A Wedding in the Gower- The Report

Here we go! 
This report is very delayed and I wish I'd started sooner but the couple of weeks we had at home before setting off on our 6 month honeymoon adventure were a whirlwind and being on the road has been even busier! 
We received our professional photos about 2 weeks ago (the emailed popped through just as we were about to board a boat- with no wifi for 3 days!) so as soon as we got back, we bunkered into our hostel room in Ninh Binh, Vietnam with some snacks and beers and spent the whole evening flicking through, laughing and tearing up!
Luckily, our parents, siblings and my nana and auntie had already planned to go for a meal together back home that weekend, so we sent them the link and they all sat together in mum & dad's living room to look at them together. 

Where to start? 
I won't go into too much details here as I don't have the time to keep it all up (and it's all on my planning thread) but we are official David & Georgina Phelps... Dave proposed in Feb 2017 at Koh Sok National Park, Thailand on a canoe... we then made the decision to move back in with my parents, set the wedding for September 4th 2018 and afterwards head off on our 6 month trip throughout Asia (We're currently 8 weeks in!) 


Venue- Oxwich Bay Hotel, Gower. 
These guys did an outstanding job on the day and I'm yet to properly thank them! Aside from the few problems we had at the beginning of planning, which was mainly the hotel side of the venue it was all a smooth process! The food was incredible, nothing was too much trouble. The on the day coordinator was constantly checking everything by me and making sure I was comfortable and happy... and they got absolutely everything spot on with my DIY decor!

Night Before Accomodation- Hennyswell Farm Cottage, Gower
This is where myself, mum and the BMs stayed the night before. I'll be honest- we needed somewhere to stay, and I didn't want us crammed into hotel rooms and this place had a lovely looking living room so I booked it based on the photos in the morning. It was practical but a little shabby and the bedrooms were a bit musty... but the shower worked great, the kitchen was big enough to all do our hair and make-up and store the copious amounts of breakfast supplies that my mum had brought. It was slightly further away from the venue that I'd thought (even though I'd done a trial run a few months beforehand) so I made the decision in the morning to bring the pick ups etc forward but 30mins (thank god! more on that later) My BMs stayed there the night of the wedding too as it was cheaper for them than staying at the venue, and we could all leave our stuff around and not worry about packing anything up as we left for the venue.

Hair- Gower Bridal Hair. 
This lovely lady woke me up at 5:55am pulling up outside and thats when our day started! She had a massive job ahead of her and did a fantastic job.

Make- Up-Jessie Dallimore
Only myself and my mum had our make up done professionally but I can't fault her at all... Pricey but its to be expected for a wedding and aside from topping up lipstick, it genuinely lasted ALL day. 

Decor- All my own

Wedding Dress- Wynter Isabelle Bridal Boutique
Fantastic service and beautiful dresses. Jess (owner) works on her own and builds up a lovely report with all her brides. 

Suits- Slaters
Hmmm... not the best, but all worked out in the end. This was a major stress in the couple of weeks leading up to the wedding and poor Dave must have gone back and forth (45mins each way) the shop at least 10 times but everything was sorted out in the end and we thankfully didn't have any issues on the day (aside from groomsmen trouser leg being hemmed too short- but somehow he didn't notice)

Cake- Bella Cakes 
Cake was fab! really great! She got our vision straight away and the flavours were amazing! 

Fun Fair- Traditional Fun Fair Co
Awesome fun! Luckily the weather was great and it took a little while but everyone got stuck in during our drinks reception. My only gripe with them is that they only work in 4hr sessions- we could never had got our moneys worth as we had to have the wedding breakfast, I would have loved to have 2hrs during drinks reception and then 2hrs at the beginning of the evening.  For the money we paid (the packages are reasonable but the transport costs are insane) I wish I'd fought for this a bit harder... but it was still well used! 

Ice Cream VW Campervan- Deliciously Vintage
This almost didn't happen and I'm SO glad it did- I think this has been the most commented on part of the day so far.
We originally were going to have a normal traditional ice cream truck (a family friend) but around a week beforehand she was called into hospital for an operation. We hadn't had a budget for this (was a gift originally) but after umming and ahhing for a while we decided to go for it, the van looked great and the ice cream was delicious! 

Think that's it for suppliers! What was that about not going into details? Obviously not in my nature!

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