Intimate Leicestershire Wedding - February 2019



    Lovely photo your flowers look stunning against your dress. 
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    Congrats, gorgeous photo :)
  • Ahh im so excited to see more!! Congratulations! Your flowers go so well with everything, and you look bloody gorgeous!
  • Congratulations! :) Gorgeous and I can't wait to see more!! xxx
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    Two days before...

    As we were travelling to Leicestershire on the day before our wedding, we had to do a fair few things two days before; so I'll start there. We had an appointment to attend an army briefing at 10am (16 year old DD has applied to join the army) to see exactly what it all entailed. We didn't think it would be more than an hour at most, but this wasn't the case! We had planned to go home and have lunch and then take DH's dog to his mum's house, but due to time over-running, we had to drop off DD, grab the dog and all her things and get back on the road to Lowestoft. His mum works odd shifts, so we needed to get to her around 2pm. Both of us were pretty hungry, but when we got there, his mum offered to make us a cuppa; how could we say no? FYI - I never say no to a cup of tea! After we left, we grabbed a sandwich and petrol from Tesco and made our way home.

    Once home, my bossy personality decided to present herself. I was constantly telling both DD and DH to get their things packed. I was making lists, checking lists, making other lists! I think I was so worried that we'd forget things. We also had an issue with the projector and cable, etc., that we were going to use at our celebration party, so I was googling about that while DH was in the shower. We eventually realised that we hadn't sorted any dinner, so DH was despatched 2 minutes down the road and got us all McDonald's! It also saved any washing up!

    By the time DH arrived back with the dinner, I had come up with two or three solutions that we thought might work with the projector cable, so although it wasn't sorted, I was fairly certain things would be okay. We enjoyed the rest of our evening and then went to bed.
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    One day before...

    We had to get up early again, to go and purchase another cable and adaptor from Office Outlet and then got to the party venue to check everything worked. We got there a little after 9am and DH unpacked all of the cables we had to try. After a minute he asked me to take a look at the back of the projector, and there it was...a HDMI port!! Now, I will have to give you a brief explanation. We wanted to show a slideshow of photos from our wedding day, during our celebration party. We booked this venue, partly due to the fact it had a projector. The manager (who knew little to nothing about the equipment) had assured us we would need a HDMI cable. The one we had was nowhere near long enough, due to the positioning of the projector. So we had ordered a 7m cable. When we came to test it, there didn't appear to be a HDMI port in the projector (DH was the one checking!) So after at least another four visits to the venue (on DH's days off), discussing different ways of being able to show our slideshow, me getting really stressed by it all and buying a variety of cables and adaptors, it turns out the port was there all the time!! And so it all worked! Happy bride to be :-:smiley:

    We got back home and the three of us had some lunch before packing everything into the car. Then we set off. We arrived at the hotel in ample time (it was a 2 hour 30 min journey) and checked in. The receptionist asked us the purpose for our stay and I said, we're getting married tomorrow. The look of shock on her face was a picture! I'm guessing they do not have many guests that say that. Our rooms were towards the opposite end of the hotel, so the three of us grabbed our all of our luggage and managed to get it it all there in one trip. We were all a bit tired and hungry so we toddled off to the restaurant attached to the hotel. It was pretty packed (half term), but we managed to find a table in an area that was a little quieter. DH and DD went up to order once we'd chosen and grab some drinks. Now, I'd asked for an orange juice; how hard do you think that would be? Answer...quite hard. They returned with a glass of orange squash. A minute or so after, a lady returned and said the payment hadn't processed properly. I mentioned about the orange juice (she said she'd change it), so DH went back up to the bar with her. When he returned, the drink was now a J2O! Apparently, they do not have any orange juice. What pub does not have orange juice? And to top it off, two of their mocktails they advertise, contain orange juice! 

    Can you tell I was a bit unhappy about my drink? 

    Anyway, we finished the meal and decided to drive to Tesco to get some drinks and breakfast type bits for the next morning. That all went to plan and we returned to our rooms, made arrangements for times to be up in the morning and DH and I relaxed on the bed watching TV. It was blissful.
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    If you have managed to stay awake throughout my last two rambling posts, I applaud you! I will get on to the day in question in a moment. Our photographer hasn't finished editing all of the photos yet, so we only have a small selection to show at this stage. I will continue to update though, if only for my own eyes x
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    OUR WEDDING DAY - Getting Ready

    I woke up around 7.30am and started to organise all of my things. I left DH sleeping, as men never need as much time as women! I went across to DD's room to make sure she was up and agree our plans. We were sharing conditioner and I needed to make sure she was ready to put my foundation on at 8.50am, before our hairdresser arrived. After showering, I grabbed all of my things, makeup, etc., and went across the hall. My DD began putting on my foundation. Even though the lighting in the room wasn't great, she persevered, bless her. Our hairdresser arrived and she started my hair, while my DD put her makeup on. We continued in this way, switching from one to another for the next hour. During this time, my friend and our photographer arrived and she began to get a few pictures in our room first. She then headed across the hall to take photos of DH (not easy by the way, he's not one for photos). 

    Here's some of the images...

    Not forgetting DH...

    Once our hair and makeup was done, we started to get our wedding clothes on. Her's some images...

    Not forgetting both mine and my daughter's beautiful flowers, sitting side by side...

    It was now 11am and we were ready to head to the registry office. I had intended on walking originally, as it was only a 10 minute walk, but I was over-ruled. Our friend and photographer drove us there.
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    OUR WEDDING DAY - The Ceremony

    As I mentioned before, I do not have all of our photographs yet. Our wonderful photographer and friend Debbie took lots of snaps and is working her way through editing them. So I will update my report using the selection that I have. 

    We arrived at the beautiful Glenfield Registry Office and made our way into the reception. It's a lovely building and Debbie got a lovely picture of DD and I while we were waiting...

    Both DH and I then had to go into the office next door, one by one, to confirm all of our details. Once this was done, everyone came into the room and ceremony began. We stood in front of a beautiful fireplace and repeated the vows that the registrar said, when prompted. DH sailed through his without any hiccups, whereas I began to get the giggles (I think it was either that or cry with happiness) and I stumbled on the words matrimony. The ceremony was so beautiful and exactly what we wanted  <3 We then had to sign the register and we were told to ensure our details were all correct. Apparently, if there is an error it can be corrected easily, but if you notice is AFTER you have signed, it costs £100 to change it!! Thankfully, ours was perfect. We then had a replica book and pen so the lovely Debbie could take photographs. 

    Here are some images from our ceremony...

    DH is not keen on this photo ^^, as he looks like he is asleep, but I love it!

    Our ceremony was perfect  <3<3

    There was a gazebo outside in the grounds and we went out and did some photos in there too. Again, I only have a few to show as yet...

    It began to get a little chilly outside and I was desperate for a wee! We all went back into the registry office to use the facilities (well DH and I did!) and then we headed back to the car and got on our way to the restaurant.

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    OUR WEDDING DAY - The meal and hotel

    We arrived at the restaurant, Prezzo, quite a bit earlier than the time we'd booked. However, this wasn't a problem for them. They wished us congratulations and showed us to our table. 

    The reason we chose Prezzo was because DH and I celebrated our very first Valentine's Day together at a Prezzo in Hertfordshire, which was only 2 days after we had our first date. 

    Here we are doing the obligatory toast...

    And then the real one, as I do not drink champagne or Prosecco...

    Here are just a couple more pics from the meal...

    Could you tell I was hungry?!

    Our dinner was lovely and then we all had pudding. This photo is not professional, but it shows our lovely desserts...

    Following the meal, Debbie drove us back to the hotel and DD disappeared off to her room to get in her comfy clothes and relax. We stayed in the grounds and did some more photographs. Here are a couple...

    We said our thank yous and goodbyes to Debbie and then headed back up to our room. To our surprise, the hotel had been busy while we were out! Again, these are photos taken by me...

    We had originally thought that we'd need to go out later for food, but none of us were hungry. So we spent the rest of the day and evening in each other's company, watching TV and enjoyed being husband and wife  <3
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    Congratulations with a capital C ❤️ Looks wonderful and has honestly cheered me up x
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    Such lovely pics, congrats! You look gorgeous and very happy 💕
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    Charleah said:
    Congratulations with a capital C ❤️ Looks wonderful and has honestly cheered me up x
    Aww, thank you 😊 Glad it made you smile x I cannot wait to read your report and see your photos, too xx 
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    MrsCToBee said:
    Such lovely pics, congrats! You look gorgeous and very happy 💕
    Thank you so much MrsCToBee, it really was the most perfect day for us ❤
  • You look lovely, congratulations!
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    You look lovely, congratulations!
    Thank you SoontobeMrsJ 😊 When is your big day? Do you have long to wait? 
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    It looks like you had the perfect day, and I just love your dress and shoes!
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    abiscott said:

    It looks like you had the perfect day, and I just love your dress and shoes!
    Thanks abiscott 😊 I know the dress isn't your traditional wedding dress, but I loved it 😍
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  • Oh its all so lovely!! Congratulations! Really sweet of the hotel to do that too, a nice little touch! 
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    OmRum said:
    Glad you had such a lovely day, Mrs C!
    Thank you OmRum 😊 I just wish we could do it all over again 😂
  • Aw, you both look so happy!  I'm glad your day turned out exactly as you planned. I love your pictures, the ones outside with all of the greenery and the ones in the little gazebo are so beautiful!
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    Aw, you both look so happy!  I'm glad your day turned out exactly as you planned. I love your pictures, the ones outside with all of the greenery and the ones in the little gazebo are so beautiful!
    Thank you so much @KittyFiennes, it was the perfect day xx 
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    Congratulations! It looks like you had an amazing day... so glad you enjoyed it! x
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    Congratulations! It looks like you had an amazing day... so glad you enjoyed it! x
    Thank you MrsA-NToBe 😊
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    Congratulations, it looks like you had a great day 😍
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