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Winter Wedding in the Highlands

So we finally got married this Saturday and it was absolutely amazing! Although there were a few scares with the weather. 
We got married outside by Loch Morlich. In the morning the weather had turned out a bit iffy (the forecast lied, a lot) and we very nearly held it inside, but it started to clear and we all went out to the Loch instead. And it was beautiful! Not to mention we had a personal congregation of ducks who joined in and quacked during the ceremony. We haven't got our official photos yet but I'll share a few of ones our guests took. 
We had our reception at the hotel and the day just flew by. 

I was initially nervous at the idea of a larger ceremony (we settled for 50, somewhere between the 20 I wanted and the 120 he wanted) and I did have a few mini wobbles in the run up on the day but it couldn't have been better. I think any more or less would probably have ruined it. Our celebrant was fantastic and everyone commented how much they enjoyed it. She gave us two pennies to keep and remind us of the value of marriage and what brought us here when things get tough. Overall it was just perfect. Feel free to ask any questions you might have :smiley: 


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