum had been struggling with a cold all week, and had no voice, so she and my Dad went home L We wound up having a late one with my brother.

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    Friday morning we were both hanging! Totally our own fault for going out drinking the night before but probably a good one to get out of the way early on. Neither of us had slept well, so had a later start and just took it easy.

    We had arranged to drop off a few items to the venues that morning before we checked in later in the day, so we packed up the car and headed out late morning. We also wanted to be out of the way as our cleaners come on a Friday and we wanted a clean house as my sister and brother in law would be staying there over the weekend.

    One of the challenges of city centre venues is parking and loading/unloading. At The Electric you take your chances on getting a spot for 20 minutes so we had a dash in with our decorations and my dress. We then got stuck in traffic to make the half mile journey to Hotel du Vin and wound up paying a small fortune to park there while I delivered cupcakes.

    Since we had paid for 2 hours we decided to get a coffee, and whilst there I had a revelation – Millie who was doing our hair in the morning also did nails and could help me get the gel off. By this time it has been soaked three times and filed at home and I was in danger of totally ruining my nails. It just shows my state of mind that the simple solution had actually taken me so long to get to! I called her and she was able to fit me in at 4pm that day. We then had another couple of hours to kill to wait out the cleaners – Karl took himself off record shopping, and I went round town to collect a few parcels that had come in, including the frame for our guestbook poster.

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    Friday continued..

    Having sorted that one out, I then got a text to say that the cleaner had been taken ill and had had to go home! So we rushed back, planning to give the house a quick clean for our guests, only to discover that she had stayed on as she didn’t want to let us down before our wedding day! They were nearly done by the time we got back but we didn’t want to get in the way so we went a grabbed a quick lunch before heading back to a sparkling clean house  Karl was then panicked that we wouldn’t get back into town in time for me to get to Millie for 4pm, and we still had a car load of stuff to load. As we had bought all the DJ kit ourselves, there was a LOT to fit in!

    We made it back into town with 5 minutes to spare – Karl corralled our best man and his Dad who had just arrived to upload, and I dashed round the corner to Millie to get my nails sorted.

    She very patiently soaked and scraped off the gel, leaving me with my own nails again  I headed back to the Hotel and met up with Karl, our best man and my brother lurking in the bar. As this was the reception venue for the following night, it was nice to have another look round and gave me a chance to check locations for cakes!

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    Friday evening..

    We had booked a meal for 20 people for the Friday evening at one of our favourite restaurants. For a group that large on a Friday night in Birmingham City Centre, we hadn’t planned to meet beforehand, but a group of us did wind up heading out to meet my sister and her husband who had flown down from Scotland.

    When we got to the restaurant, we were surprised to find they had given us a private room! This wound up being perfect for us, especially with my very over excited 6 year old niece with us. We didn’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else and everyone could get up and wander around to chat which was lovely. It also made sure that we all had a good meal the night before the wedding, and that we didn’t go too mad with having a drink  It was a really good night – we even got a free bottle of bubbly to take home with us!

    Afterwards, we piled various people into taxis and dropped others back to hotels before heading back. A quick drink in the hotel bar and we were ready for bed.

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    The Wedding Day - Morning

    Despite having slept poorly the previous two nights, I woke up at 3.30am on Saturday morning. Little details kept drifting kept drifting through my mind, and even though I kept reminding myself that they either didn’t matter or that there was nothing to be done, I could not get back to sleep! I dozed for a few hours and finally got up at 6.20am for a shower. I had booked room service for breakfast as weekend service didn’t start until 8am, so I had a big basket of toast and pastries, plus overnight oats, tea and juice to get through.

    Just before 7.30am I was up and out for the 4 minute walk round to Millie’s salon. She works alone, so we had the whole place to ourselves until 11am for hair for me, my bridesmaid and flower girl and our best man’s girlfriend. As I can’t go a day without washing my hair, Millie washed and dried my hair before I settled in to get my make up on.

    It was such a nice start to the day – there was no rush, and had time to get everything right, and generally just take it easy chatting and drinking tea! We all had updos – I’d had a trial and had decided what I wanted, but Millie helped us all to see what would work for us, and was so relaxed about any changes that it just made for a really calm morning. My brother brought my niece in and waited while she had her hair done – same as mine with little curls. I had found the pins I had in my hair at my sister’s wedding, and I brought them for her to have for mine.

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    The Wedding Day – Pre Ceremony

    We were all done by about 10.30 so checked in with Karl to see if we could head back to the hotel and waited until we got the all clear. My sister and I went back and packed up our various bits to take over to The Electric, and stashed a load of snacks in the room for later. Karl had arranged to meet people in the pub beforehand and to get to The Electric just before 12, so we needed to get across town and in ahead of them. My sister had neglected to bring either tights or lipstick (!) so we stopped off at Boots in New Street to get them, and on leaving bumped into my brother and his family. At this point we realised we had left the bouquets at the hotel, so he was dispatched back to the room to collect them!

    We got to The Electric and went up to the Green Room to get changed. And then we waited around a LOT! Once we were dressed and jewellery was on, we opened a little tin of G&T to share, but mainly we were just chatting and taking photos. One of our ushers came up with a question about buttonholes, then our photographer came up and got a few shots of us together. The registrars came up and went through the information we had given in our notice interview. They had started writing out the certificate and the book, and I saw our register entry. By the time all that was done it was 5 to 1, and time to head downstairs.

    When we got to the foyer, our film soundtracks were still playing outside and then I heard the music stop and the Registrar start speaking. My Dad was waiting and gave me a kiss and that’s when I teared up! Then the next thing I know the entrance music was playing and the staff were cueing in the bridesmaids. We were out of sight, so were waiting for the nod to say they had reached the bottom of the steps.

    We’d rehearsed the previous week, and although we weren’t trying to hit the music at any particular point, we knew to wait a moment and then go slow on our entrance. So one last deep breath and we were off..

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    The Wedding!!

    I remember more than I thought I would about the walk and the ceremony, but it still seems like it happened to a different person. We made it down the stairs, Dad shook Karl’s hand, and then we walked up the stairs together. The Electric has a stage at the front of the cinema screen, so we were raised up above our guests. We’d agreed the layout of the table and seating with the Registrar previously.

    The registrar took my bouquet and set it on the table, and we sat down off to one side looking out at our guests. I’d gotten teary again on the way down, so what I could see was various people in the front row asking me if I wanted a tissue! Karl and I were holding hands and seeing him calmed me down.

    The registrar did a bit about marriage and then asked us to come to stand in front of the table. I had forgotten to print our vows but happily they hadn’t! The actual ceremony is a bit of a blur – I know we both just kept saying ‘Yes’ instead of ‘I do’ and ‘We do’ and we kept saying ‘thank you’ to each other after our declarations  At some point I was crying again and the Registrar gave me a tissue. And at one point holding hands got so hot that we both let go! But we got through it and finally the Registrar said we were married!!

    Following the ceremony and the first kiss, we went to sit at the table and our witnesses (our brothers) came up for the signing of the register. During this part of the ceremony, we had worked with The Electric to put together clips from some of our favourite films, so this was shown on the screen behind us.

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    After the Ceremony

    Only Karl and I, and the team at The Electric, had any idea about what would be on screen. We had eventually decided on romance/happy ending moments from some of our favourite films. However, our favourites are less rom-com and more action! We didn’t manage to get Die Hard in due to swearing, and we did need some careful editing to get what we wanted but we had clips from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, High Fidelity, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ocean’s 11, The Empire Strikes and Shaun of the Dead amongst others. As Karl and I were sat looking out at the guests with the films playing behind us, we could see everyone’s reactions – and we have some fantastic photos with the films in the background!

    After the clips, the Registrar said a few words and asked everyone to stay in the auditorium while we did a ‘lap of honour’! Not sure what that was, but the plan was to walk out, take a moment and then come back in. As it wound up, we walked out, got distracted in the foyer having photos taken and nearly missed the end of the song! We went back in and no-one noticed for a minute so we just stood at the back looking at everyone, and then started making our way back down the steps. At this point, everyone wanted a hug and to say congratulations so we were on the steps and in the aisles. The registrars said goodbye and left the room, and then The Electric staff came back in with trays of Prosecco and juice for everyone.

    We really wanted one big group shot with everyone in the cinema, so once everyone had a glass we all sat down and watched Simon clamber higher and higher up the stage furniture to fit everyone in. He did manage it though and we got our photo of everyone toasting us from the cinema seats

    We then nipped out for a few outdoor shots with the cinema sign, and then into the (very hot) projector room which has the original equipment in. By this time it was 2pm, and we were due to be out of the building so we gave the ushers the nudge to start corralling people out.

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    Drinks Reception

    We had always planned to walk to Hotel du Vin and had let guests know this, along with options for taxis.

    I was slightly nervous about walking through Birmingham City Centre in my wedding dress, but it was fine, if very windy! About half the guests walked with us, with Simon ducking and diving and snapping photos as we walked.

    We got a few double takes and beeps, but for the most part we just went on our way. We stopped outside St Phillips Cathedral to pose ourselves by a church J and then we spotted a hen party up ahead just as they spotted us. They were all lovely, and wearing floral crowns so we stopped to say hello and have a photo taken.


    Then onto Hotel du Vin and the drinks reception! There was a welcome drink included in the package and then wine and soft drinks were covered by my Mum and Dad to give a bit of choice. There’s a lovely covered courtyard, so we did get a bit of natural light. It was just a nice space for mingling and catching up with people. The hotel had provided an easel so we had our poster guest book out – we asked our best man to get the ball rolling with writing a message and soon got others following.

    We nipped out for photos at a couple of points and checked in with the hotel staff briefly but otherwise it was just time to relax and catch up. We also had been upgraded and moved rooms whilst we had been away, so we sneaked up to find we now had a HUGE corner room with a rolltop bath and massive walk in shower

    The drinks reception is a bit of a blur – we did have music that was due to be on but there were so many people talking that I never noticed it! Before long it was 4pm and we were being called into dinner in the next room.

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    The Wedding Breakfast

    One of the things we really liked about Hotel du Vin was the food, and we had offered a choice of menu to everyone. This was noted on all the place settings, and just made service really smooth and ensured that everyone (hopefully!) liked what they ate. Everyone I saw was happy with their food. Simon had a break during the meal, and we had planned for speeches between the main and the dessert. During the meal, Karl finally decided that he would like to say a few words, so he made a few notes on the fly. My Dad’s not much of a one for public speaking, but he got up and said a few words – he even got a big laugh with a proper Dad joke. Karl spoke briefly and did well – I can’t recall what he said but it was all good! He then introduced the Best Man..

    The Best Man’s speech was quite a big deal for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Best Man and I have been best friends for 20 years – he’s known me longer than he’s known Karl. When Karl and I got together they quickly became friends, so as he put it, it really was a Best Mates speech! Secondly, he is a very experienced public speaker – it’s part of his job – so expectations were quite high. When we were in the pub the day before he was quite worried – as we all know each other so well, there’s a load of stuff that we would get and inside jokes that are very specific to us and a very few others. He did say he had to cut a lot out because he thought it would go over people’s heads!


    In the end, he knocked it out of the park  Very funny, lots of the family jokes that everyone would get like my niece always calling us Uncle Zoe and Auntie Karl, plus a little bit sentimental. But it worked – lots of laughter and applause and we got some fantastic reaction photos!

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    Evening Reception

    Following the speeches, we had desserts, and by around 6pm we went off to sort out a few bits for the evening reception downstairs in Pub du Vin. Karl had to collect all the DJ kit from our room and get it set up, and I had to get cake stands and put out cupcakes. Despite the fact that they had been boxed for two days, the cupcakes and icing held up very well, and K soon had the music up and running. We had all the wine from the tables brought downstairs and set up on the bar with glasses for people to help themselves, and we had a key tab to put drinks on account for our room.


    Day guests started drifting down around 6.30, and evening guests arrived from about 7pm. Suddenly we had another flurry of cards and gifts and hellos which kept us busy for the first 45 minutes or so. Simon was with us until 8pm and we wanted to get a couple of pictures in the old wine cellars so we took a few minutes to do that. By that time everyone had arrived and people were already dancing!

    Evening food came down around 8pm – I went and looked to check if it was alright, and that was the last I saw of it! I saw plenty of people eating and my youngest cousins volunteered to let people know food was out so obviously they did a grand job as it all went.

    At 8.30 Karl introduced his DJ set – he had also primed a few friends with the first couple of songs (Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys ) to make sure that people were dancing so me and the bridesmaids went headed for the dance floor. The set was great, and even when a slight technical error dropped part of the playlist, he was so prepared that he just covered and no-one noticed.

    The one thing I wish I had done during the evening was to get on the mike and say a few words myself but it just slipped my mind. It was such a great night of dancing and chatting, and between welcoming the evening guests, trying to make sure I spoke to everyone and then saying goodbye to the day guests as people started heading off around 10pm, I didn’t get a chance. I was being quite careful about drinking up until that point – I kept a glass of wine on the DJ table and had a few glasses of water that I passed off as something stronger when I got offered drinks!

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    After 10pm we were a smaller group and got more into the party side of things. We had the space until 11pm technically, but the bar staff were relaxed about timings, and we knocked the music down a bit after our ‘official’ last dance. So we actually stayed on until about 11.45am. Karl and I were the last ones standing along with my sister and the best man. We packed up the card box and the last of the cupcakes, checked the bar tab (very reasonable at £170 for all the welcome drinks for evening guests), tipped them, and headed back up to the room. Thankfully the pub is closed on a Sunday so we were able to leave everything else to collect the next day.

    We headed upstairs by which point we were both knackered and yawning away! Plus the sore feet from new shoes – even in flats, lots of standing and dancing had taken it’s toll. We had a quick nightcap then off to bed..

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    Sunday and beyond

    We had originally planned to have room service on the Sunday, but randomly this didn’t include hot food, so we headed down for breakfast around 10am after a lazy morning. My aunt and uncle had an early flight, and I wanted to catch them before they went which we managed. We also had a delivery to the breakfast table of a bouquet, ring box and copy of the best man’s speech!

    We had a lazy day Sunday and spent most of the afternoon with family just relaxing – there were a few hair of the dogs needed! Late afternoon we headed off for a meal and then we had tickets for a comedy show, which was exactly what was needed. We stayed at the hotel Sunday night and headed home Monday morning.

    Since then, we’ve worked our way through a huge pile of cards and gifts! People were incredibly generous, especially in giving to the charity we had asked them to consider in lieu of gifts. We did get some contributions towards a honeymoon as well  We’ve had a few sneak peeks of our professional photos, and seen many of our guests photos. We’ve sorted out final bills (and one refund!) and started the ball rolling on changing my name. Mostly we’ve just had a happy few days getting back to normal.

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    What worked really well..

    Quite by chance, sending my 6 year old niece off with an Instax camera resulted in some fantastic photos. She was quite fascinated by our photos and kept wanting to be in them! I then remembered that I had packed my Instax and some extra films but had left it at the hotel. So I showed her how to use it and sent her off round the drinks reception and after the meal to get as many photos of different people as she could. She got some great photos, which people could see immediately, which was lovely. I was able to scan these after the wedding to make copies to post online and print as well.


    The Bouquets – my sister made these and the buttonholes from paper flowers, and she did an amazing job. There were so many little details included, from beads to badges, to little pictures of our cats! So many people commented on them, and they will last so we are all keeping ours to display. I would note that despite the fact that she is very talented and good at crafts, she underestimated how much work these would be – knowing the time and effort that she put in, I can totally understand why sellers on Etsy and elsewhere charge so much for paper flower work.


    The music – we decided very early on that rather than booking a DJ, we would buy the DJ equipment ourselves (speakers, mixing deck and lights). We both love music and Karl is very into sound tech. He had wanted to DJ for a long time, and we already had the decks and software, so it made sense. He looked after all the music sourcing for the day, and did a one hour DJ set at the Reception. The rest of the time we used Spotify playlists, but everything was downloaded so we could switch around easily and not have to rely on wifi! He put a lot of work into it and every song was something we loved. The dancefloor was busy all night, and so many people specifically mentioned how much they loved the music which was amazing.

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    Things I was irrationally worried about:

    Centrepieces – I went back and forth on these for ages! I am useless at making paper flowers, our plan for beer bottles needed something else but we didn’t know what, and tealights just seemed to present a hazard to kids and napkins. In the end we went with the hotel’s own candlelabra with pillar candles and they were great. Plus with 8 to 10 table settings, water, wine and ice buckets out, we wouldn’t have fitted anything else on!

    Evening Food – I was worried that this wouldn’t get eaten as day guests had eaten a 3 course meal at 4pm, and we only had an extra 30 for the evening. We did let people know what was being served when, and I brought a load of paper bags for people to take food away. It all got eaten – we took the last two cupcakes home and they were still good on Monday.

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    The Budget

    Karl originally thought we would spend £5k, I thought £10k. I was right (sort of) – we spent a shade over £15k but my parents kindly paid just over £5k. So here’s the breakdown:

    Appointment to give notice £80

    Ceremony Booking Fee £75

    Registrar Fee £660

    Ceremony Venue Hire £1000

    Film editing by The Electric £600

    Reception Venue (55 days guests, 30 evening, all food included plus drinks package) £4625

    Wedding Rings £1180

    Photographer (8 hours plus pre wedding shoot) £1150

    Groom’s outfits, shoes and accessories £966

    Bride’s outfits, shoes and accessories £524

    Bridesmaids outfits, shoes and accessories £187

    Wedding Insurance £60

    DJ Kit (Speakers, Mixer, Lights, Cables, Cases etc) £892

    Hotel Rooms (3 nights Bride and Groom, plus 2 nights Best Man) £1056

    Other £1889 (including décor, make up, guest book, cake supplies, pre wedding meal deposit, post ceremony drinks, instax films etc.)

    Invites (Printing and Postage) £132

    Hair (Trial and on Wedding Day) £190

    We’ve spread the costs out and we have used an interest free balance transfer to support cash flow. But overall we spent what we could afford to pay. There were a lot of things we didn’t bother with, some things that we bought with a view to keeping/reusing, and we used every student discount, cashback offer and outlet option going! We did indulge ourselves on things that were important to us – the rings, the two venues and the film at The Electric being the main items.


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    Final Thoughts

    I can honestly say that the whole day went exactly as we wanted. There were no major problems, everything ran pretty much to plan.

    We didn’t both get round to speak to everyone on the day – but everyone we invited are people we see regularly anyway. There were people we saw the night before, the day after, and who we will see again soon. We reconnected with some people we haven’t seen as much lately and had a chance to spend time outside of work with some of our colleagues who are now friends.

    Did I look the way I wanted to on my wedding day? I didn’t lose weight and I was a bit more lumpy and bumpy than I would have liked. There are very good reasons why I wouldn’t normally wear white, or be frequently photographed from the back! So in all honestly no – but I can’t change that now. I married the man I love with so many of our family and friends there to see it. It really was the happiest day of my life and I will not spoil that for myself by having regrets or worries about things I can’t change.

    I was quite shocked by how physically and emotionally exhausted we were by the whole thing! Neither of us had slept well for a good few nights and I think nervous energy had just kept us both going. We came home on Monday after a relaxing day on Sunday, and that was the first night we both properly slept. We had an amazing day and managed to have (almost) everyone we wanted there with us. K’s family are almost all local, and my parents are, but much of the rest of my family is spread out across the country with a few further flung. I often only get to see some of them 2-3 times a year, if that, so it meant a huge amount to me to have so many people travelling to spend the day and more with us. We were careful not to overschedule ourselves in the days before the wedding, which meant we were free to see people as and when rather than being tied down to particular times and groups.

    We got to work with great people who spend far more of their time working on and organising weddings than we do! We did put our trust in people to do their jobs and they did. In fact both the original co-ordinators at each venue who we started working with left their jobs before the wedding, and handed over to others – and there were no issues at all with this.



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    Predictably ran out of space! So these are final, final thoughts and the last post in this report..

    One thing that we did throughout was to keep everything in writing, with the majority of communication being by email. I think there wound up being only one point where I had to refer back to clarify something with each venue throughout the whole process! We didn’t have tons of meetings or chasing up – everyone was really on point which was hugely helpful, and we did our best to give clear instructions and to ask the professionals for advice when we needed it.

    I think one of the things I was very clear on was to trust my instincts. It’s difficult to do sometimes, and one of the things I have found helpful about this forum is that there are always people to ask and opinions to get. But at the end of the day, the only person who can usually make those decisions – whether it’s about a dress, or venues, or who to invite – is you (and the person you are marrying - depending on the decision!) It was nice to have reassurance, and sometimes to feel like choices are valid. But at the end of it all, the day is for the two of you to shape as you want.

    For us, having a shortish time to plan a wedding helped, as did the fact that we did keep it simple as far as possible. We are both quite decisive, we tend to be the ones who organise family events, and as such we know what will and won’t work for most of our family and friends. And we tried to keep that in mind without compromising too much!

    What I will say is that we simply didn’t involve anyone else in a lot of our decisions – partly for time, partly to maintain the element of surprise, and yes a little bit to keep the peace. We skipped a lot of traditional things because we weren’t bothered by them, and no-body cared on the day – we got a lot of compliments for doing something that was very ‘us’ and that was different. I think we managed to pull off a day that was very special for us and that our guests really enjoyed – a very fitting start to our marriage!


  • What a lovely report, thank you for sharing. I really appreciate how candid you have been about the feelings and practicalities, thank you!! 


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,770 New bride

    Sounds wonderful, congrats!

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    Lovely report!! Huge congratulations 

  • Loved this report, it alł looks and sounds wonderful. Congratulations 

  • Ozzy2bOzzy2b Posts: 143

    Thank you to everyone who commented (sorry I still haven't figured out tagging, nor do i get notifications of responses ) I just really wanted to get the report done while it was all still fresh in my mind - though it still feels very real even though it's been over a week!

    There are still some nice moments to enjoy even after the wedding is over - our photographer sent us a slideshow of pictures as a sample, and they are AMAZING! We asked for lots of photos of our guests and a minimum of formal photography and he has absolutely delivered from what we have seen so far. That is my other reason for not sharing photos, as the vast majority of them have other people in them.

    We had our parents over last Friday for a proper catch up which was lovely, and have a whole load of birthday and Christmas events coming up - on one hand we are totally underprepared compared to previous years, but on the other it's keeping us busy!

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