Married on a beautiful day in April!

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I know the usual wedding reports are amazingly detailed posts running through their day! I just more want to say that throughout the process I had such doubts that the day would be how I imagined it and that someone or something would upset me and ruin this special day. I am sooo glad that I was wrong! It was just the best day, everyone had great time and I have never felt so beautiful and confident we just smiled the entire day! All of my Pinterest dreams came to life! The process came with its ups and downs and tears! People upset and frustrated me but it was so worth it, when I saw my fiance there and remembered why we was doing this. Reading everyone's posts of being in similar situations really helped me feel not alone and there is a lot of support on this forum, so thank you! I love seeing everyone's wedding and how it all came together! Here are a few pics from our day! 6.4.19

Got carried away!


  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    Wooow you look stunning! I love your dress, especially from the back! Great photos!
  • Ruth126Ruth126 Posts: 37 New bride
    You look amazing and it looks a fantastic day! We got married on the same day - so nice to see someone else who did. We also had a blast and I am surprised to say it was probably the best day of my life (I thought that was just hype and I am sure it’s not true for everyone but it was for us). I loved our wedding but I’m getting wedding envy looking at your pics!! 
    Congratulations x
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    You look fantastic!! It all looks so beautiful and everyone is so happy i love it!! Congratulations! 
  • Rebecca558Rebecca558 Posts: 31 New bride
    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! Congratulations @Ruth126! It's a great wedding date ha! It was such a great day as you said best day of our lives, couldn't stop smiling!  
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    Wow! Your post just made me tear up a little, you look absolutely glowing and a gorgeous couple together. Looks like you had the most perfect and fun day. 
    Congratulations and thank you I feel a little less anxious about my day now :) 
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