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Winter Wonderful - 22 Dec Wedding Report

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Hi guys, was in two minds about doing a report as not sure how many people are still reading/ interested but then I decided I’d like to have it for myself to look back in anyway. I’m already forgetting things and wanted to get it all down in one place. 

We got married last Sunday the 22nd December and it was the most amazing day. Seriously pretty much everything went without a hitch, everyone seemed to be having a ball, it was like a wonderful dream from start to finish (the finish seemed to come far too quickly sadly). 

We’ve had a lovely Christmas at home and are off on honeymoon down to Dorset tomorrow, so I will try to write what I can whilst we wait for the official pictures. 

Also - something I didn’t share on my planning thread but I want to put here to give the full picture of the day. If you read my planning thread you’ll know that my husband (HA!) and I have been trying to conceive for a long time and were under the fertility clinic. Well about 4 weeks before the wedding we found out I’m pregnant. Which is amazing, exciting news but incredibly anxiety inducing as I had a few bleeds and things in the weeks before and had to have early scans etc so that a little bit overshadowed the final preparations. I’m now about 9 weeks pregnant and touch wood everything seems good so far, we’ve seen a heartbeat and are cautiously optimistic! 

Ok so here’s a quick picture to get us going. 


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    Suppliers first if anyone is interested:

    Venue: The Plough Inn at Eaton, Congleton
    I can’t recommend this place enough. I had my doubts along the way as to whether we’d picked the right place, but oh my goodness I wouldn’t swap it for the world now. Everything ran so smoothly, the barn looked incredible, the staff on the day were just fantastic and we had so many compliments about the place, the food, the service - everything. Considering the sky high costs of other barn venues in Cheshire, this is an absolute bargain too. 

    Dress: Dress the Bride, Stockport
    Again, totally recommend. Lovely, friendly service from first appointment to when I collected my dress (and received a big hug from the manager). Never felt a bit conscious of being a larger bride either. 

    Suits: Freedmans Stockport
    Convenient as just below the dress shop, and again great service and everything went very smoothly and the suits looked great. I liked supporting an independent local business too. 

    Photographer: Andrew Davies Photoluminaire
    Not had the photos yet obviously but from first contact until the last shot of the day Andrew and his partner Ren were so friendly, helpful and nothing was too much trouble. They stayed far later than we’d agreed making sure everyone who wanted ‘photo booth’ style pictures got them, and they were so calm and unobtrusive on the day. An absolute bargain compared to other photographers of comparable quality too. 

    Lighting/ additional decor - Black Lab Events
    They provided some drapes to conceal all the tables at the back of the barn during the ceremony, additional fairy lights for the barn, coloured up lighters which added so much to the overall look and atmosphere (I thought they were pointless when R wanted them at first, but they really really were worth it) and the giant light up LOVE letters. Victoria was so friendly and a real help with setting up in the morning. 

    My amazing sister in law did all our bouquets and floral arrangements, they came from North West flowers in Ashton  and we bought all the lanterns etc from ikea. Additional (silk) flowers around the table plan and card box, plus the little girls flower crowns were made by my lovely mother in law. 

    DJ - Staffs Discos
    They were a bargain and they were great - provided music for the ceremony, meal
    and evening reception. 

    Bridesmaids dresses - Quiz/ Monsoon 
    All bought in the Christmas sales last year, the adult ones were £24 and looked incredible on the day, I really don’t see the need to pay more! 

    Hair and Make Up

    Carly is someone I was put in touch with through family, she is lovely and an absolute miracle worker! I was so pleased with my make up and my bridesmaids were too. As we were all having our hair done too she didn’t have time to do that as well but she did an amazing job when I had my trial, then on the day she brought her friend Shannon who was equally lovely and did a lovely job for all three of us. 

    *Stationary* Was a DIY job courtesy of my talented mother in law. 

    I think that’s everything covered! 
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    The run up:

    I finished work the Friday before the wedding but to be honest not much wedding stuff got done for the first few days as early pregnancy was taking it out of me, plus we’d had some scares and there were various appointments and blood tests and so on. It was quite a horrible and scary time which I wouldn’t have wished for right before my wedding but thank goodness everything seems ok so far please god it stays that way. 

    R finished on the Wednesday evening. Thursday was all about sorting out the house, a little bit of Christmas prep and then in the evening we collected my aunt from the airport who had flown over from Spain for the wedding. 

    This was a very busy day! I woke up early and sorted breakfast for us and my aunt, then I had to drive to the nail place for wedding nails and getting my eyebrows done. My appointment was at 10 but the place was so jam packed with Christmas appointments overrunning that I didn’t sit down till about 20 past, but it was quite nice to just do nothing for a bit and I especially enjoyed soaking my feet in the bubbles for the pedicure. In the end I had pretty finger and toe nails and nicely shaped and tinted brows and was ready for the next thing on the list - the dress! 

    Fingernails - I’m not sure I chose the right thing here and sort of wish I’d gone for pale pink but oh well. There’s a lovely bruise on my hand from where I had to have a blood test. 
    Toes - no one was going to see these but I went for a lilacy silver glittery look. 

    Next I had to get to my best friend’s house which is only usually 15-20 minutes from the nail salon but with crazy Christmas traffic everywhere it took double that. I also had to go via the chemist for a prescription which then wasn’t ready, so by the time I got to J’s house it was gone 1.30 pm. 

    J and I then drove to the dress shop - more crazy Christmas traffic but miraculously we found a parking space not too far from the shop. As we were walking down the street we passed the chippy and the smell hit me and made me realise I was absolutely starving (I’d managed about two bites of toast all day). So, as if I wasn’t about to pick up a very important dress that I really needed to fit me, we went in for fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter and a can of pop which we wolfed down! (In my slight defence we did share just one portion of chips between us!!) Then we went off to the  dress shop and collected the dress and veil. The lady in the shop was so lovely, and gave me a big hug. As my dress wasn’t huge it was easy enough to carry back to the car and lie carefully on the back seat. 

    Then back to J’s to hang it up there, J then kindly came back to mine to help with writing name labels. 

    So once we were home it was time for R and I to start making mountains of Christmas rocky road (Nigella recipe) for the favours whilst J sat at the table and wrote all of the labels in her nice writing. Once it was all made the first batches had set in the fridge so it was time to chop it up and portion into cellophane favour bags, tie with silver ribbon and tie on the name cards. It was quite fun - all our tables were being named after Christmas songs so we kept randomly bursting into song whilst working. 

    I thought I had a photo of it all but can’t find it now! I was then busy putting it into boxes - one box per table, whilst R put the fish pie I’d luckily already made the day before in the oven and prepared some veg. It was 10pm by the time we sat to eat - R and I, J and my aunt - lucky J and I had scoffed the fish and chips earlier in the day! We watched a bit of Alfie Boe and Michael Ball on tv then J went home and the rest of us got ready for bed. 

  • Firstly congratulations on your wonderful baby news and on getting married!!! 💖

    Can’t wait to read more about the day. That pic is stunning!
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    Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear about your pregnancy. I hope all goes well and it's an easy 9 months. 
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    Huge congratulations on your wedding and the baby news! Love the picture too.
  • Thanks everyone, it’s very exciting and terrifying at the same time! 


    R and I woke up about 4am, this had been pretty standard for me for the last week or so though. We were saying ‘oh my god we’re getting married tomorrow’ and somehow ended up lying there holding hands and whisper-singing ‘I’m getting married in the morning’. Miraculously, we did manage to doze back off a bit and so it was a more reasonable 7 o’clock by the time we got up. 

    I had to finish wrapping/ putting gift bags together for the bridesmaids- this included sticking the decals on some wine flutes for the adult bms with their names and ‘bridesmaid’ on, I did a bride one for myself too. I put their bags together with the glasses (except for the teen), a fur wrap, their hair piece and a little clutch bag I’d got from etsy with their initials on. They also each had a necklace earrings and bracelet set with a snowflake design. These had been already wrapped absolutely beautifully by my mil so I just added them to the bags. My little bridesmaids had a personalised bracelet each. I had already wrapped gifts for the two best men but put them in a gift bag with their favourite beer each, wrapped the gift for R’s parents (I’d got an artist friend of mine to paint a portrait of our dog with his wedding bandana with the date on - sounds an odd gift but they are obsessed with the dog and we knew they’d love it). I also wrapped the monogrammed clutch and the earrings I’d bought my SIL to thank her for all her help with the flowers. I also had to write all the thank you cards. 

    Here’s Fred’s portrait: 

    The rest of the morning was just double checking all the boxes and everything we needed to take to the venue. I had to pack my case as I was staying at the hotel that night - I then realised the ‘bride’ dressing gown I’d treated myself to ages ago in the same was creased to death, and our iron had broken a few days before. I have a little steamer which I tried using on the dressing gown it took a bloody age! 

    Eventually I gave up on that and decided I’d better immac my bikini line. I’d been booked for a wax the day before but cancelled as with being newly pregnant everything was a bit extra sensitive and sore round there. So whilst I’m wandering round upstairs naked with the cream on my bits my best friend/bridesmaid J arrived. She came up and we were chatting (we honestly have seen each other in all sorts of states over the years, nothing phases us anymore) and R came up with a cuppa for us both. Then it was time to jump back in the shower to wash it all off, load up the cars and drive to MIL’s house. R’s car and mine were jam packed with boxes for each table (rocky road favours, table name signs, table runner), gift bags for kids, gifts for bridesmaids, best men, parents and my SIL, table plan, lanterns, candles, fairy lights - etc etc etc. J had my dress and hers in her car and I also gave her my fur jacket and one of the little bridesmaid dresses - the other little and the teen’s dress were at MIL’s as she had altered them slightly. 

    So off we drove to MIL’s to collect the other dresses and a few other bits still at her house. I stopped at the M&S simply food on the way to get cash out for hair and make up the next day, and pick up some juice, fruit and croissants for in the room in case we needed them. We got what we needed from MIL and she forced a big
    drink of water and a granola bar on each of us too to keep us going, then set off on the 30 min drive to the venue. I’d had texts from my friend/other bridesmaid to say she’d arrived, and also from my sister,
    brother in law, niece and her boyfriend so I was getting really excited.

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    Sat continued: 

    Sorry I didn’t mean to do one of those reports that was pages long before you even got to the wedding day! I just really want to remember everything! 

    So we got to the hotel and I checked into the bridal suite, then we began to unload the cars putting everything in the room (there was a party in the barn that night so couldn’t leave anything there). The bridal suite was gorgeous, although less so when absolutely covered in all the boxes! 

    We had a quick catch up with the others who had arrived (and were already in the bar!!) There was a bit of a mix up with the rooms and my niece and her boyfriend didn’t have a room that night - they tried to blame it on some names changing but my sisters and niece’s rooms never changed and I really wasn’t impressed as I’d spent a long time on the phone and had many emails showing exactly what rooms were booked for which nights. They did find them a room in the pub down the road where we were eating that night anyway, but it still made me anxious that there would be a problem on the night of the actual wedding. When I tried to check who was booked in for the night of the wedding the woman started reading a completely different list with people I’d never heard of and I had my one and only bride meltdown, but another guy came and found the correct list and all was as it should be thank goodness. 

    Then it was time to say goodbye to R who was off back home to take my auntie to my other sister’s house where she was spending that night, and then he was spending the evening with his parents and his brother who had arrived from America. And Fred of course! 

    Those of us staying at the venue sorted taxis to the pub we were going to for tea. My sister in law arrived with all the flowers so I helped her to unload a bit and put the flowers in the venue’s cellar to keep nice and cold.  I’d packed a lovely dress to change into that evening but by the time everyone was unloaded and checked in I really couldn’t be bothered, everyone else was staying as they were so I just topped up my lipstick and off we went. 

    We had a gorgeous meal in the pub and I managed to eat a good portion of mine despite nerves creeping in. R sent me a lovely message telling me he couldn’t wait to marry me which made my stomach go all funny. Everyone was getting a bit tipsy but I was able to just say I didn’t want to risk drinking before the big day and nobody really questioned it (only J and my sister who wasn’t there that night know about the pregnancy so far). It was great to see everyone getting on and those who hadn’t met before getting to know each other before the wedding. We got the taxi home about 9.30 - the others went to the bar for one more drink but J and I headed to the room as we needed to wash our hair ready for the hairdresser the next day. I did this, stuck my ‘bride’ pyjamas (Debenhams via eBay) on, J and I stood at the room door for a bit listening to the music from the barn and singing along to Wham - we were saying that this time tomorrow we’ll be dancing in there in our dresses. We got in bed about 10.15 and watched the end of ‘The Holiday’ - I was hoping I’d just drift off in front of the telly but I had to get up approximately every 10 minutes for a wee! I did eventually get to sleep probably some time after 11.30. 
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    Loving the detail in your report, can't wait to read more!
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    The photo in front of your venue is beautiful. Congratulations to you and your husband!
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    Sorry I was rubbish coming back to this! Thanks everyone for the congratulations.

    We’ve had a preview of the photographers photos which we are thrilled with, will share link at the end of the report. I’ll try to share some of the guest ones we’ve been sent within the report too. 

    The Big Day - Sunday

    I heard J my bridesmaid get up for a wee about 3 o’clock. So obviously I then needed one. We looked at the time and both said ‘right we have to go back to sleep now’ but I don’t think either of us really did. I might have dozed for 5 mins at a time but there was no proper sleep after then. I knew we could get in the barn at 6, and that my sister in law needed all the lanterns and other decor bits from my room, so I was just kind of waiting for that. She’d said she’d text when she was going over and see if I was up, if so she’d come and get the stuff and if not she’d let me sleep and start with some other stuff, so I was just waiting for her text. 

    At 6 I whispered to J was she awake and she said yes so we got up. I splashed my face with water, pulled on some clothes and then started to work out what needed taking over to the barn first. All the boxes with the rocky road favours were still in my car to keep cold so I went to get them and we stacked them by the barn. By about 6.30 sister in law was up getting the flowers out so we brought the rest of the bags and boxes down, my other bridesmaid K came to help. 

    It was weird as the barn was mostly set up for the ceremony with chairs out etc, but some of the tables were at the back to be dressed, but all pushed together and with not the right number of place settings and we couldn’t work out which table was supposed to be which. The wedding staff wouldn’t be there till 10. It probably wasn’t that difficult but I just couldn’t get my brain to work. My sister in law seemed to know what she was doing and didn’t want any help really, I tied my snowflake decorations on the chairs next to the aisle and we set up a few other bits but she seemed to want to get on in peace so we left her to it after that. 

    J, K and I went into the pub bar where breakfast was starting to be served. The breakfasts were amazing! K and J tucked in, I managed some juice and a bit of scrambled egg on toast but I was thinking ‘I can’t wait till tomorrow morning when I can do it all justice’. I don’t know if I felt nervous exactly - I was excited but also kind of overwhelmed/freaked out. The pregnancy thing was also constantly on my mind and I was stressing over every bit of discharge and convinced I was going to start bleeding so it was taking a lot of effort to push that out of my mind. 

    Sister in law came for her breakfast as we were finishing. I asked her for the millionth time if I/we could do anything but she said no so I went back to the room whilst the girls had another coffee, and ran myself a bath with some fancy L’Occitaine bubbles. It was nice to have a bit of time to myself and it helped me relax. I got back into bride pjs and dressing gown. J came back to the room for her shower and K went to her room for hers then we got together in my room again. I just had time to give them their gift bags with the champagne flutes, jewellery, and personalised clutch bags which were surprises and I’d put in the fur wraps and hair vines which they knew about too. They loved everything and the cards made us all a bit teary. I also opened a lovely card from R saying he couldn’t wait to marry me, and his present which was a new handbag which I hadn’t been expecting at all, it was the same grey as the bridesmaids dresses which is apparently why he picked it, so he did well. I text him to say thank you and he said he loved his too - I’d left him a bag with some ‘so you don’t get cold feet’ socks, some undies and cuff links with our names and the date engraved.

    At 8.50 the make up lady Carly arrived. She got started on the bridesmaid  make up first whilst I sat on the bed with a cup of tea and watched. Carly is so lovely and chatty and so bloody good at what she does so we felt quite at ease. Her friend who was doing hair phoned at about 9.15 that she was lost! But we have her directions and she was with us within 15 mins. 

    K had brought prossecco (and nosecco non alcoholic version) for me so we had that in our glasses. We had the music channel on the TV playing Christmas songs and it was just a really nice time. I was going from feeling super calm to suddenly remembering what we were doing and freaking out. I felt like the time was dragging and we were never going to get to the wedding part, but suddenly the photographer was there taking pictures and it was all ramping up a bit. My sister in law brought across our bouquets and they were gorgeous. 

    When K had had her make up done she ran over to the barn for me with the kids gift bags which we gave to the staff to put on their chairs just before the meal, and to set up our ‘selfie station’ upstairs in the gallery bit above the barn. She came back to tell me everything was looking amazing, the fairy lights were going up, LOVE letters in place, and the lanterns and flowers down the aisle were looking amazing. M

    Here’s the selfie station 

    And here’s the table by the entrance with table plan/ welcome sign/ confetti basket /card box and guest book. Oh I forgot to say - J also wrote the sign for me after breakfast! 

  • I was really pleased with my make up, and also with my hair. Carly and Shannon were great and I really recommend them both. I was pressing the snacks I’d bought on people and having the odd mouthful of croissant myself ‘to keep me going’ though I don’t think I even ate half of one in total. At about 11.30 my niece arrived with her daughters who were my little bridesmaids/ flower girls. They were really excited. I have them their presents and off they went to have a practice walking down the aisle! My nephew, his girlfriend and their 4 kids, including my teen bridesmaid also arrived to check in, and I gave teen bridesmaid her gifts and she went off to their room to get ready. Just before 12 I saw through the window that R had arrived with his family, and felt much more relaxed after that. I had a little peep at him from behind the curtains and he looked really smart and handsome. At some point the wedding coordinator on the day came and introduced herself and explained what would happen that she would be back at 1.50 to take me over, I’d speak to the registrars in the bar area and then the ceremony would start. She was really lovely and soothing! 

    It all started to race a bit from there. My make up and hair were finished, I was packing my little clutch bag and remembered to put my perfume on! It was Eli Saab ‘In White’ which I’d treated myself to a few days before, and it’s gorgeous. I took my engagement ring off and put it in a little pouch in my clutch, and put two rings on the ring finger of my right hand. My mum’s sapphire ring which was my little bit of her on the day and also my something blue, and my birth mum’s engagement ring which was also her mother’s and was therefore my something old too. They probably didn’t look quite right together but sentiment was more important than look here! I needed K’s help to get my earrings on, some QVC diamonique and opal ones so hardly family heirlooms but really pretty! I kept a bracelet on which was a 40th birthday present from my friend/bridesmaid J and also wore an opal bracelet, my ‘something borrowed’ from my MIL. I also wore the tiny diamond pendant that was a gift from R for my 40th. J had bought me a silver sixpence which she taped in my shoe. 

    The big bridesmaids had their dresses on by this point. We left the little ones till the last minute just before my dress! So they came in about 1.30 and we got them ready. They were SO good on the day. 

    Then it was time to get my dress and veil on. Once I was decent Andrew the photographer came to take some more pics, all the bridesmaids were finally gathered in one place and my brother came in as he was walking with me down the aisle. He got all teary the soppy sod! I have no idea what happened as the coordinator came over at 1.50 as planned and we were stood all in our finery ready to go but somehow I’m told I ended up being 10 mins late for the ceremony. Like I say, no idea how - think maybe Andrew stopped us for a few more pictures, plus even though it was only ten steps over to the barn it took a while to wrangle tiny bridesmaids and me in heels (never good!) and my dress. 

    Anyway, back of dress shot 

    And the little ones ready to go

    We got across to the barn. I met the registrars who were so lovely. Unfortunately it wasn’t the lady we’d spoken to and were expecting as she was ill on the day but Jayne who was there instead was utterly lovely. I answered the questions but I was so aware that just through the doors everyone was waiting it felt surreal! 

    Caroline the coordinator was really good telling us where to wait and when to walk. I was taking deep breaths and feeling ok but then the music started up - we walked in to the Vitamin String Quartet version of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ - and my eyes instantly filled up and my breathing went funny. The little flower girls went first with teen bridesmaid just behind them giving them a gentle nudge in the right direction. I knew I would do everything perfectly and with upmost seriousness as that’s just what she’s like, but with little J it could have gone any way to be honest! She’s a bugger. But they were both amazing and did so well. There was a moment when the music stopped as they were walking as something had gone wrong and they just stopped and waited, then carried on as soon as it started again. I didn’t see any of this but some guests filmed it and I keep watching it back and it just makes my so happy! Then it was K and J’s turn, you can see on guest’s video that they flew down it’s really funny. 

    And then it was me and my brother! There’s some pictures of me with some interesting facial expressions as I’m clearly trying really hard not to just sob my way down the aisle. I did try really hard to take things in and I caught a few guests eyes and smiled at them, and what I could see of the barn looked lovely. There were definitely tears though, as you can see in this picture where I get to the front and see R! 

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    What a lovely report, you all look absolutely gorgeous too! Love your dress and the big bridesmaids dresses!! Your flower girls are adorable. 
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    Thanks @MrsPope2018

    Here’s another one of the littlies walking in. 

    You can see one of my little nephews in the background too! All the children were amazing and so well behaved on the day. At a few points in the ceremony if it went quiet I could just hear my little flower girl saying ‘Hi Emma’ or ‘Hi Richard’. 

    The ceremony was lovely, but such a blur. I wasn’t too fussed about a video but I do slightly regret it now as I’d love to remember a bit more what was said! I keep telling R I don’t really have to stick to my vows if I can’t remember them 😂 

    When I got to the front I held hands with R and he told me I looked amazing and I remember mouthing ‘are you ok?’ and ‘love you’ to each other. Jayne the registrar gave a lovely introduction and talked about marriage and how important it was to us to have our family and friends with us. My sister stood up to give her reading - Union by Robert Fulghum. She was stood right in front of us and it was really lovely and intimate. She a very good public speaker and did a great job. 

    We then made our declarations and then it was the ‘will you take this woman’ part of the vows. Jayne had said we can reply I will  or I do, R was first and went with ‘I do’ so I did the same. Then it was R’s dad’s turn to do a reading, called The Wonders of Today (or possibly Always Love Each Other - I’ve seen it called both) by Larry Chengges. He also did a great job. 

    Then it was time for rings and our vows. We chose to use one of the wordings suggested by the registrar rather than write our own, they were really lovely and we felt they said everything we wanted. It was really special to be saying them looking into each other’s eyes and I’ll always remember that, even if the exact wording is escaping me now 😊 I struggled a bit with R’s ring, mine went on fine! 

    We were pronounced husband and wife and everyone clapped and cheered. We hadn’t discussed the kiss and I wasn’t sure if R would just go for a polite peck but he went for a proper smooch which made me laugh. 

    Then it was time to sign the register. R’s mum and my other sister were our witnesses. Guests were invited to come and take pictures afterwards while we did fake signing, and there was a bit of general milling about. It was really nice to sit down to be honest, and have a bit more of a look around at everyone. I noticed our little dog Fred was being really well looked after by R’s brother and behaving himself very well! 

    I was vaguely aware of our music choices playing in the background. ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ the Frank Sinatra version, The Book of Love - Peter Gabriel, Songbird - Eva Cassidy and Days - The Beatles. 

    I like this one my friend took, although we do have red eyes! 

    Then we were done. I’m not sure but I think the registrar might have said something more at that point or announced us, then it was time for our exit. I was thinking we might milk it a bit and I’d have time to look round at everyone but the music started (theme from Magnificent Seven - R’s choice) and he practically yanked me back down the aisle. Seriously we ran back - he says he thought that was what we had agreed, I think he was just desperate for a beer!

    We got our drinks - I did take a swig of my fizz before remembering I wasn’t meant to be drinking! - and then as the weather was holding for us decided to head outside for pictures. 
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    Looks like a wonderful day and you look amazing! I love the fairy lights and all the details sound so personal and heartfelt - apart from maybe rushing to get a beer!
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 210 New bride
    Really enjoying your report, can't wait to see and hear about the rest of your day! Also, Fred is just so cute!!
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