Married in the Bleak Midwinter - report

I’ve been thinking about doing a wedding report as I really want to get into words what happened on my wonderful day before I start forgetting the details. We haven’t had our photos back yet, and I’m a bit wary of putting up pictures of myself and others, but I shall try to add pictures if appropriate!

So a recap: I met my husband seven years ago online and have been engaged for over two years. We originally set our budget to be £8000 but promotions and generous parents meant we could add to it and final amount came to about £12000.

Our main ‘wants’ from our wedding day was to have a religious service followed by a party. We decided to save money by booking a town hall for the reception venue and by DIYing a lot of our decorations/flowers/favours etc. We wanted to have a traditional wedding, and as we both love Christmas decided it was going to be wintry themed.

We were married on Saturday 15 December.



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    So here we go:

    I finished work on Friday 7 December. My work colleagues had bought some gifts for me which was lovely and unexpected.

    (The fiancé and I cracked open the bottle once we had both finished work!) (Excuse my colleague's foot - he always gets in the way)

    After work, a couple of my work friends went with me to meet up with my then-fiancé at a Christmas market, where we drank a lot of mulled wine and went on a carousel! Good fun.

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    I’m already forgetting what happened in the following week, so I’d best get it down quickly!

    On Saturday we had a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon/evening, so didn’t get much done, although we did spend a lot of time and effort on cleaning and tidying our flat. It was difficult as we had such a massive pile of wedding stuff in the living room, which I was desperate to clean because that’s where I was going to be getting ready!

    On Sunday my partner had to go to work (as he did on Monday as well) so I had time to finish the bouquets, which I felt like I had been working on forever! I made them out of paper and artificial flowers, but kept on taking them apart again as I wasn’t happy with them. I needed that to be the last day I worked on them, though, so I tried to stop being a perfectionist and just got on with it!

    I made three round bouquets for the Best Ladies, and a cascade one for myself.
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    Oooh a new report, can't wait to hear more :smile:
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    On Monday I had to go to the dentist, which was a right pain (literally), and then I took a day off from wedding stuff to go Christmas shopping. Although we had decided we wouldn’t be buying people presents this year, I still wanted to get gifts for him so that there was something under the tree for him to open! I then went and watched the ROH Nutcracker in the cinema, which is a little Christmas tradition I do every year by myself. Annoyingly, there were two opinionated and rude ladies sitting near me who put me in a bad mood because they wouldn’t shut up moaning about everything! Worst of all, I bought a glass of wine during the interval and they loudly had a conversation about how expensive my wine had been and how they would never spend that much money on it. I would gladly have spent the same amount on another glass of wine and tipped it over them!

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    Tuesday was a sad day as I had agreed to sing at the funeral of my friend’s grandmother. It was nice to meet up with my choir friends and they were certainly grateful I had taken the time to do the funeral, but I felt it was something I needed to do for my friend, who was one of my bridesmaids. We then went to the cinema in the evening to watch a funny film and forget about weddings and funerals for a while.

    So Wednesday was the first day me and the fiancé both had off to seriously get down to wedding business! I think the fiancé had been panicking in the night about how much we still had to do, as he got up first thing in the morning and raced off to Macros to buy mini bottles of Prosecco to give as gifts as well as savoury snacks for the evening and a few other bits we needed. He then set off to Moss Bros to pick up the suits for himself and the Best Man.

    Meanwhile, I was not idle. I went down to the town hall with Best Lady A. As a theatre designer, I was hoping she could cast her eye over the space to work out how we could turn the image I had in my head into a reality! She was brilliant, asking all the right questions about plug sockets and extension cables, and then worked out a way by which we could put up lights to hang across the hall without having to use ladders to get them down. I’m very grateful that she was so enthusiastic about making our big day so perfect for us!

    Here's a "before" picture of the hall, just so you can be more amazed when I post an "after" picture!

    We of course then had to stop for tea and cake (I love lemon meringue pie) before racing around the shop buying batteries and DIY equipment for the setting up of the hall.

    The two of us then went back to our flat where we made up the seating plan and place settings ready to go to the hall. I also employed her bolt cutters to finish off the bouquets. Other little tasks included putting batteries in all the lights and other little things we wanted to get done before we got to the hall to set up. I really can’t thank my friend enough for how much she helped that day, it really was above and beyond!

    Here is the completed seating plan:

    We got the mirror in a charity shop for £10 (which I am delighted about, as it will go in the hallway of our new flat!) and the chalk board was £17 from Ikea (about £100 cheaper than any easel I could find!). The names were printed on pearlised paper and stuck to the mirror with gold glitter tape. My MIL gave us the crazy little stick on trees which we added for laughs and then thought it actually looks good!
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    So in rolls Thursday and I started the day with a pedicure. I’d never had one before so it was a bit odd getting my feet pampered so much. Anyhow, it was a nice change and the nail polish she put on is still there, so I got my money’s worth! Sorry, I didn't think to take a photo! As I was planning to wear boots on the wedding day, no one saw it anyway except my husband!

    When I got back, we started the mammoth task of sorting through all the bags and boxes of ‘wedding stuff’ that we had been dumping in our living room for the past year. We had to sort all the stuff into groups (e.g. stuff to stay at the flat, stuff to go to the church, stuff for different areas of the hall…). It took longer than we expected! And a lot of muscle! As we were decorating the hall ourselves, there was a lot of fairy lights and a dozen Christmas trees to shift around. Again, I should have taken a photo of the mountain of stuff!

    Once this was sorted the magic really began. We went to the church for our rehearsal, accompanied by my three Best Ladies (N, C and A), the Best Man, the Father of the Bride and two of the readers. As it was evening and the church was quite dark there was already a magical feel about the place. When the vicar and curate arrived we walked through the service step by step and ran through the words of the vows. It was a good thing we did because I got the giggles and he wanted to dip me for the kissing the bride bit, so we got to have our fun before the actual ceremony itself! It was only then that I really began to get excited about the wedding – any of you who have seen my posts in the past may remember I suffer bad anxiety and it was making the wedding planning quite miserable. But at that moment, running through the ceremony, it put everything into perspective again. The ceremony was the important bit. All the other bits I was worried about was just peripheral.

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    The following day was Friday, the day before the wedding! My phone was message central and everyone I was trying to organise wanted to know where to go and when! I had three friends who didn’t know each other each making a different layer of the cake so one of the big missions was to get the three cakes together to one person to organise them getting to the hall and being put together on the day. Then one of the cake-makers put her back out on the same day she had to drive halfway across the country to get here and ice the cake, so I wasn’t sure whether the cake would be ready! Meanwhile, I was trying to get my head around packing for our mini-moon and packing a clutch bag for the day, trying t work out what I would need and when. We also had to go out to the caterer's and pick up the tablecloths we were hiring ready for set-up that evening, as well as some last-minute shopping (flowers for the mothers, foodstuff for whilst getting ready, etc.).

    In the afternoon I went to get a manicure to get my nails wedding ready. Best Lady C joined me for the appointment (she had taken the day off work and seemed keen to spend every second of it with me, for which I have no complaints!). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to book appointments for her and Best Lady N to get their nails done with me, but did get them appointments later in the day. When they headed off, I stayed in the flat with one of their babies (who was about ten weeks old) who fortunately slept soundly for the whole afternoon!

    Here's my nails: I went for subtle because I didn't want to look back at photos in twenty years time and think "What was I thinking?!" My bridesmaids went for more flashy looks!

  • Pretty nails!

    More please :)
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    The fiancé, meanwhile, had driven off with our luggage, firstly to check into his hotel for the night and leave his suit there, and the secondly to drive all the way to our mini-moon hotel (about forty minutes away) to drop off our luggage and leave the car.

    Whilst he was gone, my parents arrived with my dress, shoes and accessories (which they had been storing at their house). Best Lady C wrote a big “Do not enter” sign on my bedroom door so that the dress could hang there without fear of my fiancé seeing it when he got back.

    Apart from the cake worries, the most stressful thing that happened that day was when the supervisor at the town hall called to ask us what time we were arriving with all the stuff. I said we were booked from 7pm till 11pm but he asked me to be more specific. I was confused and repeated we had booked it from 7pm-11pm. It turns out he thought we were just dropping stuff off that night and wasn't going to be around! We had most definitely made it clear that we would be there setting stuff up, so I was quite cross, especially as he had been there when I was there on the Wednesday with Best Lady A discussing how we were going to set it up! Fortunately, we worked it all out, but it set my anxiety off and I was grumpy a lot of the evening.

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    Our wedding photos have arrived! I was very naughty and had a quick look at them without my husband. Woops. As we're going out for dinner tonight for Valentine's Day/2 monthversary I shall show them to him when we get back. I'm resisting looking at them again till then, but I don't know how long I can hold out!
  • Just caught up on everything so far, I can't wait to read more :-) 
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    Sorry about the break - I've not been too well and only just beginning to be able to think through the fog again. I've also had no internet, so wasn't able to download the photos for ages! All done now, though, and I've been having a good look through them. They've arrived just in time, as I appear to have paused the report just as we were about to go and set up the hall...
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    So at about 6pm my fiancé had returned and I had all three Best Ladies at my flat, so we started carrying everything out to the car. Best Lady A has a massive car, but once we had got everything in there was little room for anyone else so the rest of us had to get an Uber. A posh Mercedes pulled up, so maybe we had got the better deal anyway!

    Once we had got into the hall, the first thing we had to do was set up the tables and chairs, as we had a man coming along with chair covers. I was worried that the tables wouldn’t fit into the hall in the way we had set them up in the seating plan, but my fiancé’s mathematics held true and we were able to fit everyone in.

    Thankfully, both sets of parents showed up to help, as did at least six of my friends, so we had quite a workforce! And we needed it!

    Once all the tables were in place, we were able to do the more fun stuff like putting up the Christmas trees and centre-pieces. A really tall ladder came out of nowhere and my unfortunate friend who has ‘working at heights’ training set off up its rungs to put up the fairy lights. They were set up using rope and a pulley system, so that come the next evening when they had to come down it could be done without anyone drunkenly going up a ladder!

    Speaking of drink, we had also hired a mobile bar, who came to set up the same night, which was helpful as I didn’t have to worry about if they would have space!

    The hall genuinely looked amazing when it was done. It was very special to see what I had had in my head for years finally come into being. I’m so thankful for all the people who came to help us! Throughout the whole set up the baby slept in the corner.

    So here's the finished piece, looking down from the top table, with the cake and guest book tables at the back, and the mobile bar on the far left:

    Facing towards the top table, it's a shame you can't see the swag, made out of Ikea net curtains with faux ivy and fairy lights draped in it!:

    A closer look at the tables - the centre-pieces are mini Chirstimas trees with fairy lights, with ivy and lights draped in between, and £1 gold deers from Poundland. The pine cones we got in Epping Forest and glittered ourselves:

    The guest book table and cake table. The postbox was a kit we got off of Amazon, and we got the wish tree from Hobbycraft. The swag on both tables was made of leftover chair sashes:

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    So then the fiancé’s parents came to take him away to the hotel whilst my friends were going to give me a lift back to the flat. We grabbed some cash out of a machine last minute and had a quick kiss before saying goodbye. I of course then remembered that I had forgotten to give his gift to his parents, so told him he had to send the Best Man over in the morning, which ruined the mood a bit!

    I had got him a bottle of port and a port decanter, which I had engraved with the date and something along the lines of “see you at the altar”, so I was keen for him to open it on the morning. I later found out that after collecting the gift, whilst he was walking across the car park back to the hotel, the bag it was in broke and the Best Man had to endure the horror of the gifts bouncing across the tarmac! He begged the Groom to open them straight away, and in the relief of finding they had not in fact been broken, he entirely missed the lovely message I had had engraved for him! Typical!

    Finally I got back to my flat. It was so weird walking in alone. I still had so much to do. I needed to get out my dress and the Best Ladies’ dresses, and to lay out their gifts and sort out the flat ready for the make-up artist to arrive at 9am the next day. I hung up the dresses so they could relax overnight.

    Then, instead of doing everything I needed to do, I poured myself a drink and climbed in the bath. I love Lush products and had not had the opportunity to have a bath all week, so it felt like massive treat. I had a small bath-bomb called ‘Calm’ which turned the water green and smelt like lavender. I burned some candles and listened to some relaxing music whilst wearing a face mask. It was honestly bliss. I was finally a Bride.

    I must have been in the bath for a while. When I got out it was gone midnight – the day of my wedding! I used some of the Lush Relax range and took some herbal sleep remedies. I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I decided to go to bed and do everything first thing when I inevitably woke up too excited to sleep…

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    Except I didn’t. Typically, I had the best night’s sleep I have ever had! I had set the alarm for half past six, which is my normal work get-up time. When it sounded I was so comfy that I didn’t want to get up! Unfortunately, I was also very cold so I dragged myself out of bed to put the heating on.

    The first thing I did was rummage under the coffee table for some paperwork I wanted to check. I didn’t find the paperwork, but I did find a box full of Lush goodies! My fiancé is so bad at hiding things!

    Vanessa, my make-up artist and hair-dresser, was due at nine o’clock, so I had a few hours to shower and dress before laying out the flat as I wanted it. I set up the dining table with the bouquets and gifts for the Best Ladies – personalised champagne flutes, wooden hearts, snowflake necklaces, earrings and brooches. I also had the flutes and hearts for my mum and dad, and a buttonhole for my dad. I then made sure my dress, shoes and everything else I needed was laid out in my bedroom so I wouldn’t forget anything later on if there was a rush (which there was, but more on that later…).

    Here are some photos of the bits and bobs I laid out to wear:

    The dress (albeit in black and white). I got it from David's Bridal:

    I got the belt from JJs House for pennies, and had my seamstress sew it on when she did the alterations. In this photo you can see that my dress is blush pink rather than white:

    I got my boots at Monsoon (£12 down from £119 - bargain). The clips I had made by an artist on Etsy. They are both sixpences from 1960, the year both my parents were born. I got the same artist to make cuff links for my fiancé of the two years his parents were born.

    I wore two bracelets. The first is made up of beads from Egypt, and they were my something old and something blue (as someone who collects artefacts and works with medieval manuscripts I wanted something OLD and at 4000 years old they were the oldest thing I could get for not too much money!). The silver bracelet was bought for my by my Opa (Dutch Grandad) a long time ago and the church charm was a gift from my fiancé for my last birthday. It looks like the church we got married in, and the bottom part hinges open, showing a couple inside getting married:

    I got my necklace off of eBay for a couple of quid. I wanted something with pearls and diamonds to match my belt, tiara and earrings. Although the pearl and stones on this obviously aren't real, I love that it looks like a snowflake, as this fitted in with the wintry, Christmassy theme we were going for:

    Earrings to match my necklace - I found these on the high street for a reasonable price. Unlike the necklace, these freshwater pearls are real, so I at least got to wear some real pearls on my wedding day!

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    Those earrings are so pretty. 

    Love the report so far. Lush is amazing, isn't it. Can't wait to see more!
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    So at 9am prompt Vanessa showed up with her tools. She was first to arrive. Whilst she was setting up the doorbell rang and a delivery arrived. It was a bouquet of flowers and chocolates from the Groom! Also a card saying he looked forward to seeing me later.

    I didn’t even have time to put them in a vase before Vanessa called me into The Chair. As no one else had arrived yet, she wanted to start on my make-up and did the primer. As she did so, Best Lady N arrived (with baby) and Vanessa kindly got the door for me as I was stuck in The Chair. It was strange having everyone running around for me!

    Baby was deposited into the corner of the room (apparently you can, in fact, put Baby in the corner), where she slept continuously. Best Lady N kindly did the washing up(!) before Vanessa swapped us and put her in The Chair. I was finally able to put the flowers in a vase.

  • Loving everything so far, your boots are fab! 
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    Thanks @CavalierBride. I've been reading your planning thread. The grey and pink colour palette is similar to mine.
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    Fantastic boots! And what a bargain!
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    I can’t remember the details of the next few hours, but Best Ladies C and A arrived, as did the photographer, and my parents. I don’t remember formally giving the girls their gifts, but they found them anyway! We had Bucks Fizz and pastries for breakfast. I remember eating a pain au chocolat and a couple of chocolate nibbles, but that was it.

    Here's the bouquets and gifts:

    The bouquets were made of artificial and paper flowers with lace around the stems. I bought the girls some jewellery (snowflake earrings and necklaces, and snowflake broaches to hold on their fur wraps in the church), which I hung on an old jewellery holder I found. The belts and hair combs were from JJs House or some such overseas website. I made up the champagne glasses from a set I bought for pennies in Ikea, and some personalised vinyls I found on Etsy (I really wanted to get them all engraved, but it was unfortunately far too expensive to do them all). The personalised hearts came from the same Etsy shop and were available in all sort of colours, but the pinks, silvers and greys suited our colour scheme the best. 

    The Best Ladies took turns in The Chair whilst whoever was spare held the Baby. I held her early on and unfortunately got thrown up on, which surely is good luck! I had to change my shirt which was a bit of a pain as the photographer was snapping and I didn’t have any that fitted properly except for the first one! I wish I had thought of chucking on one of the Groom’s shirts!

    As we were being sorted, there was traffic to and from the flat – the Best Man came to pick up the Groom’s gift, part of the cake arrived, same cake got picked up to go to hall, Baby’s dad showed up to take her away before she threw up on anyone else… but I hardly saw anyone as whoever was near the door generally handled whatever was happening. At one point my dad disappeared to pick up some pre-ordered platters from Greggs for us all to eat for lunch. I was in The Chair when they arrived, so I had to wait! I managed to get down a couple of the sandwiches, but I wasn’t really hungry. Sadly, the leftovers got left out during the rush to get the church, so they had to be chucked away! I had meant to put them in the fridge for when we got back!

    Here's me trapped in the Chair with Vanessa tugging at my hair. I tried to smile and look happy but I was really in a bit of pain because she pulled so hard! It was worth it though, as my hair and make up looked stunning. Me and the girls now joke that we wish we could hire her every day to make us look glam! For my make up I went for the natural look, as I'm not a fan of over obvious make up. I already have quite big eyes which are normally hidden behind glasses, so I wanted them to be prominent. I have very long hair, so I wore it half up/down. It's naturally wavy but Vanessa curled it to get rid of the frizz, and put in the speed bump in the top to add volume. The tiara was from Debenhams.

    In a way it was all very frantic, but at the same time there was a lot of sitting around waiting. Vanessa did the Best Ladies’ and my Mum’s hair and make-up as well as mine, and they all looked amazing. I don’t remember paying her, but the envelope of money I put on the bookshelf was gone when we got back so someone must have dealt with it! Meanwhile, the photographer was snapping each of us in The Chair and disappeared into the bedroom where my dress was for a bit. He also photographed the Baby so some nice photos have come out for her mum.

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    Things only got stressful when I looked at the clock and realised we had about half an hour till the car was due to arrive (one hour till the ceremony). At this point my mother was in The Chair and only she and Best Lady C were in their dresses! I wanted to sort myself out first, but couldn’t get into my bedroom because my dad had decided to go and get changed and took TWENTY MINUTES.

    From then on it all felt very rushed. I got changed swiftly when my dad finally vacated the room and the two Best Ladies had to use the bathroom as a changing room! It didn’t help that one of them had to be sewn into her dress. Fortunately, as I had laid out all my jewellery, shoes and perfume it was easy to pop everything on. The photographer had already gone on to be at the church by this point, but Best Lady C insisted on taking a couple of photos.

    I then had a panic as I realised that my Something Borrowed was missing! It was a handkerchief made by my granddad’s cousin for my parents' wedding, and I had planned to have it sewn into the dress. It was somewhere in one of the bags I had chucked into the conservatory to get them out of the way during rushed tidying that morning!

    Poor Best Lady C had to climb over all the discarded boxes and bags (whilst in her long dress and high heels) to find the handkerchief, and then Best Lady A, who was still not dressed, had to sew it into the dress I was already wearing. Meanwhile both cars had arrived and my dad was stressing at us to go!

    I popped on my feather shrug to cover my shoulders in the church, and then Vanessa put the veil into my hair and we grabbed our bouquets. Vanessa insisted on taking a photo of us all even though we were late, and I’m glad she did because it is one of my favourites.

    We then had to rush out into the glorious English sunshine…

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    You look beautiful!!we had the same BM dresses 😊
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    They're great, aren't they? I picked them because I liked the idea that the ladies could alter the tops to suit their body-shapes and the stretchy fabric was helpful when taking into account pregnancies. I did consider their dusky pink ones, but because my dress was blush I thought grey would go better.

    I would have liked them to have worn more sparkly dresses, but we compromised by me buying sparkly belts. you can't see them in the photos, but they are identical to mine but with a grey ribbon.
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    We rushed out into the glorious English sunshine…

    Except that it was raining. Hard. Everyone who has ever organised an event in Britain will know that it will rain that day, even if all the days around it have been beautiful.

    I wore a white fleece and faux fur cape I had made for that eventuality. We must have made quite a procession trying to get me to the car with umbrellas all over me and my train being carried.

    We had hired a 1930s car to take me and my parents to the church, and a black cab for the Best Ladies. I had given Best Lady A my flat key, so once I was in the car they dealt with locking up the flat. I remember seeing them run backwards and forwards several times, so they must have forgotten things!

    Finally, all the Best Ladies were in their black cab, and we set off for the church.

    My mother told me to relax in the car, and it was then I realised how high my shoulders were sitting, close to my ears. My dad didn’t help with the situation. First he was a back seat driver and stressed at the driver not going the route he would have taken, and secondly he left his coat at my flat and had to have a discussion about how he would get it back. It was also raining so hard and the poor old car didn’t have air conditioning, so the driver was having to wipe the screen with a cloth every time we stopped in traffic. Which was a lot.

    But I tried to focus on where we were going and why. I couldn’t see if people were looking in the car through the steamed-up window (I always do when I think a bride is passing!) but I did get a couple of beeps from horns.

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    When we got to the church (apparently only eight minutes late!) I could see the poor photographer in the rain snapping away. The priest and curate were waiting, dolled up to the nines. (I requested specific Edwardian vestments which my mother had restored when I was younger and the priest was happy to oblige. He said he wouldn’t normally wear them for fear of upstaging the bride, but Best Lady N had told him that wasn’t possible in this case!). It was a mission getting me out of the car and into the porch, as it was still chucking down. I noticed several people running passed me to get in late. They know who they are!

    Here's a photo of me and one of the Ladies dashing from the car to the church. I made the cloak out of some white fleece and faux fur I found for the very purposes of covering the dress if it rained! So glad I did! I hadn't bothered buying umbrellas (I had so many I never use so I figured we'd just use them instead if it rained). The brown one was never meant to come out but got caught up in the made dash from the flat. Sadly, weeks after the wedding I realised it was missing so asked around and found out that it unfortunately had not survived the wedding day, being caught in a gust of wind and bent irreparably out of shape. RIP beautiful umbrella, and thank you for looking beautiful in this photo.

    (The yellow umbrella was a reference to How I Met Your Mother - one of our favourite tv programmes!)

    Once we were in the porch we had to do a bit of emergency maintenance – one of the Best Ladies’ fur shrugs had fallen off, and when I put my veil over my face it was covered in water droplets from the rain! It only took us a couple of moments to sort ourselves out though.

    When we were ready, the priest went in to welcome people and ask them not to take photos. Then, finally, the choir began to sing and the processional began.

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    The choir was one I am a member of – a neighbouring church choir – and they sang a choral version of Pachelbel’s Canon that I had edited myself. As we set off I thought I couldn’t walk at first because I kept stepping on the dress. Once we reached the nave and turned to walk down the aisle, I was able to sort it a bit and tell my dad to slow down!

    The church looks very empty in the photos, but we did have around 80 guests! The building has the capacity for 500, but we just don't have that many friends and family!

    I was aware of everyone looking at me, but I didn’t look at a single face, seeking out the Groom at the front instead. So I was watching him when he turned to look at me. I don’t think I have ever smiled so much. He had promised me he would cry, and I got tears!

    The photographer must have been hiding in the plants to perfect his paparazzi skills whilst taking this one:

    When I got to the front the song still had a little way to go, so I was able to talk to him and hold his hand. The Best Ladies also took the veil off my face and I was able to listen to the choir for a moment before the ceremony proper began. I was also able to take a look at the church. Although the Flower Guild had offered to do flowers for us, we really couldn’t justify the cost, so instead I had sent Best Lady A’s husband and one of the readers in early to drape fairy lights and faux ivy around the rood screen. The result was beautiful. (At the end of the service the vicar asked us if they could keep it up for the Christingle service later that day. When we went back for Midnight Mass at Christmas, it was all still up. We still haven’t gone to collect the lights!)

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    We followed a traditional Anglican wedding service (but without the giving away or any ‘obeying’ vows). Our first hymn was All Creatures of Our God and King (which always makes me laugh as I think of Mr Bean). 

    We then had our readings, firstly the Wedding at Cana from the Book of Luke, and then A Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton. One of the Groom’s friends did the Bible reading, and two of mine did the dinosaur reading, each taking the part of the Dinosaur and the Lovely Other Dinosaur. It was such a perfect reading for us.

     The only problem was I couldn’t hear it because right behind me the lovely little Baby who had slept through all of the morning decided to wake up!

    Here's a photo of the order of service. The design is the generic one used by the church which we customised. It doesn't look great, but it was cheap and easy just to get the church to sort them out! The image is from a medieval manuscript in the collections where I work.

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    The vicar then gave his homily, which was very special. He started by pouring us a glass of red wine each, and then went on to talk about how it was a two grape mixed blend, and how even though both grapes separately make great wine, mixed together they make something even more special.

    We then did our vows. It was such an intimate moment – no laughing this time! The priest had told us that we only need to be able to hear each other and it doesn’t matter if the congregation can’t hear, so we spoke quietly. We exchanged our rings.

    We then went to the altar to be blessed and one of the Groom’s first acts as my husband was to help me kneel down and stand up again in my wonderful dress. We sang the second hymn, Morning Has Broken, and the curate lead the prayers. It was his first wedding, so special for him as well.

    Here's our marriage being blessed. We were lucky the church had already put up their Christmas tree and agreed to get out the fancy Edwardian altar frontal (which my mum restored when I was younger). The lights and ivy around the rood screen were chucked up by my friend's husband just before the service!

    I love this second photo, but unfortunately because it is in black and white I don't feel it quite captures the full magnificence of the church. I'm hoping to get the colour copy from the photographer soon.

    Next was the signing of the register whilst the third hymn (Jerusalem) was sung. The parents followed us up to the altar to watch. Then we waited for our witnesses…

    Both of whom had forgotten they were witnessing! After a couple of minutes, they had been chased down. We chose my brother and the Groom’s sister, so we were all together with our families when the register was signed.

    The choir, meanwhile, were singing In the Bleak Midwinter (Holst) and What Sweeter Music (Rutter). By the time we had finished and done the photos, we could stand in the quire and listen. It is absolute most favourite carol, and I must admit I joined in a bit.

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    Your church is beautiful. I love the idea of the wine.
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