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Mr & Mrs Holland

Well here we are! So many of you lovely people read through my planning journey & now it’s time to reveal what went down Friday 22nd February 2019 - the most magical day of our lives. 

We are Mat & Charleah or to be formal Mathew and Charlotte. 

You can read my planning thread here!

Firstly I shall run through the suppliers - who might I add - were all blooming fantastic. 

Venue: Rivington Hall Barn. My god. It was just wonderful. More beautiful than I ever imagined it to be. Ceremony and reception all in one place but yet both so different and unique. It really is a special place and if there are any brides out there getting married in or near the Lancashire area then please do consider Rivington. And the staff & coordinating team were just outstanding. They couldn’t have done more to help and they made everything run smoothly from start to finish. Phenomenal. 

Dress: Anabel by Pronovias. This was a crepe A line fit and flare with sleeves. It has a lace back and a long train. I also wore a mantilla cathedral length veil which went with the dress perfectly because of the simplicity of it. I did have some issues with the dress (cup outlines showing due to them moving around) but that’s the blooming seamstresses fault for not fitting the cups in the dress right! 

Hair & makeup: The wonderful Laura at Nala & Knot who made me look like a movie star. 

Shoes & jewelry: Etsy 

Rings: Luxe

Band: One Man Down (sister in law’s band) they did a smashing job and absolutey nailed Paramore! 

Flowers: Margaret Mason. Just simply amazing -from the trees in the ceremony down to the button holes. 

Selfie mirror: Kwiksnap Events 

Photographer: Tim Emmerton. Omg. This guy is the biggest gent. We just got our photos from him at the weekend and I can’t stop crying at how good they are. Some of them I didn’t even realise he was there taking them! Top bloke. Highly recommend. 

Videographer: My brother & his girlfriend. So proud of them. From what they’ve shown me so far it looks fab. Can’t wait to see the film. 

Van: Absolute bliss VW hire. The driver was such a cool guy and really helped calm my nerves pre ceremony. 

Suits: Marc Darcy from Tweed & Groom

Mens shoes: Ask the missus 

DJ: Johnny Ross Music. Kyle was superb and did exactly what we asked for which was basically turn our evening party into a top club in Ibiza. 

Pianist: Oak the piano at Warble Entertainment. This guy was boss and even when we slightly messed up the timings he just took it in his stride. 

Cake top: Iced of Garstang 
Cupcakes: The cupcake ladies of garstang

Honeymoon: STA Travel - still to be booked. 

A big ol’ thank you to each & every one of you. 


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    2 Days Before

    So the Wednesday was just complete and utter madness 😂 we were all running round like blue arsed flies sorting everything and I’ll never forget it cause it was so much fun. Half 10 was my final dress fitting which is a good 40 minutes from where we live. This time the dress fit me perfectly. The sleeves fit, the back looked amazing, and from what I could see cups she’d put in gave me a nice lift! More on that later... 

    Notice how you can no longer see belly or bellybutton? Next spotlight on lace Spanx..more on that later...

    Anyway, so me and my mum had a nice coffee and some breakfast while the girls steamed the dress which was nice because we were both so buzzing about what was to come. Then we picked up the dress and my mum was fretting carrying it to the car but I’m a laid back Lil so I just kept telling her to chill out 😂 we drove back to ours to start on the mass production that was making up favours!!! We all stood in our kitchen for a good two hours - going through all the cookies and matching them to the alcohol. So we’d grab a batch of Eiffel Tower shaped cookies and then I’d shout they go with absinthe! And then I’d find the corresponding favor that went with e.g compact mirror etc. then mats mum and stepdad showed up and joined in and it was a combination of stressful but fun! Here’s a picture of the mess! 

    What you can see there is for the Italy table - limoncello, oil/balsamic and a gondola cookie :) we later found out guests were putting the oil on the bread on the table 😋 

    We then had to halt the production line and race to over to my mum and dads cause I had a doctors appointment to have my ears syringed (timing I know). My mum hung my dress all nice to be transported the next day. Then me, my mum and dad just sat and had a cup of tea and it was so lovely to spend some time with them before my docs. Then after that we had to race back to ours to finish off the favours (mat had to go out and buy more clear wrap from a florist as we’d ran out) then hurrahhh we’d done. But now it was time for me and mum to go get our nails done! 

    This part was lovely though cause my mum doesn’t get her nails done with the job she does, so it was a treat to sit and have some girly time. We had a proper laugh with my nail lady and my mum was reminiscing about her wedding day 💕 was a wonderfully manic day. I ended up giving mat one of his presents early because he accidentally started opening it - a Barnsley fc card which all the players had signed. He loved it. 🖤

    As you can tell by my nails the pics were not taken pre wedding 😬😂 cool though eh? I have my MIL to thank for picking it up from Barnsley football stadium because it’s not a place I often go 🤭

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    One day before

    Thursday morning we were up and out to drive over to Bolton (just over an hours drive from where we live). We had a last minute rush around to check we’d got everything (we hadn’t but more on that) and put our suitcases in the car. We then stopped to pick up mats younger brother and his girlfriend, J & S, which was just a laugh cause we had a good chat and listened to a playlist Mat had created for the wedding pre DJ. We got near to the barn and stopped for a coffee. I think we were just so giddy about being there, cause we were being silly. Mats brother asked if Mat took brown or white sugar in his coffee and I said go for brown and he said “Mr brown sugar?” And I said yeah he’s DJ brown sugar (reference to his DJ mix) so we all fell about laughing & continued to use that nickname 😆 We then headed straight to the barn to set up, which other than my wedding day was one of the most exciting days of my life. We pulled up the drive and our florist’s van was driving in front of us! 

    They pulled up and started emptying trees and centerpieces into the barn and I was just watching them (not being much of a help at all 😂) 

    At this point people were asking me if Kim Kardashian was getting married when they saw the contents of the van 😂

    This was when we met the coordinating team and they were so brilliant - unboxing and fixing and sorting with me and my mad family. My mum, dad and brother (S) did the most boss job of decorating the entrance way. 

    My MIL and partner set up the teepee for the children which just looked fab. 

    My other brother (T) and his girlfriend walked round outside filming scenery for the opening of the video. They were v lucky because it was such a gorgeous day, sun shining and birds tweeting (not as nice weather as our wedding day tho)

    J & S superglued the cake topper back together which had come apart in transit. It’s so cute...

    Then when we realized we’d forgotten the map confetti cones (🙄) which took me ages to make and bless them J & S spent ages making up and filling back up cones. 

    We set up my bros guest globe and the seating chart on his easel. 

    Here is the remembrance table for our grandparents 🖤

    Everything was coming together. I didn’t want to leave because I was sure we’d not done something! This next part is funny (well it is now) so a bit of a back story - I had bought some incredibly expensive spanx as crepe is quite unforgiving. I’d spent weeks trying to find the perfect pants (we’ll call it pant gate) and after most pairs being visible through the dress, I’d finally found the perfect pair - they don’t sell them in store, only next day delivery to a Next store. Well after we’d set up the barn we needed some sharpies to sign the globe, so we went to a large Sainsbury’s nearby. J, S and I walked in, and the first section they have when you walk in is lingerie. A big wall of lingerie. I stopped. I clapped my hand over my mouth. J & S were so worried by my face. What’s wrong they asked as I gasped. IVE FORGOTTEN THE SPANX!! I’d hand washed them and left them to dry on the back of a door 🤦🏻‍♀️  Cue panic. At this point J & S were just amazing at calming me down and as there was a Next nearby (the hotel we were staying at was near a big retail park) we could just go, order next day delivery and my dad offered to collect them wedding morning. Phewwww. Drama over 😂

    So at this point we just went back to the hotel to relax and start greeting guests who were all arriving at different times. I got changed into something nicer and dropped stuff in the room for the morning. We then sat in the hotel bar with family and people were arriving in dribs and drabs as the evening went on. It was so weird but so lovely having all the people that care about you in one place. A few of us went to a harvesters nearby for some food and mat stayed and had a bite to eat at the hotel so he could stay and greet people (he’s very much a people person).

    You always need food evidence 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

    My maid of honour arrived with her parents and partner and we were just so giddy. I took her up to our room where were both staying that night (it was a pretty cool room) and just proceeded to go up and down in the lift being daft. I took this picture cause she was too short for the mirror haha. 

    I’ve just noticed someone has scratched Matt into the bottom of the mirror...😳

    So many people were asking me how I felt and if I was nervous but honestly I felt great. After much chatting and people asking me why I was only drinking water (because I want to be a hydrated & glowing bride) at about 11pm my MOH and I headed up to bed!

    Just before bed one of Mat’s groomsmen bought him these socks, which have our faces on, bless him and Mat even wore them on the day 😂

    He had an instant camera and wanted a last photo of us as an unmarried couple which was sweet and I’ve framed it with this spangly frame we were given as a wedding gift.

    Then me and MOH spent a good 20 minutes in our room ironing the BMs robes with a rubbish hotel iron and then I decided we should probably get some sleep. We then noticed the hotel water tasted metallic and we should probably stop drinking it so MOH went down to buy bottled. I’d got comfy in bed, but after another 15 mins or so she still wasn’t back - I rang Mat and she was outside with him and everyone having a cig 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 I said, tell her to get her bum up here we need sleep! So she came back up with a bottle of water that the hotel had charged her 8 pounds for!!! Ah well it was good h20 😊 then I’d say by about half 12 ish we were both spark out. The other guests continued to drink and party down in the hotel bar until the early hours which I fully expected to happen 🙊 in the morning I would be a bride! 👰🏻 

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    It’s awfully quiet...😬😳😚 hope I’m doing ok so far! 
  • Loving everything so far, it's actually really nice to read how manic and enjoyable your days running up to the wedding was, as I'm only 3 sleeps away now.  I can't wait to read more, but may have to do a massive chat up after my wedding :-) xx
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    So exciting for you! Good luck with everything! X
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    Ooh I've been looking forward to this!  I'm loving how excited you were about the whole pre-wedding set up, can't wait for you to get on to the actual day!!
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    Glad you enjoyed the run up! I just know I'll be a massive stresshead the week before!
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    Can’t wait to read more! Just love all the travel touches 👏
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    The wedding morning - 7am...

    So I woke up feeling refreshed and shocked that I’d actually managed to get some sleep! I think all the excitement the day before had just wiped me out. I rolled on my side to see that my MOH was awake and we just smiled at each other. I whispered “I’m getting married today” and she whispered back “I knoooow” and then we shrieked 😆 she got up, flung back the curtains and it was the most glorious sunshine-y day you could imagine! Not a cloud or sign of rain in the sky. I jumped out of bed and then there was a knock on the door and it was our breakfast! I drank some coffee and wolfed down a couple of mini croissants while my MOH ran the iron over the robes one more time. The other BMs were due to arrive from 9 AM,  along with the hair and make up girls. I jumped in the shower, got dried and in my robe - this point I was feeling v nervous and I had a million butterflies in my stomach. I sat and ate another pastry with my hair in a towel while I nattered to MOH and anticipated people’s arrival. 

    I was just about to get started on drying my hair (it’s so thick, it takes me blooming ages) when other BM’s started arriving and not long after the Nala & Knot girls too. I had Laura who was only working on me, which was great to have her all to myself as she dried my hair off for me, which was a luxury and time for me to de stress! 

    My dress was all hung out with the veil next to me (we didn’t get it out of the bag, after my mum had laid it so nicely I darent touch it 😆)

    Heres my shoes and jewelry too! 🖤

    Tim the photographer shortly arrived (he was such a gent) and started snapping us getting ready. Here’s my SIL answering the door to him!

    Heres where it gets pretty photo heavy!

    When Laura had set my hair she started on my makeup! She honestly made me look like a movie star and I’d have been quite happy wearing a bin bag 😂 (I don’t often feel that way about myself!) 

    While I was having my makeup done there was a knock at the door & it was mats brother dropping off the spanx! My SIL shouted “the Spanx have landed!” And everyone cheered. Was a funny moment. 

    Some pics of the girls getting ready! 

    My SIL is particularly happy there cause she’s just got her hands on some Prosecco 😂

    Then my florist’s team turns up with our bouquets, which were lovely but not quite what i’d asked for. I had a bit of a flap, cause they were ivory with a hint of teal but there was no red. The girls had got dark red shoes and nails to match the bouquets. My bouquet was beautiful but it was missing some blue thistle I’d asked for. However the team were great at fixing things, they got straight on the phone to Margaret and then they dashed back with some more flowers. Here’s the girls helping to fix them! 

    Meanwhile here’s the boys down in the hotel bar!

    Back in our room my brothers lovely girlfriend had arrived to film the madness that was going on!


    My hair & makeup was almost done now - I was just adding the finishing touches when my mum showed up! She ain’t half glam. 

    Laura looks nervous that my hair is gonna fall out of place 😂

    Heres the girls reactions to ny finished look! It still makes me feel fuzzy looking at these!

    Anyhoo then I was done! My MOH was still having her hair done while the others were having finishing touches like flowers in their hair. 

    Then I gave them their clutch bags which they loved as you can tell from their reactions! 

    One robe pic for good luck! 🍀 

    Once our hair & makeup was finished I started opening Mat’s gifts which were cute. I was actually surprised he’d remembered to get me anything!

    My beauty & the beast inspired rose!

    It was12:45 ish so I was rushing the girls to get into their dresses at this point! 

    Then I told the girls to hurry up and get gone, cause we were running late and the van was waiting for them outside! 

    Can you see my “I’m so happy right now but also come on guys you need to leave” face 😂

    And just like that they were gone and it was just me, my mum and Laura to help me into my dress. My dad was waiting just outside the door, so that Tim could capture the first moment he saw me. 🖤
  • Oh this is so lovely!! I love that its so in depth, and the photos are gorgeous!! Im so excited to read more <3
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    Ahhhhh the photos are just gorgeous! 

    Quick q- which spanx did you go with? That's my current dilema... 
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    Spanx spotlight on waist the pink high waisted ones. So expensive but so worth it...x
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    Approximately 1300 hours

    So the bridesmaids and videographer had left in a dash, off to the VW camper for their ride to the barn. 

    It was time for me to get into my dress! Tim kept my dad company in the other room while he waited patiently. 

    At this point I was getting quite stressed, I’d been really calm up until this point and I kept snapping at my mum 🤦🏻‍♀️ At one point she stood up and caught me in the face with her massive fascinator and I bit her head off 😂 I think the nerves had got the better of me. Anyway, luckily for us, Laura was a dabhand at doing that thing where you flick the buttons with your nail to do them up (is there some class where you learn to do this or something?!) and that saved us a lot of time. 

    Laura doing the magic button flick 
    I don’t know how she managed to get that thing in my hair but she did 😂 at one point she said I don’t want to hurt you and I said oh bloody hell don’t worry about that, just wedge it in haha

    These photos make me look so pale and I’m really not! 

    Then I stuck my earrings in (blooming hands were shaking so much) and I was basically ready to go! 

    So, these next photos make me well up every time I look at them because my mum and dads face are just pure love and pride. My dad started crying and then he went and set me off. Laura told me off (quite rightly so) for ruining my makeup and rushed in to recue it 😂

    One quick snap for good luck 🍀 

    Our carriage awaited us outside! 

    To take me to my wedding!!!!! 

    The guy who drove us was a proper laugh - he calmed me right down because I was such a shakey bag of nerves. He offered me some Prosecco but there was a no glass policy in the van so I just sat swigging it out the bottle with my mum going Careful! Careful! 😂

    We passed the Charleah & Mat wedding sign on route, my dad pointed it out which was exciting but didn’t manage to get a pic 👎🏼 Quite a few guests noticed it though and no one took it down so that’s good! 

    Meanwhile guests were getting themselves nicely inside...

    ☀️ 🌞 ☀️ 

    Our programs were the star of the show. I got the best compliment of the wedding when my uncle said he’d scanned them for grammar mistakes and he couldn’t find one...😂 I’m a nerd I know 😎 

    This - is what I would soon be walking down to my then future husband...

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    Everything is so lovely and you look stunning! Can’t wait to read more!
    Can I ask is there anything looking back you would have done differently or wished you’d done etc it’s lovely to hear hints and tips from brides
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    Good question! Well up until this point - I can’t say that there was anythingas such. I was having issues with my dress - which I mentioned before and I was flapping and stressing about that a bit and I kind of wished I’d just let it go. I think you’ve just got to tell yourself, this is your day and who cares, because you’re getting married to the man you love! So I did keep telling myself that 😚 I guess I wished I’d shown off my veil a bit more too cause it was doing my head in fairly early on (it was sooo heavy) but unless you’re wearing a veil that doesn’t apply haha. But yeah just make sure you take everything in! It’s a whirlwind! 
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    The Ceremony 🖤 13:30

    So we arrived fashionably late, my mum, dad and I. The journey in the back of the van was an amusing one - me swigging my Prosecco sat opposite my mum and dad - laughing and joking. We felt every bump in the road possible and the driver ran a red light to get us there. We then realized there was a police car two behind us! Fortunately they didn’t pull us 😂 Anyway before I knew it (a 15- 20 minute journey felt more like 15-20 seconds) we had arrived. 

    Meanwhile inside...

    Mat’s face 😆 he’s like.. is she still not here yet?  

    Are you sure you don’t wanna back out now Mat? There’s still time 😂

    I joke, I joke. 

    This part is the serious stuff. So little back story - my 9 year old cousin was our page boy and just before everyone arrived he’d been briefed on what to do by the best men. Are you up for the task? Oh yes I sure am he replied excitedly. They said you just need to walk up the aisle and hand the rings to the best man ok? And mat said you need to do a very special important walk and stand very straight! He was taking it very seriously bless him. So when I arrived at the barn outside, mats brother (our usher) gave a thumbs up to Mat to signal I was there. Mat however, took this to mean we were ready to go, and so the pianist started playing and our page boy did his walk about ten minutes before the rest of us 😂 to make it even funnier, he walked like he had a bad leg, dragging one leg behind him and doing these long exaggerated strides (because he’d been told to do a proper walk) 😆 so so funny & cute. Mat said seeing him do this inmediately made him choke up and he had to hold it together to not cry haha! 

    Rocking the Pokémon bow tie we got him 

    So while this was going outside I was in the atrium with my dad being harassed by the registrar sisters. Man they take their jobs seriously don’t they?! They asked me a few questions to make sure we’d not got any mistakes on the certificate and briefed me on what was about to happen. I was just desperate to get inside!! They led me us round to the back entrance and the bridesmaids & groomsmen we’re stood in a line, linked arms, ready to go. I was bloody terrified at this point! Then the music started (I Giorni, Ludovico Euinaudi) and one by one they were ushered down the aisle. 

    Our brilliant pianist Oak who I didn’t even get to say hi/bye to cause I was too busy! He did such a great job even when we slightly messed up the timings! 

    Look at the sassy way my bros gf stands while filming 

    Look at the state of that, hold her arm properly mate

    For some reason my brother there ^ who was our other usher walked my mum up the aisle.. it wasn’t part of the plan but it worked and I liked it haha. The aisle got it’s money worth 😂

    Next here comes the bride... clinging to her dad for dear life.. 🎶 

    Mat’s like, I did not sign up for this much crying. My dad’s finding it all hilarious. It’s alright I pulled it together. We got through it. 

    Couple more shots of me being dramatic 

    This next bit Mat cheekily put in without me knowing and said he did it cause “he thought it would funny for my dad to have to do” yeah nice one mate. My dad had to hand me over to him like some sort of old fashioned ‘I’m passing my daughter, she’s yours now. Good luck.’ Anyway you can tell by my face I’m thrilled by this part. 

    “I can still borrow money from you tho, right dad?” 

    “I’m not funding your daughters spending habits.”

    It’s ok dad don’t cry he’s kidding 

    Apologies for being too picture heavy..

    I love how happy my brother looks in between us 
    High five for being married, yeah! 

    Now the signing of the register! Except we didn’t do the posed signing bit we just sat there like lemons. 

    Everyone thinking the same is she gonna dance in that 
    Best man standing like a centre forward for a football team photo. 

    Then they let us out into the sunshine and we got our hands on some booze! 

    We were married! 👰🏻 🤵 
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    Just stunning!!
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    Uh, this all sounds amazing! And you look stunning... So excited to read more! 
  • Awww god those photos are gorgeous and it all looks and sounds just so wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it all 
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    It all looks amazing - congratulations
    Our planning thread here
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    Thank you for your lovely comments ladies 🖤
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    Beautiful! Wedding reports can never be too picture heavy!
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    Beautiful photos! I’ve also got a VW camper for wedding car and I’m even more excited for my ride in it now.
  • Your photos are amazing! You look beautiful and you both look so very happy
  • Stunning! I love all of it. My stupid iPad is not letting me see all the pictures but I’ve seen enough to know it all looks absolutely amazing. 
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    Drinks reception 🖤

    So we were out in the beautiful sunshine mingling with our guests. Here if I can give you B2Bs a tip - it’s please make sure you make time for this. It’s sooo difficult because there’s so much going on, so many people that want to talk to you and at the same time you’re like “ooh look at that over there” so easily distracted by everything 😂 I feel like I did give this my best go and I did manage to say hello to quite a few people but my god does time go so fast. 

    We had a gin cocktail bar outside which eveyone loved, with our personal menu (unfortunately I don’t think anyone got a pic of that but here’s my cousin deciding what drink to order!) 

                        Concentration face 

    Here’s some more photos of the guests enjoying the sunshine! ☀️ 

    Dress emergency - code word banana

    Then my MOH came over to me and said I need to grab ya cause your cups have shifted and we need to sort them in the toilet 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ This is something we managed to fix later on when my MOH’s mum got us some needle and thread and just put a small stitch in the lining to hold them in place. I wish I’d just taken them out in the end but like I said - photographer fixed the photos so it hardly matters now. It’s a funny story to tell people that at one point during the evening I was stood in the bathrooms with my boobs out while women flocked round to help fix my dress 😂😂 after we’d spent a mere ten minutes in the toilet I thought I best get out and see some more of our guests but I got these shots in the loo with one of my BMs 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

    My page boy actually came in to use the loo at this point and asked what we were up to. I said oh, it’s okay, we just had a couple of dress problems, but it’s all fixed now... he said “oh well, there are worse things that could happen” I said oh yeah? And he confidently replied “yeah! A t-Rex could have come and eaten us all at the ceremony so at least that didn’t happen” 😍 all of a sudden my worries melted away and I said you know what kiddo, you’re right 😂

    As we headed back out, I said to my MOH and her mum that we need a code word if it happens again and her mum said what about banana? I said hmm maybe not, I don’t think shouting banana and then running to the toilet would look good! Another funny anecdote to remember! At this point they’d almost finished setting up the barn for the meal and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it all looked. Tim managed to capture me walking through and witnessing it all! The centrepieces were everything we’d hoped for. 

    I got back outside and after some more chatting with guests, my page boy ran up to me waving a phone, saying his sister was on FaceTime! Shes my cousin who lives in South Korea, who was supposed to be a bridesmaid, but couldn’t make the wedding because of work. I’m really close to her too, so it was lovely to spend five minutes and have her see me in my wedding dress on FaceTime!

    Then Tim asked me if he could start gathering people together for group shots (he was really good at getting people together and to actually put their drinks down!) I did tell him if he needed to shout then he was more than welcome to 😆

    Here we all are! 💕

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    “We forgot the confetti shots!”
    Shortly afterwards Tim announced “right! If you’re not parents, grandparents, siblings, or part of the wedding party then the rest of ya can -“ and we interrupted with “sod off!” And everyone laughed and cheered cause they were free to go enjoy more drink 😂

    Here’s a couple of the formal ones with parents & G rents

    Siblings 💕

    Then the wedding party stumbled further down the hill...

    And we got some nice ones there! 

    And then one joke one to get my cousin in 🤭

    Not the best angle but it made us laugh all the same 😆

    There’s obviously a lot more but I won’t bore you with loads of group photos!

    Let’s not forget some of me and the husband! He hates having his photo taken & he hates smiling with his teeth but I can assure you is happy 😂

    I dunno what I’m laughing at here but someone obviously told a hilarious joke 

    As we walked back up to the barn for our grand entrance, it suddenly dawned on me that we’d not had guests throw confetti and I called to Tim, “oh no, we forgot the confetti shots!” He told me not worry and then ran to go grab some guests as they were being called in to be seated - like I said - a true gent. Our guests lined up with confetti cones ready to pelt it at us! We walked through the barn and out of the front entrance where they were waiting, all grinning at us as we came out. Mat - completely forgot he was being photographed and pulled a series of comical faces and just looks like he’s about to sneeze...

                                             ^ 😂

    Mat is thrilled there that the whole thing is over 😅

    The videographers finding it all highly amusing!

    And then before we knew it - it was time to go inside and enjoy our wedding food! 😋 
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    Speeeech! 🥂 

    So we’d all finished up with formal shots and we were called in for our grand entrance! We’d chosen Beyoncé Love on top to dance/ awkward shuffle into  💃🏻 Everyone was clapping and dancing along too which was lovely to see.

    Then we were seated at our beautiful top table to enjoy the food - I had a goats cheese starter, chicken main and white chocolate cheesecake dessert 😋 I only ate about half of each dish however as I was too excited and wanted to just sit and take it all in. In between courses I bobbed between each table and mingled, asking guests what they thought of their table. Obviously each table was country themed, so it was great to get each groups reactions to the centerpieces and in particular the favours. Guests were also telling me I should pack in my job to become a wedding planner 😁

    Here’s my wine glass with me on it! Tim thought it was v cool and wanted to take a pic. It didn’t get much wine in it though, I’m not a big wine drinker (probably a good thing cause I would have got smashed) 

    Purchased from Etsy - I got the bridesmaid ones from there too. 

    After our delicious three course meal and coffees, the speeches began - I got excited for this bit but I also found it quite awkward with everyone in the room staring in my direction 😳 I kept reminding myself to not slouch and sit nicely 😂

    He loves this one of him and calls it his power stance 🙄

    My dad definitely did the best with the speeches but that’s cause he’s used to public speaking! Mat and the best men did a great job too, a few memorable moments, a few jokes and not too many cringey ones! The only bit I did cringe at was when Mat (for some bizarre reason) started detailing the events from the night we met, but also including the part where I stay over at his flat 🤦🏻‍♀️ My dad was sat right behind me and I’m just glaring at Mat like please stop talking 😂

    So there ya have it - as soon as the speeches were done around 1800 hours, we were sooo ready to party. 🕺🏼
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    For the bride to be!

    I thought maybe I’d pause the report to give some tips. 

    - Don’t sweat the small stuff. Even if something isn’t going exactly as planned, none of your guests will notice or care! When I had a slight dress mishap, it was only really me who noticed it and my photographer said “Can I just be frank? No one effing cares - it’s your day, just have the best time.” 
    - Everyone will say this to you - because it’s good advice - please take a moment to take everything in! When I was sat at the top table I just watched eveyone chatting, eating and laughing. I looked all around me at all the people I loved and it was wonderful. Also make sure you bob round the tables as it’s a good way to make sure you’ve said hello to everyone. 
    - Dance. Dance like you’ve never danced before and don’t stop. My other half worried a bit too much about talking/saying hello/bye to every single guest and making sure they were having a good time - instead of having a good time himself! Yes of course talk to your guests, but also remember that they are there for you and want to see you both happy and having fun. So just have fun. 
    - Make sure you eat something, I ended up eating about half of each course I had (maybe a bit more of the dessert) I didn’t want to fill up too much and wasn’t in the mood for eating, but I’m so glad I did. Later on when they served the evening canapés, I was just far too busy to try any - so if you can, have at least something to line your stomach. (Then hopefully you won’t be shouting “ I want nuggets!” to all of your guests at 3am)
    - I cannot tell you how good I felt the morning of my wedding because I had actually slept and that’s because the night before I was drinking WATER. Water is your best friend. You will sleep better, you will wake up hydrated, glowing, fresh - for all you ladies that get migraines - it will help. 
    - Give yourself plenty of time to get ready AND into your dress. I ended up rushing at the last minute (hence me getting tetchy with my mum) if you have plenty of time, you will be stress free. 
    - At least try and keep in touch with your new hubby. I did see mine during the evening every now and again, but it’s about finding the right balance. I was very much on the dance floor while he was outside chatting. Just make you sure you at least have a dance with them and keep touching base! 
    - Make sure you at least say thank you to your guests in some way (this is an obvious one). Through your wedding stationery is an easy way, but just remembering to drunkenly shout it at people throughout the night, also telling them how much you love them...hahah
    - Tell all the people all the important things! Your ushers, your best men, your MOH, your co-ordinators or your MOC. Having printed copies of how the day is going to run really helps keep things running smoothly. Make sure you let everyone know what’s going on and don’t forget the details. It saves time and stops people asking you a million questions. 
    - For wedding stationery/invites/ thank you cards etc save yourself money by using Canva. Canva Canva Canva. I can’t rave about it enough. You don’t need to be creative and it’s free. 
    - Etsy was my best friend during the planning process. It’s a great way to support local businesses and you can get some pretty cool & unique stuff for your wedding. But the best thing to do is filter your search to shops in the U.K. or you can end up paying some hefty custom charges. Trust me I know. 
    - Ask exactly what you want from your photographer. There are a couple of shots I wish I’d got that I didn’t ask for and he wasn’t a mind reader. I wish I’d got a really nice one of me on my own when we were stood outside and I wish we’d got a couple more playful ones of me and the hubster. Don’t leave yourself saying I wish, I wish, just make a list of exactly what you’re after. 
    - Stay poised if your best man/ husband makes an inappropriate comment during the speeches cuz your thunder face will show in the photos hahaha
    - Have something dreamy for your feet for dancing. It really makes a difference. I promise you. 
    - Make sure your DJ knows exactly what it is you want and tries to stick to it. We told our DJ we wanted a kisstory style event, all old school anthems and he DELIVERED. but mid party we had an uncle go up and request Glen Campbell and unfortunately he had to tell them no. Imagine raving in a club in Ibiza and then they stop to stick Glenn Campbell on...(not that I have anything against that music) but we had a band on earlier in the evening to play music that all generations could dance to. 
    - Just remember why you’re there! It’s your day and everyone is there to celebrate you guys! Much love! 🖤
  • I love that advice!! Thank you for sharing, i'm absolutely loving this thread, i knew when reading your planning one that not only would it be a brilliant wedding, that you have such a way writing its a total joy to read.
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