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A fairytale ending .... report


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    Ooh can't wait!

  • Wedding Eve

    So Friday morning came, my OH finally arrived home from work. If anyone remembers from my planning thread my Husband (ekkkk) is a workaholic. He works 6 days a week in London as a construction site supervisor in the day and is a doorman at night and travels back to Wales to see us🙄 it never use to really bother me, until having children and he'd spend most of his time at home sleeping on the sofa.

    So Friday morning came and in my organised state of mind everything was waiting for him to arrive home to load up his van. Weirdly the day before the shop I bought my dress from put my dress in a bed sheet, which filled my car so apart from the boot I had no space what so ever.


    Thankfully he loaded up and went to collect all my food favours. Welsh cakes from Cardiff and cupcakes for the photographers from Neath. He was a godsend that morning he drove around like a maniac picking all my stuff up and dropping it all off at the castle.

    This gave us time to go pamper. Me, my sister and my eldest daughter headed off to the nail bar. It may sound mental having our nails done so close to the wedding but I had a terrible experience once, on the way to the airport I snapped a nail and ended up glueing the snapped nail back on with industrial superglue (the only thing in the van) I wasn't risking it this time.


    (My daughter having her nails done for the first time, she is such a diva and has waited her whole life for this) 


    My claws 


  • Wedding eve - midday

    Our nails took 2 and a half hours for the 3 of us. Which totally pushed our timescales off. From here we basically raced up the m4 to Hensol, my sister and my daughter whinging they wanted to eat (there was no time in my bridezilla state). With a full car i had planned to meet our wedding coordinator at the castle leave my car hidden away and then head over to the hotel to unload into our function room and check in.

    Cue the phone call from OH ......

    "babe I need your car for about 4pm, I'm going to check it into the garage for its MOT and service"

    I've never swore so much in my life, what is wrong with this man. I have a car full of stuff, our function room isnt available until 5.30pm. So I thought I'd go over and check in to my room it was 2pm surely it would be ready by now. 

    As I pulled in to the junction for the castle, my sister in law was behind me in the car. I'm sure your suppose to hate your SIL, but I honestly have the best. She is such a calming nature and thank God she exists or I probably would of self destructed at this point. She was also one of my bridesmaid and was amazing on the day

    Straight to reception i marched, my room isnt quite ready 😪😪 bil and sil is though and they offer to hang my dress In their room and keep all my stuff on one of those hotel trolleys in their room. 

    In a totally humph I race over to the hotel to meet my wedding coordinator and venue dresser 


  • Wedding Eve - At the castle

    Off we all drove over to the castle. I wasnt overly happy about loads of people being at the castle on the Friday, but boy was I wrong. 

    The minute we arrived BIL, SIL and niece got straight on it. Setting place names out, doing favours, putting kids colouring books out.



    Our wedding dresser was also there working her magic. She really is the modern day fairy Godmother and the minute I saw her I went into a big rant how much of a big d**khead my OH was, with the car situation. She basically kept telling my 'just trust him, hes a good one'

    We spent 2 hours doing all our bits, 20 minutes before leaving, OH walked in rushing me along as this car needed this mot. How i didnt kill him at this point is beyond me, he again disappeared so I sent him an arsy text telling him to get me £300 out for the makeup artists 🙈. we left Jan (wedding dresser) and headed over to the hotel to check in. 

    At the hotel My parents were waiting with my son and my youngest daughter. My parents have travelled the world and were so excited about how lovely the room was but my dad was having a whinge about the prices of the food and how his fish and chips was tiny for £12 🤣🤣 (I'm sure all dads are the same 🤣🤣)


  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Loving reading your report Mila, The room set up looks lovely, I love the thrones! typical Dad whinging at the price of stuff.


  • It all looks so gorgeous so far!! I cant wait to see the rest

  • More please!!  😀

  • Back at the hotel 

    so back at the hotel I had my room keys. What can I say the room was spectacular (if anyone Is ever in Wales I totally recommend this resort) 




    As I headed downstairs the Leicester city FC bus pulled up. I dont know if anyone remembers my thread but we had the 'pleasure' of the Welsh squad in our hotel and the madness that came with that. But in true 'let's make this even more crazy' the team, fans and whatever else was everywhere. Obviously my son thought this was the best thing ever and couldn't wait to pose with Vardy 


    At this point I was starving and just as I was heading to the bar, the hotel manager cornered me. He felt the need to introduce himself and welcome me to the resort. At this point I looked like I had been dragged through a Bush and not even brushed my hair so it was definitely a pretty woman moment. The end of the convo was him telling me our private room to get ready, was all set up for me and would I like help to set up. Being a total perfectionist I declined and headed over to get it all sorted. The room was beautiful and I started by handing our dresses on the beautiful backdrop 


    image   image image 

    I have to say the most surreal moment of all this was when a group of Leicester city players helped me carry my dresses in, hold the door and one even carried my veil 🙈 who says these boys were stuck up footballers.

    The room was done and I headed to the bar to order something to eat. At this point I hadn't eaten all day so was ready to eat a small child.

    Just as I was ordering food MY OH resurfaced (conveniently timed to have food bought for him🤣) so we ordered and I sat down for the first time all day. At this point reality hadn't set in that, I was getting married in the morning.


  • The Shadyness is revealed (is shadyness even a word)

    So at this point I had totally forgotten about the car saga. Everyone was arriving and we were filling the bar. I thought I'd hate this part being socially awkward, but I kind of enjoyed meeting all of OHs friends (working away I haven't met anyone from that side of his life). Everyone was so lovely and just as excited as me for the following day

    I was pretty chilled knowing everything was set up at this point, it was around 7pm and OH turned to me and said he had left the money for the makeup artist in the van and handed me the keys to go get it. As I reached the lobby, it was still inundated with footballers, fans, Welsh rugby players, officials and the die hard fans who sit and wait all day for a signature on a ball (I have to say they were all lovely and made a big fuss of us on the saturday). I headed outside and there it was the reason why he was acting all crazy. He even put a number plate on it of my married name 😍 (I felt like the ultimate brag having a tantrum now but it did cause so much stress)


    (Yes I was 30 on the day of our wedding, struggling with this 30 club thing 🙈🤣)

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Your hotel room looks gorgeous, Wow Boy did good with the car and the numberplate! So nice you will always have your plate to remind you of your wedding.


  • That is so so awesome!!! What an awesome start, and i think its really cool the hotel had such a buzz, it looks gorgeous!

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