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A Tale Of Two Weddings - The Report

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Wedding Part 1- 

K & M - Engaged two and a bit years, original date 5/4/2020. 

The Details: Monday 10th August 12pm at a Registry office. Due to Covid only 12 guests were allowed including a photographer, and we had 11. All guests had to wear masks as per Boris Johnson's announcement the week before, and receptions had also been delayed. The Ceremony itself was one step up from the most basic, we had the nice bits but no readings and no personal vows, we decided to save those for April 2021. All in all the Ceremony only took about 10 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes to sign the register. 

We had had to give notice a second time as our initial one had run out but our council did this free of charge. We had to pay for the full cost of the ceremony despite the reduction on guests, but that isn't a complaint, just so people know what may be expected. 

We decided on the Saturday that we would like to make some arrangements to see our family later in the day on the Monday, and not spend the day just privately together as we had initially planned. My parents were heading off on a trip the following day so it would have meant not seeing them at all (they held off on the trip for weeks due to our Ceremony) and we honestly didn't want it to turn into one of those days where it felt a bit anticlimactic and we were sat there going "what do you wanna do" "I dunno what do you wanna do".

We worked it so that right after the ceremony my side would come over (two parents and my sister) which worked out around 1:30pm-4:30pm and then 5:30pm-10pm we had Ms side over (two parents and sister) and we had pre prepared separate platters for each household and us, along with all the accompaniments and utensils to avoid as much cross contamination as possible, and so we weren't doing that much actual hosting on the day, and it worked really well! 

It was a hectic weekend getting things sorted and prepared last minute but it was alright, it saved worrying and sitting around! 


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    The Morning: 
    I woke up well before my alarm, at around 4:50am actually thanks to a broken fan and a neighbour's noisey dog. Not ideal considering we were up til 11pm the night before sorting the gazebo and trying to steam both outfits! Still, nothing a good breakfast can't fix! 
    I had been going on at M for ages about how much loved croissants and he came through with some lovely freshly baked ones with fresh orange juice for breakfast! It really is the little things 🥰

    I then started on my makeup as I wanted plenty of time to get it right and not panic, as I hadn't actually made the time to practice much at all. I think I had one run through where I didn't bother doing my eyes, and I still hadn't found a lipstick I was sure on! 

    After one minor disaster with a new foundation turning into the absolute worst on my skin I just gave up and went with an old favourite, and it all actually went really well! Only took a few attempts on my lashes, and I was quite happy sat in the bedroom on my own just enjoying taking my time with it all! It was a going far better than expected, so I definitely count myself lucky but PLEASE practice if you're doing it yourself. It's not worth the stress if it doesn't work out! 

    M was pottering around, just chilling out as his only prep was shave and get dressed 😂 I must have started my makeup around 8:30am, and we needed to leave at around 11:15. 

    I don't really know where it all went but suddenly it was 10:30 and we needed to be getting dressed! I had to test out my stick on bra in the heat (spoiler alert - it wasn't great) and we still needed to get the tripod and ipad sorted! I think this sort of set us off a bit, all of a sudden we were both quite nervous and panicky and just generally a bit flustered. We got everything together, checked the house about a million times then realised we REALLY needed to leave or we would be late for our pre Ceremony interview. Of course we then got stuck behind some farm vehicles, but you just have to laugh. 

    On the drive up we were both SO nervous. We couldn't really explain why but I think for so long it had been about planning this or sorting that, I don't think it really sunk in at all that it was happening, we sort of expected something else to come up or to happen last minute that I'm not sure we knew what to do when it went to plan! 

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    The Registry Office:
    So we get to the car park (of the next door Matalan 😂 very classy) and rush over the road to the office and pretty much everyone is outside waiting! We just said some quick thank yous then headed in because we didn't want to push being late.

    They are appointment only so had a sign on the door to ring to be let in but before we could fish our phones out the bag someone noticed us and let us in. We were taken straight into a stuffy room for our meeting, the only fan was the other side of the perspex screens so we had no relief from the heat at all! By this point it was a good 32° outside. 

    The registrar's were SO lovely, we had two men, one doing the Ceremony and the other writing really it the certificates and both were just the loveliest. They asked if we were happy for them to be a bit more relaxed (absolutely were!) And then they had a little chat with M, as his Grandma used to work at the same Registry office years ago and they recognised the surname! It was all very sweet and did quite a lot to help calm us. 

    After that they let our guests in, all in masks and the Aircon that had been on in the room had to be turned off due to Covid but thankfully as they'd had it on a while it stayed quite cool. They then came out and asked what we were discussing doing for music....well it was in the bag they had taken from us to pop in the room 😂 the music and video plans kind of went out the window because we weren't able to go into the room beforehand to get anything set up, but we asked them to bring Ms sister to us and we related the plans and she's such a star she got it all in place and sorted! 

    It wasn't long and we were stood outside the door, waiting to be let in....we heard the music start up and the door was opened for us and off we went! I stepped into the room, M followed and we walked (ok maybe ran) down the aisle hand in hand, and it was just so perfect. 

    We made it down the aisle before I think the opening of the song had even finished so everyone had a bit of a laugh that we weren't messing about, just rushing to get it done now! We hadn't been told anything about where to stand or how to go about things, didn't really know if we should be facing each other or the registrar but it didn't really matter. M stepped back at one point and we didn't realise that completely blocked the view of the video but it's all just a part of what it is! 

    They said the men always had to do their bit first, so after a lovely introduction it all began. I'll be really honest, a lot of it is a bit of a blur. It's so quick, and I was focusing so much on what I had to say or do next so I didn't really pay much attention to all the nice fluffy bits the registrar says in between. 

    When it came to my turn, I made it through the first bit and then we were on the "I call upon these persons here present to witness that I K do take thee M to be my lawfully wedded husband" and as soon as I hit "wedded" I was gone, voice broke, tearing up, but it was done, we were legally married!! 

    Quote a few of our guests said afterwards that they hadn't expected to be particularly emotional and they had expected the Ceremony to be quite clinical but everyone was pleasantly surprised how special it all felt. Apparently once I started with the waterworks it set a few other people off too which is quite sweet. 

    The Ceremony finished up and we got to sit and sign the register, and we were allowed a few masks free photos with our witnesses which was lovely.  

    Because of their one way system when it came to leaving we didn't get to walk back down the aisle past everyone, we were ushered out through a fire exit at the back of the room, so a little anti climactic but I don't think we cared about anything at that stage, it was such a strange mix of joy and relief. 

    Also, just as a side note I REALLY learned what actually matters and what just doesn't. It was so hot my stick on bra spent the Ceremony sliding down to my belly button, M hadn't cut the bits on his suit for the tailoring, the label was still in his back pocket, my shoes didn't fit at all despite insoles and heel grips, by hair didn't stay curly even for the drive to the registry office, and I still had the stickers on the bottom of my shoes. All these things would have normally really annoyed me, that lack of attention to detail, but I just didn't care at all!! It's just all part of the story. 

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    After The Ceremony:
    Afterwards we just went out to a small grassy area that had a strategic hedge and had a few photos, it was absolutely blistering sunshine, around 33° and it didn't matter which way you looked the sun was in your eyes, so a lot of our photos are a bit squinty but it's not the end of the world! 

    We had arranged then for my mum, stepdad and sister to come back to our house for drinks and a little buffet so we headed home! 

    We got to the carpark and found that while we had had some photos Ms car was now covered in ribbons and a "Just Married" sticker!! I knew my mum would do something like this as she's a real sucker for it, but it was fun!! 

    We had lots of confetti during the photos and then again when we got into the car, were still finding bits a week later! A little bit on the back of my dress for dyed pink where the confetti went behind me and I was so warm the colour ran, but I'm sure it will come out 😊

    When we got back to the house we had about 15 mins to just chill before my family arrived so we just sat on the sofa and had a bit of a breather, it all felt like such a quick morning it was lovely to have some time to just chat and talk through how we felt during the ceremony, and how it all felt being done. 

    From here, it's really just quite boring to read about to be honest. My family were over for a few hours, and then Ms family came over and stayed until about 10pm and then that was it, we went off to bed and had the best nights sleep we have had in a long time!! 

    These photos are just a few bits and details from having people over at ours so you can get an idea, but we kept it super simple and it worked really well. 

    That's all there is really for Wedding Part 1, so I will be back when the main event is done!!
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